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I'm an avid writer and marijuana user. My biggest hobbies are writing and playing lacrosse.

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Spike, as we all know, loves Rarity; but heartbreak ensues after her latest return from a small town on the outskirts of Equestria. With both a shattered dream and heart in hand, Spike finds himself at the local bar; questioning everything he did. (Inspired by the Dave Matthews Band song Grace is Gone. Will be a first person perspective. Spike is of legal drinking age (18))

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We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, to kill the unfortunate, die for the ungrateful. So much has gone wrong in these past few years. Soldiers are alone. The majority of the population are against war all together; the minority just doesn't agree with this particular war. So much is unknown; why we're here, what's the motives, who is the enemy? I'll tell you who; it's us. We invaded. We fired the first shot. We killed the innocent. Everyday we see combat; every hour another body drops. Everything here is earned in blood, yet rewarded with disgrace. We hate what we do, the enemy hates what we do, the public hates what we do. Yet, we still fight. We still find reasons to stay. Only two things are gained here; death and insanity.

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Nothing is as it should be. They have taken over...it's like some bad horror flick, except...except it's real. We're racing against time to find our families, and can only pray that they're alright. (HOTD Crossover/Parody)

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(Antrho/First Person Fic/Present)
After a year in the Wonderbolts, I'm finally calling it quits. A year of flawless victories, a year of intolerable parties, and unwanted media attention. Finally I can relax in a new town, one which I hope my name isn't too known. I wonder what will find me in Ponyville.

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I'm running from everything I know, everything I love, and everything that has happened in the last day. I'm going to forget about everything, start life anew. Only one problem;I'm only sixteen. (written in past tense, after he has adjusted to his new life)

***This is a spruce up (and all around better story) to my last attempt at being a writer. Please leave comments to point out errors and what you think. Please only constructive criticism only! Also I need to thank DividebyZero for not only helping me with this idea, but also for being open to a colab/editor. Thanks bro! Also thanks to WarpPony for great and continuous feedback, and for being an underused beta reader, going to be using him a HELL of a lot more with chapters to come.

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What's up? I am Theta Gait, and I love lacrosse, and was even in the PLL for a while. Anyway, I have been in Ponyville for a little under a year, and so far I own the only lacrosse store in this little town. My days are usually slow and boring, only a few ponies come into the store to look around, and the questions are always the same. But on this particular day, which would otherwise be killed by sadness, sheds a new hope upon expanding the game and maybe even mending the pain of my past.

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