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Twilight and Luna: two mares made for each other


It has been a few days since Luna was released from Nightmare Moon by the Elements of Harmony, and Luna has been feeling lonely for thinking that her subjects would not forgive her after everything she did after her return to Equestria as Nightmare Moon.

Celestia, noticing the sadness and guilt that Luna has been feeling these past few days, she decides to tell Luna to spend an afternoon with Twilight and her friends to feel better.

Can the Mane Six show Luna that she is no longer alone as she believes?

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This story was pure fluff, and I love it!

It’d be fun to see luna interacting with the Mane 6 more often. Just as herself.

Not as a princess; but also a normal pony, a confidant and a friend.

I know this is a one-shot, but I hope that there’ll be more added on to here.


Great job.

I loved the storyline. I thought it was sweet of Celestia to send Luna to the Mane Six as proof that Luna was forgiven. And forgiven she was. However, I would like to offer constructive criticism. So, please don't be mad I'm only trying to help. The story didn't feel natural. There were repetitive words and sentences that prevented me from the "forgetting about the world around me" experience. I'm not a professional writer either, I will admit that. I have a proofreader/editor who is helping me write my story. He points out the little and the big pieces that don't belong. I've learned a lot from him, and I hope to learn more. What I'm suggesting is that you find an editor or proofreader to help you improve your writing so that your readers(don't take this as rude) focus more on the story rather than on your mistakes. A reader likes to get lost in a story. If the writing isn't good, they miss out on that experience. You WANT your readers to get lost in your story. Trust me, you'll get way more likes on the story and more good comments. I hope you consider my advice, but I understand if you would rather learn on your own, I get that. Please have a great rest of your day.

With love, Lunar_Glow🖤

Pretty heartwarming.

Stinks Spike wasn't there though. Like I wished he at least got to see that at the picnic.
Where was he anyway?

Taking care of the library

So that reason that's used alot that make him end up missing out on stuff the girls getting to do together?
Having to stay behind to watch something. That sure sucks for him..

“I know that the ponies may have forgiven me. But I feel that they will not forget that night; the same night that I returned to Equestria as Nightmare Moon and that I wanted to try a second time to cause eternal night! I feel that whenever they see me now, they will only recognize me as the dreaded Nightmare Moon, and not as Princess Luna!” at the end of the last sentence, Luna started to whimper, a lot. She even hugged Celestia with her hooves while crying even more. “And it looks like as a result, I will be alone...”

Ohh Luna I know you feel bad and everything don't give yourself too much credit I know Redemption can be a very long and difficult route to take but you're not alone Luna 😢

“You could spend this afternoon with Twilight and her friends. I’m sure their company would make you feel better,” Celestia replied.

You know that would have been an awesome idea to have in the earlier season to see how she can reconnect to other ponies when she came back after thousands of years of being in prison and returning back to herself again

You're right where is spike should have been part of this

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