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Nothing is as it should be. They have taken over...it's like some bad horror flick, except...except it's real. We're racing against time to find our families, and can only pray that they're alright. (HOTD Crossover/Parody)

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I was about to scold you for a blatant ripoff of an anime story, but then I read the author notes.

Typically if you are doing a crossover story, it's best to say so in the story's description. Leaving a "Guess what this story is" note in the Author's Note seems a bit... Well I don't know what to call it. It's just not right.

I really suggest editing the story's description to include this, or you'll probably throw a lot of people off.

Otherwise, decent job. High School of the Dead is one of my more favorite mature anime/manga titles. Don't screw it up:twilightsmile:

2469093 I'll get to it eventually. Give it a day or two, I want to see how much hate I can generate off of this story (it's a nice change of pace from my generally positive reviews). Anyway, I hope to not ruin it, as I fucking love it as well. Still waiting for season two of the anime, and next volume of manga. As for the guess what, I more or less wanted to see if people saw the character crossovers thus far. I.E. Trixie as Takagi.

Narrator: Takashi
Spike: Kohta
Trixie: Saya
Cloud Chaser: Hisashi
Vinyl: Rei
Cherilee: Shizuka
Anime: Highschool of the Dead
Can peewee be zeke:pinkiehappy: and isn't cloud chaser a mare?

2469283 You sir, are quite correct. I'm changing Cloud Chaser to Thunderlane(Originally meant Thunderlane)...Maybe Soarin'...nah Thunderlane is good. Easy to kill off, no questions asked. Anyway congrats on figuring it out! Oh and if you're wondering about Saeko...let's just say that's a surprise for next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

HOTD crossover with everyone tag? I'm not quite sure what to say about that...

2469572 thanks for the pointer, I need to change that to at least teen.

Hmmmm saeko should be interesting. Dr. Whooves? Maybe Big Mac? Nooo.... I can see Big Mac as sayas father. Hmmm... This'll keep me up at night.

you're damn right spike is kohta

2471610 This comment has made my day.

All I really want to see is more of Spike and Trixie doing stuff together. :moustache::moustache::trixieshiftleft:

Spike as Kohta? This is very pleasing :moustache: Needs to be a bit more descriptive :3 But I love it first HOTD crossover with MLP I have seen :pinkiehappy:

2492684 Yeah, I've been sitting on this idea for a while, just never been able to get it out. Other crossovers that I want to see/write are Soul Eater and Angel Beats!...Maybe Love Hina or KissxSis(not really sure on KissxSis, since it's ero). And next chapter, just for you, will be more descriptive. Also why do people like seeing Spike as Kohta >.< Originally he was going to be Takashi, no idea why people aren't pissed over that. Oh well, glad you enjoyed it!

2475650 Not saying that stuff won't happen...but it might be a chapter or two. I mean, I'm trying to stick with the manga's storyline/events as I possibly can. It's a bit dicey with the guns and electronics, but this is an anthro, so I'm not pressed. Glad you enjoyed it though!

2492765 I kind of thought Spike would have been Takashi but Spike as Kohta works too :twilightsmile: A Soul Eater crossover would definitely be a interesting one. Angel Beats would be depressing but would be interesting as well haha wouldn't mind seem those :3 so other interesting crossovers I think would be good are Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing, Trinity Blood, hell even Naruto if someone can actually pull that one off :rainbowlaugh: Your story is very enjoyable so far :raritywink: I am very curious on how far this will go since the manga of it stopped so suddenly and there no being a season 2 :moustache:

2493192 Yeahh, thanks for the encouragment :pinkiesad2:. And I'm unsure how far the manga got (just read chapter 30 today, got a manga app on my ipod), so yeah. I'd like to do a FMA crossover, but I'm pretty sure someone has beaten me to the punch there, seeing as how it's WAY more popular than HOTD. As for Naruto, I can see that happening, as well as with Hellsing... An interesting manga I just started reading is Change 123, which would never be crossed over. And again, Love Hina (fudging love Akamatsu!) and KissxSis are on possible maybes. Love Hina especially, seeing how there are PLENTY of characters in MLP to do a crossover (and yes, Spike will probably be Urishima Keitaro).

not bad but i cant shake the feeling that its pretty much the same script of highschool of rhe dead but with the ponies names instead? maybe im wrong but are you going to differ from the rest of the story later on and stuff?

2565381 yup, but I have to reach a certain point first.

2769525 Glad y'all enjoyed it! Sorry, but it's going to be about two weeks before I get another chapter up for this, got two stories that are a little popular, by my standards, that will come first; this is more of a side project for me. I encourage you to read those, Running the Show and Full Metal Horseshoe.

2924072 Thanks! It's on hiatus, but I'll return to writing for this shortly

You're making a high school if the dead/MLP cross over too!?

So am I!
When I post it, which will be before the end of this week...will you read it please?

woo love this and i hope you take it further than the anime and manga has because that shit is just taking too long for my tastes :ajbemused:

3245618 I plan to, a few irl probs right now, but I also have a kissxsis inspired story if you havent read that and want to pass the time!

3249250 yeah im reading it as you update as well great job on that one also

0 out of 10
No random breast physics from the anime that kill the mood.

In all seriousness though. I'm quite amazed that High school of the dead dosent have that many crosover fics yet.

I expect (hopefully) great things from this story.

3702415 Thanks man! The first part of your comment scared me >.< but it will when I start writing heavily again!

I think this is pretty good and I might prefer this to the actual anime but if I can say this can you try to be a little more slow paced and a small but more descriptive and I love the fact spike is urano, aka the fat gun expert

6855890 I'll keep that in mind! as you can see, I havent been very active as of late but i do intend on carrying on with my stories. i'm working one part at a time, trying to get the grammar and descriptions to flow without being too much. And I had the same thinking, I love having Spike as Urano, in my personal opinion it allows for more flexibility when it comes to comic relief. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you continue to look at my other works, as well as keep an eye on this one!

7961841 this, along with my other stories will be updated soon, been on a long hiatus and it's about time for it anyway!

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