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Twilight and Luna: two mares made for each other


Warning: This story contains Yandere Luna/ Nightmare Moon, so if you don't like gore and see a character or Luna and Nightmare Moon acts like a Yandere, don't read and not dislike this story.

Luna always knew that Twilight was special. And how could she not be? After all, Twilight helped her reunite with Celestia and helped her with Nightmare Night.

And now well after the end of Nightmare Night, Twilight and Luna have become great friends and even began to spend time together, until Luna started to develop loving feelings for the purple unicorn.

But there are five mares and a princess who are much closer to Twilight than she is, and it causes her a feeling she would never have imagined she would feel again: jealousy.

So, determined to have Twilight for her, and only for her, she decides that she will eliminate them. But the jealousy she feels is only the beginning, because as the jealousy grows, somepony who was defeated a one year ago, will return, and will make sure to have Twilight just for her.

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Yess I been waiting for years for some yandere stories! Thank you for starting this! You have all my support 💞

I'm stuck between adding this to my reading list or not adding it. Honestly I love yandere stories, more so when the yandere is either my fav character or is after my fav character. But I slightly got tramutized by a yandere that simped over me a few days ago and reading things with yanderes makes me remember it- it's a hard choice ngl-

there are several things you could do with a yandere that aren't too bad for those around twilight
look up "yuki praised me" or "yuno is superhuman"

Hmm interesting. Now I'm hoping that you'll take it slow and have it develop nicely and not rush it. This has a potential of being about a 20+ chapters story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Haven't read your stories in awhile so randomly pickd this one. As the comments say, it's a intresting start. I'll keep track of this one:heart:

Oh boy. I wonder what is happening with Nightmare Moon inside Luna. :rainbowhuh:

it will probably start to manifest itself when luna's jealousy at twilight starts to get serious.
or when twilight declines your dating proposal, because twilight would first want to analyze everything before accepting or declining a proposal, and luna would see it as a rejection, even if twilight has asked for time to think about it.

Oh no, please tell me Luna can be fixed before she kills too many.

And please tell me she isn't going to kill children (Spike, crusaders,) :pinkiesad2:

her head was turned to the right, but her eyes were in Twilight.

TWILIGHT! Stop eating Fluttershy's eyes.

Quando arriva il prossimo capitolo perché sono ansioso

Quando uscirà il prossimo capitolo

When's the next chapter? We're eagerly waiting for it! :pinkiecrazy:

Sta diventando noioso aspettare i capitoli successivi

Is good, Please continue you make a good job.

That's grammar errors in author has. I can tell that's not what she meant in that part.

I have a draft being written, but it is not ready yet because I'm busy in finish a requested story

Twilight opened the library door and went straight in, then it was Spike, and lastly, it was Luna. Luna was amazed at what the Twilight library looked like inside. It had a large bookcase and so many books. While Luna admired, Twilight and Spike took their fantasies away. When finished, Twilight took the two fantasies with her magic and looked at Spike.

Twilight's library looked like inside.

“So Princess, what did you think of the Golden Oka’s Tree Library?” asked Twilight.


The story is great so far, I really wish the story was being continued though, the story hasn't been updated in years.

And than the next update is still being wondered when it will happen almost 3 years later.....

The story is amazing, I really want to see the end of it.

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