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Started writing still a long road to my first finished masterpiece


Story Update 2 · 5:22pm Mar 20th, 2021

as of Feb 24th my computer has died and i only now got a friend (they were on vacation till yesterday) to let me use theirs to send an update that my story "the life of a gary stu" is currently on hiatus until i can get my computer situation resolved

i am not canceling but i do not kno when i will be able to update. i hope to get it bak up and running by late june early july. i am upset because i will now have to wait till next year to indulge in the fun of April 1st :fluttershysad:

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I'm terrified now...

Thats not angry just mildly upset hehehehe

Wow... That's an...


Angry Fluttershy... I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that glace practically promising pain until she gets what she wants.

Lol, I could imagine Fluttershy looking at tempest like that after the invasion.

Started a story submitted 1st three chapters

Now I'm waiting to see if it approves b4 i add more but it's been about a day and a half

Did fimfiction die?

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