• Published 18th Jun 2015
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"Lots Of Things..." - WezzaHD

Well hello there, name's Bill Cipher, but it wasn't always like that. Here's the story of my new life in Equestria.

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A New Home (edited)

I walked into the convention, and took a breath. I was going as a human version of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. My costume had almost everything; a yellow suit, some black trousers, a bow tie and top hat and of course an eyepatch.

While I was there, I did decide to buy some things so I wasn't just loitering around the shops. Basically just buying some shirts and looking at things that might give me ideas for my next convention. One shop in particular had a guy cosplaying as the merchant from the Resident Evil games. There didn't seem to be many people there, but what he was selling looked really good. He appeared to have Sharingan contacts that looked very realistic, a venom spider man suit, but what really caught my eye was the simple cane. It wasn't much, but it went very well with his costume, since Bill did have a cane. I suppose I never really paid much mind to it, since he wasn't always with one and Lily had urged me along.

"Something catch your..." He stopped. His voice was surprisingly high- pitched there. "Sorry... Something catch youe eye?" He asked, his voice lower.

"Yeah, how much for that cane?" I responded.

"£9.99." I paid the man his money and left. I strode with pride through the building, happy with myself. The cane was great, it looked really good and just felt... right. I allowed myself a bit of a chuckle as I was happy with my little find. I passed the toilets and stopped, turning to the direction of the aforementioned men's room. I wanted to see how I looked. It may sound vain, but I was quite happy with myself that I had forgotten to watch out for any shady characters, not that it mattered before I even entered the loo, despite stumbling a bit due to a small dizziness that had come out of nowhere.

"Wow, I look awesome!" It was odd; I usually wasn't all this enthusiastic and vain about my appearance. But the minute I noticed the bathroom, I just felt like I had to enter and take a good look at myself. Well, I was there and decided to turn around. Oddly enough, the door was locked. I frowned as I gave it a tug again, still nothing. I knocked, but no one answered. So I reached into my pocket for my phone to call Lily, only for it to fall out of my hand as I pulled it out. I frowned, before I started to feel an incredible pain. I clutched my chest, stumbling and held onto the sink as I fell, before slowly seeing consciousness slip away through my fingers.

A cloaked figure looked through the books to see which one was useful to her. She plucked some advanced spellbooks and history books. She searched through all of them, but couldn't find many that were useful.

"Halt! State your business!" The cloaked mare's head snapped to the right, where two royal guards were standing at the end of the bookshelf, whilst one stood at the ready on the other side. She quickly grabbed all the books she had found and stuffed them in her bag.

"Stop!" The first guard yelled, but his orders fell upon deaf ears as the thief turned and ran the other way. One of the guards let his wings flare out and shot towards the third, who quickly took a left forcing the stallion that could not stop in time to hit a bookshelf. Meanwhile, the other Pegasus guard who had known better kept tailing the thief on hoof.

"Halt now and you might get off a bit easier!" He shouted, but got ignored as well. She took a right turn and he followed, but when he took the same turn as she had, he saw only a black unicorn mare guard, who seemed confused and dazed.

"Which way did she go?" He asked, and she pointed at the opposite end of the shelf to the left side. He ran, while the unicorn guard's face went from confused to satisfied with herself. She grinned as she went from a guard back to a thief ran away from where she had pointed the guard but her disguise broke due to her being low on magic.

"Who's that?" She turned too see the same guards that had originally noticed her. "It's the thief, get her!" She groaned as she quickly resumed running. She saw the window that she had originally used to enter the library and jumped out of it, landing on a balcony below. The guards on that floor turned their heads too late as she kicked them in their faces. She walked towards a door and peeked through, showing the main hallway of the castle. She quickly morphed back into her guard disguise. She calmly walked out of the room and into the hallway. She passed by unsuspecting guards who were running in the opposite direction as her. She grinned as she simply walked out of the front door of the castle and disappeared into the streets of Canterlot, pulling her cloak up when her disguise broke again after some more effort to prolong it.

(Next Morning)

Celestia shot out of bed. She felt as if she had just had a nightmare, but she couldn't quite remember what it was. Something just felt... off. She looked around; her room was empty. It was still dark outside; she had yet to raise the sun; a task she always did when she woke up. She sighed, her thoughts once again drifting to her sister. Even now, she still felt guilty controlling Luna's realm, that she was intruding. She was just about to get over her uneasy feeling and raise the sun on her balcony when she heard a knocking on her door.

"Princess Celestia?" The voice belonged to some of her royal guards, specifically the captain. "There has been an incident in the Archives."

"What happened?" She stood up.

"The Canterlot Archives have been robbed, Princess." This got the Princesses attention. The Canterlot Archives was a very secure area where many guards were placed; and access had to be permitted by somepony with clearance. It possessed many different spellbooks and secret information. There was a whole area dedicated to Starswirl the Bearded, and many of his old spells. If somepony got a hold on any of those spells there was no telling what they would do.

"Take me up there and show me what has been stolen after a raise the sun." She said sternly. Once she raised the sun, Shining lead Celestia to the Archives.

"Luckily Celestia, not many books were stolen, however there are one or two missing from the less... accessible parts of the archives. Would you like to take a look?"

Celestia nodded at him and inspected the shelves. She was about to go over the list of which books were so far missing, but her attention was drawn to the far end of the shelf, in a lower corner and barely noticeable to anypony, anypony except her. She quickly knelt down to get a closer look as the space, getting more worried as she got closer. Certain books had symbols under where they were placed so she or somepony else would know if a particularly important book was gone. When she got close enough and saw the symbol she stopped with her eyes wide. She saw a triangle symbol with an eye in the middle. She knew exactly which book was missing.

"I want that book found." She said, and Shining could tell that she was mad. "I also want the names of all the guards that were in the Archives."

"Princess, if you don't mind me asking, what was in that book that's so dangerous?" Shining asked.

"A demon."

As the book was being carried away, three different voices conversed.

"It appears that we are moving. Someone is bringing us somewhere for reasons that I am not aware of." A quiet voice spoke, barely above a whisper.

"SILENCE! I'm trying to look at the streets Canterlot. Hooray, it looks different!" The third and most cheerful voice of the bunch said, but also sounded vaguely robotic.

"Different from what? You have never actually seen other streets. Either way, it is probably best if you stay quiet; Bill is in thought." The quiet voice commented, though it was barely above a whisper. "Maybe it'll give us an inkling of where we are heading." He stared at their creator, who had his back faced at them.

(A couple of days later)

In an unknown area, changelings routinely flew in and out of their hive. A certain changeling flew in and removed her cloak. She was a little disappointed with her findings. She had only gotten a couple of books, and one which she wasn't quite sure about. She was worried about going back to Queen Chrysalis because of this fact, but she had to.

She passed the hidden guards and went on brought the homes. She didn't need to look through the windows to see how 'lings were struggling. It was getting more difficult to find love, meaning that more of her kind was slowly starving, due to it being difficult to find love, and they could not live off their own love alone. They need something extremely drastic to save them if this kept up.

"Shadow Moth?" She turned to see her older brother; Black Buzz. He was a changeling with an identical set of grey eyes and wings like her, but he was much taller than her and had a bigger build. "You're back from the pony palace? What was it called, Camelot?"

"Canterlot." Moth corrected.

"Whatever." He shrugged and got her in a playful headlock. "I bet my sneaky little sis got some great info that we can use, eh?"

"...I'm not sure really, I guess I'll just have to see." She replied to her brother, who let her out of the headlock.

"Well, good luck I guess." Black Buzz nodded as he watched his sister fly away. She hovered over to the castle. There she spoke to the secretary on the desk, who directed her to the throne room of their queen. She took one look at her ruler, who was waiting patiently for her.

"Shadow Moth." The eyes of Queen Chrysalis locked onto one of her best spies. "I trust your mission was a success?"

"Here are the books I could get from the archives..." Not knowing how else to answer.

"I see." Chrysalis frowned. "Show me what you have." With that, Shadow Moth took out all the books she stole, and Queen Chrysalis looked briefly at each one. Most were history books, though there was a quite advanced spellbook. She didn't think much of what Moth had gotten, until she got a look at the final book. It was very old and simple; the brown hardback cover was very plain and the book didn't even have a title. Instead, there was a yellow triangle with bricks in it. The eye in the middle stared back at her.

"That book was an odd one." Moth admitted, oblivious to the fact that her queen was speechless, and simply staring at the book. "I found it at the bottom of a shelf. I really don't know why I noticed it over the others. I guess I was just... drawn to it."

"Thank you Shadow Moth. You may leave now."

"Okay." She nodded and turned around, but remembered something before she left. "By the way, there's a certain spell in that book. I'm not sure exactly what type of spell it is, since I'm not a magic expert. I just thought I'd tell you that." She then walked out of the door, leaving Chrysalis to look through the book. It spoke of monsters and beasts unheard of, but she stopped at one particular page; one with an image identical to that on the cover. There was a spell on that page, just like Moth had said. It was okay, it looked like something that she could cast. She went over the spell a couple more times making sure she understood it, and then got ready to cast it, and apparently there was a chant she had to say and a ritual to perform, so she went to the top of her castle and got the necessary items for the ritual- like summoning.

"Are you sure this is a good idea my Queen?" Switcheroo asked. He was a former scout of hers but had switched jobs and become her neurotic assistant. "Perhaps this thing was sealed away for a reason?" She had told him what she had planned to do, and he thought it would be best to have some other changelings with her if anything went wrong, so she decided to have him there and three guards.

"Alright." Chrysalis said. "Let's begin." She put the book in the middle of the circle of candles.

"Triangulum, entangulum. Vene foris dominus mentium. Vene foris videntis omnium!" She felt a pain in her stomach, but ignored it.

"Egassem sdrawkcab. egassem sdrawkcab. Egassem sdrawkcab! Egassem sdrawkcab! Egassem sdrawkcab!" Her eyes glowed blue and suddenly everything around them went grey.

"Wait, is the queen just saying 'backwards message'?" Switcheroo thought.

The guards looked around when they heard laughing, but they couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. A triangle outlined with fire appeared above, looking at each any every one of them with a single large eye.

"Oh, I have always wanted to do that!" Everything stopped as the demon from the book emerged from the fire. "I've been in there for such a long time." He stretched out, and looked around. "So where am I? Looks like some kind of castle." He asked aloud. "So, who's the one that set me free eh? Did ya say the chants? I bet you said the chants~."

"...Is it really you?" Bill stopped his thinking as he turned around. "Who said tha-" He stopped when he turned to see the one who spoke; Queen Chrysalis.

"Well I'll be."