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I like to write stories about the shippings: TwiLuna, MoonLight, NightmareRarity, RariLuna, NightmareNightmare, ChryLight and TempestLight


Chrysalis, now ex-queen of changelings and reformed by Starlight, decides to live in the castle of friendship together with Twilight, Spike and Starlight. Everything would be wonderful, if she weren't woken up by Twilight every morning to see her friends sing the opening and have her appear in the photo. Can't an ex-queen of changelings sleep any more now?

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This is such a silly premise. I love it.

I think you mixed up the words "reformed" and "renovated" a couple of times (unless that was intentional?), but other than that, to echo Super Trampoline's sentiment, this was really silly. I definitely enjoyed it, that's for sure.

Have a thumbs up!

You forgot to add Discord in Fluttershys cottage window

Sorry about these mistakes. But i will correct

Chrysalis invented the photo bomb

Also why do an older opening rather than the new one?

Because this story is happening at the beginning of season 7

What’s a fourth wall?

Fourth wall is when the character knows it is a cartoon and he talks to the viewer

That’s breaking the fourth wall.

I feel like this story would of worked better if crystalist was more a straight mare, thinking the world was going crazy or something. As is, an okay story that’s cute

Chrysalis, sorry for everything she did, accepted Starlight’s friendship. And now, she lived at the Friendship Castle, along with Twilight, Spike and Starlight.

I wonder what the rest of her hive is up to...

Chrysalis realized that Twilight, for some strange reason, returned to being unicorn. She intended to ask about how Twilight managed to become a unicorn again.

Chrysalis, you are the changeling here, and yet you are confused about changing appearence?

It would be the same thing every morning from now on.

Many years later:
Chrysalis: "I still hate it."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Also, I believe I found the original source of the cover art (in better quality): Derpibooru #1739976

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