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I just write whatever I feel like writing really. Likes: MLP, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and FNaF. I'm working through my procrastination.


Co- Written with Philosophysics

Meet Ryan. He's a pokemon trainer looking for Xerneas. He couldn't even say how close he was, but now he's a pokemon himself, stuck in a land of ponies. He hates asking for help, but it seems he'll need it. Now with his *Not* friend Akira, they'll go searching for Gods.

Meet Akira. He's a pokemon trainer too! Morals are a bit loose as he's a wide open sociopath. He's just going around looking for Arceus, so he can punch him in the face. And what's this? He's oblivious to his starter pokemon's crush... And gender. With his *Not* friend Ryan, he'll learn to love properly!

Meet Gilda. A brash young griffon who just got saddled with a brash young Ryan. She's going to have to teach him how things work in Equestria.

Meet Greta. A shy young griffon who is actually friends with Gilda. She's saddled with Akira. She may just have the hardest job of the four; making sure none of them kill each other.

Inspired by A New World, A New Way by zeusdemigod131

Cover art is not mine.

Chapters (5)

One's a boxer who puts too much effort into her hobby, another is a smartarse with a tendency of getting into heated arguements while the third is a depressed cynic. Regardless, each are forced to become heroes in the bodies of villains.

(Steven Universe displaced. Rated Teen for swear words.)

Chapters (15)

A great force with an even greater mind has resurfaced, and will reclaim what is his. Celestia must deal with the return of Nightmare Moon, but now the triangle demon is at large.

(Bill Cipher displaced)
(Under reconstruction)

Chapters (12)

Hello, I'm Twilight Sparkle. I'm a Pokemon trainer, and I dabble a bit in science. I've been training and researching Pokemon for as long as I can remember. I've even been trained by the Champion of Equestria, and Professor Zecora. Now that I'm old enough to go out into the region of Equestria, I can begin my journey! Though Celestia insists I start by going to Ponyville, for some reason.

inspired by the art of SelenaEde

Chapters (8)

Two friends lost, one princess in a deep depression, and it's up to the adult CMC to help Ponyville. But can they overcome the obstacles that get in their way, including a corrupt businessmare and a mysterious cult?

(Cover art does not belong to me. Click on the source to find the real owner)

Chapters (4)

Who is he? What does he want? If he luring her into the forest, or is t something else? Why does he avoid Luna? Why does Fluttershy dream about him? How and why is Zecora having similar dreams? With Applejack's help, they can find out just what he wants and why he is here.

Chapters (1)

He has drained the love of ponies like any other, he has done so multiple times, and without consideration or hesitation each time. He has fought, hunted, killed, and deceived. He is a soldier, he has always been a soldier. So why is he now in Ponyville wanting to make friends?

Chapters (7)
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