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I like to write stories about the shippings: TwiLuna, MoonLight, NightmareRarity, RariLuna, NightmareNightmare, ChryLight and TempestLight



When Trixie's father tells the story of Nightmare Moon, Trixie feels pity and sorrow, and she wants to find a way to go to the moon, so that the mare on the moon has a company.

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Congrats! You get a like.

So flipping cuuuutee:yay:
Trixie is so innocent and pure. We must protect the child’s innocence and purity:yay:

I read this, and was reminded of an old song...
"I Don't Want To Live On The Moon."
I can almost imagine something based around that old Sesame Street song for this universe.
Little Trixie thinks of her friend that lives on the moon, and empathizes with her.
Years later, on a whim, she sings it while near Princess Luna... and Luna remembers.
Heh. Sorry if it's silly.

This is really cute. Filly Trixie is trying everything to be friends with Princess Luna :raritycry: DA FEELS!

It looks like the word hoof was replaced with hull several times over the course of the story. Otherwise quite nice.

continue, please
this seems like a good alternative start
after you break free
Nightmare moon, do not try to conquer
equestria, and neither return to celestia
she travels by equestria
with your friend and apprentice
trixie lulamoon

Who here thinks this story makes you want to snuggle N.M.M.'s furriness in a big hug?

yes we would all like each other very much
but the author doesn't
(or if it did not leave the link to continue the story)

This is adorable.

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