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Twilight Star

Twilight and Luna: two mares made for each other


This story is a sequel to Can I be a friend of the moon?

Since Trixie went to the moon thanks to a shooting star request, she has been keeping company to Nightmare Moon. But when a lavender-colored female alicorn appears, the two have two different types of reactions: Twilight Sparkle's confused wondering why a filly is on the moon with a villain and Trixie's nervous wanting to find an excuse.

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That was cute mainly the ending.

A cute sequel for a cute story.

Sweet sequel

Nice work on both stories

Just too sweet

he wanted to see luna return and trixie equestria.

I have a fever, and the only cure... is MORE SEQUELS!

I want to see Trixie and Luna return to Equestria!

Is the grammar intended to be terrible? With short, fragmented, sentences with little to no flow?

In oter Story when Twilihtws in place of trixie when the seal get s wakened SHEcould breturn , back, as well wen the spll beaks aswell could return

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