Along the western border of the United States in the wild territory of Kansas, lies the US Army outpost of Fort Scott. Tasked with patrolling the western plains, the men of the 1st US Dragoons and the other soldiers of the post long for a break from the monotonous life on the frontier.

One day, they find themselves and their post transported to a strange land with strange inhabitants to greet them. Now they have found the adventure they had longed for however the outcome of that adventure may not be what they expected.

(Edit: other characters that will appear will be historical figures from American History. The cutie mark crusaders are still characters. Big Macintosh, Shining Armor and the royal sisters will also appear. The new add on of Sombra was made because I have finally figured out where I would like this story to go. You'll have to wait and see though:scootangel:)

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this looks like it could be fun ima keep reading

Intriguing idea. Haven't read any of it yet, but I can already tell I'm going to have to keep an eye on this. Good luck!

Hmm... interesting choice in era, wonder why 1844 rather than say during the middle of Bleeding Kansas. I understand why you went the Anthro route, and the tweak in Equestriani technology.

So far you are off of a good start

7640594 Because the Bleeding Kansas era didn't entirely have the same Western exploration feel as the 1840s. Also Fort Scott was not a military post during Bleeding Kansas. Also the dragoons during the 1840s were the only mounted forces in the entire 8000 plus strong US Army.

I really wanted to have characters that were much more engrossed with ideas of the unknown of the west rather than the dark times of Bleeding Kansas. Though that is an interesting period of American History as well and should by all means be looked into.

Also thanks for the critique! :twilightsmile:

Plus it would probably make things too dark.

While I am a reenactor I specialize in the 1860s, so this interests me because its set in an era I know little about.

7640734 Cool to have a fellow reenactor on this site!:pinkiehappy:

I do the 1860s as well. I'm a Iowa artilleryman on some weekends and an Illinois infantryman on others.

There's a few of us here, The Descendant being the more famous one. Captain CP, Assistant Surgeon 173rd New York SVI at your service. Kind of hilarious since I am a Texan.

We have a group actually, The American Civil War , not all reenactors but still quite a few of us.

I like it so far it's a really great idea

7640755 I have frequented the group. I have always thought that there needs to be more stories set in the time period and I think I may come up with one in the future.

Love it its so good already!!


And I have found another favorite story... I REQUIRE MORE CHAPTERS!....please?

Beautifully written and unique story in the sense that the horses talk as well and Equestria is in the same point in time as the U.S.

It looks like a good story so far, but I want more chapters........:fluttershysad:if you don't mind, that is

This is my son and faithful assistant and Spike

This is my son and faithful assistant and Spike

So this is the age of the Oregon Trail. Settlers moving West, covered wagons, and death by dysentery plagues the trail. I can't wait to see the soldiers and their families adapt to Equestria and Equestria to them. I can just see Celestia and Luna being interested in some technology being traded for magic.

well i can see where this is going, horses going to go anthro and in a lot of cases fall for their riders

7773465 In fact I am sorry to say that the whole anthro thing is wrong, but it is also not entirely what you may be thinking after reading this.

Good chapter, i like it!:pinkiehappy:

This is so awesom you are so awesom i Love it!:heart:

General Taylor reminds me a bit of Baron Wulfenbach in terms of looks... *does a double take* wait, you're bringing who in?

7797560 Oh yeah those guys. Well they were all officers in the US Army at the time. And I have plans.:trixieshiftright::scootangel:

Though Jackson didn't catch your eye?

Couldn't read the name, now does he speak like a stone wall?

7797596 :rainbowlaugh:No he has yet to gain that nickname!

And I need to learn to stop giving references to cartoons from the 90s

You are awesom att writing so much detail and facts i Love it!

Hmmm.....river boats this is geting really interesting. Can't wait for more.

Probably Steamboats with civilians. It's can by groups of colonists, who is trying to establish a new settlement somewhere(on the Wild West or ect)?

Ulysses Grant!!! Wow thats awesom and two chapters in one day you are the best.

7807486 Thank you! Anything in particular that you enjoyed?

7806644 Thank you! I am really glad that you like the story. If you have anything that you like in particular about the story please let me know!:twilightsmile:

Just overall good, and Ulysses grant is cool to.:twilightsmile:

7808387 yeah. It's gonna be interesting writing his character as I am trying to stay true to who he was as a young man. He wasn't always the man that we know as a great general or president. Should be fun though. Glad you enjoy it.:twilightsmile:

7807927 your descriptions of the world around them and the life for the ordinarie soldier.

I am going to guess you took Appaloosa and furthered their own norms some?

Nice surprise find. I like where your going with this so far and I hope to see more in the future.

Umm, this could become quite sticky, with 2 would-be Presidents missing from their correct time. :twilightoops: This could get quite.. exciting, to say the least...
Also, are any of the Dragoons veterans of the Second Seminole War? That one really tested the mettle of the new service, iirc, and brought revolving carbines to the battlefield for the first time.

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