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The War of the Night, an event so hushed up that only small legends left behind tell of the time it occurred. A discovered tome, however, reveals the history of the war, of the ruling sisters, and some things best left forgotten. Some things the two ruling sisters would prefer to remain hidden...

Finally posting this from Equestria Daily, where it earned a Star 6. This is the first story in the Haven Trilogy.
http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/06/story-solar-flare.html (Which at last count, has been Star Bombed by parasprites four times now.)

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One thing: Why are there no comments? This is a brilliant story and I really can't fathom why it has received so little attention.
Your writing is amazing, the idea is clever, and the overall execution is just spectacular. Well done, I really hope more people read this.


My guess is because I've listed the EqD post with it. I originally wrote this story back in June and July.

Yup, that makes sense. I'm surprised it wasn't featured though...was it? Otherwise more people would have seen it, surely.

Not that I know of quite yet. I'd love for it to be featured. I still have to upload my other stories, though.

Very good, very interesting. Well done.:pinkiehappy:

This is official history to me.

Heavy likes dis new story. Time to read MOAR! :derpytongue2:

I plan to rewrite it after I redo What Could Have Been. So much more I wanted to add in but couldn't. Plus, a bunch of small retcons that help explain things better. For example, the war actually happened over a series of months, not a single week. It gives me more time to fit in what I couldn't.

... Simply amazing.

This story is one of my favorites, even after reading hundreds of others. Magnificent

What I'm wondering is what it's like on the Plane of Ascension. Do they still have full conscious awareness? Is it like Adam and Eve and their 'ignorant happiness'? Can they still see the material plane? Or is their plane material as well?


Deep Dark was meant to go more into the Alicorn Plane, but I have set that story aside, perhaps permanently.

This was a really really good fic. Definitely the best I have read which details Luna's descent into Nightmare Moon. I really cannot fathom why this fic has not received more attention because it is definitely worthy of it.

Well done, sir :rainbowdetermined2:

I cried. That is beautiful.:fluttercry::raritycry::ajsleepy:

This is REALLY good, I love how you write! it shows good pacin, thought and most of all an over all good and possible story, it's like that this is what did happen, not like "mayyybe but I dunno" more like "this IS what happened"

AGH MY HEART :raritycry: it's good but AGH Must.keep.READING


There's a future rewrite for it in store, fixing several of its issues. No idea if I'll ever get around to it.

3496707 Glad to know you enjoyed it!

This was an amazing chapter along with the first.

Nightmare Moon raised a hoof, and all humor in her voice vanished, “Or, you can run. Run far, far away. You run as far away as you can and never return! For if you do... I will take you captive, and you will never see the light of your precious sun again. Ever!”

I don't know why I felt a little Scar come out within this moment.

This is was truly a beautiful story. *sniff*

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