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I was running late to a costume party, that my friend invited me to at the last minute. I got lucky thanks to a friend how text me about a costume shop close by. Once there I bought my favorite Kaiju villain suit and with a bonus item for my purchase.

Now I'm in MLP that's one of the villains from Godzilla. I stand in the path of Destruction, I the Kaiju of crystals. The Fallen brother of the king of monsters!

I am Space Godzilla ROAR!

Rule 63 Spike X O.P. X harem

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yea vampire vinyl love it

You have my attention.

HOLD UP......Does that mean Vinyl Scratch is a Crystal Vamp-Pony or what?

Yes that is what King Sombras experiments did to her.:twilightsmile:

I know that will get people's attention.:coolphoto:

Yes someone I can agree with!:pinkiehappy:


Huh, I never was much of a fan of the Vamp-pony idea for Vinyl, I always thought she was related to Twilight, since Vinyl and Shining look like they could be Twins.

You know that something I noticed too, but the red eyes and the idea Of her being a Van-pony Just stuck with me. :derpytongue2:


Yeah I guess so, then there is the idea about Sunset and her being Celestia's adopted daughter, mainly it has to do with their similar cutie marks and the idea I came up with for how Sunset got her's would be a great way to prove that Sunset is Celestia's adopted daughter.

I wrap my tongue(?) around her for comfort(!?)

...WHAT!? What is that!? I thought S.G had two prefect arms!

I like to see that sounds Like it could-be a 'interesting story .

Sorry didn't see the spelling mistake it supposed to be tail .

What took you so long to update I mean really!!!!!


Also update more often at least a hello would be great

Please continue

By the Moon...

The grammar... it needs a ton of work X_X

Eh, seems intriguing. I’ll have to give it a read later.

Dude fuck the grammar! The story is good.

Ps. Cant wait for more!

Interesting, but in serious need of revisions due to what I can only guess is autocorrect

Oh dear. The grammar is awful, the spelling doubly so. I just read the short description and in those few lines you'd fit in at least a dozen of them. Not sure if you should try and fix it, or just burn it with fire and start over...

It is a good fic, there's no denying that.

But even so, the grammar could use improvement

We need more!

Disliked because yet another fic that devolves Sombra into a cowardly jobber.

Needs to be spell checked and passed by a editor at the very least BUT Space Godzilla+ VampVinyl= Me faving and following

Not many misspelled words just a lot of misused words. Overall not bad for a 1st chapter, can't wait to see what happens next :D

Some spelling mistakes and some words missing and other words being mistaken, but it was easy enough to follow.
I hope to see some more as this has peeked my interest.
5/10, could be improved in the spelling department, but the pacing it good often you will find stories that rush into things too quickly.

I think the name of the kaiju is Xenilla

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Dude he destroy sombra. i think that the gore tag is well Place.

Baby vinyl who I didn't know she was a crystal pony and vampire and we he becomes king and when the next chapter is out

Yes!! A SpaceGodzilla Displaced!
Hope this story goes well!

Just read first chapter and its already awesome.. Although your names are a bit too long, I suggest you use Xenilla as it is one of his fanmade names and quite popular.

I got to ask Rule 63 Spike dose that mean spike will be female dragon I just want to know and what does rule 63 mean

Okay, I got some advice for you. First of all I say you should flush out the area your character is in more, my prime example is the scene of that arctic water, you took only about 1 sentence to explain it, make all your scenes have more depth. This is a very promising story, if you can get a someone to spellcheck and grammercheck your story it will be even better.

Hope this helps yah.

Ok thanks just want to know

Interesting. You've hooked me in! Keep itup!

Rule 63 states "that for every male character there is a female character" It's just A female spike so Yes

And for every female character there is a male character. Even if they don't have actual genders, their appearance and pronoun use are switched to the opposing sex, the Gems from Steven Universe for example are all seen as female and use female pronouns to identify themselves despite being inorganic gems that can produce hard light holograms. Rule 63 would be them having a masculine appearance and using male gender pronouns to identify themselves.

Oh great..you said crystal gems...now imagining Home Worlds very Core being Space Godzilla...it would be like Earth being around Unicron in Transformers Prime.

However it WOULD explain how gems became sentient...

I do believe you have just spouted some fanfic fuel.

This should be interesting. :moustache:

When next chapter come out?

are you implying that vinyl is a crystal pony? i already knew she was a vampony but i find a crystal one sketchy

Please update 🙂

When is the next chapter for this thing is it going to update or what

this is one badass story...
genius! every element is in place to make this story truly epic...
I take Vinyl somehow fled the empire and went undercover for the last thousand years in your original timeline, only to find her passion in music of course at night...
is Space G. going to be King by conquering and freeing the citizens of the crystal empire?
I hope Celestia and Luna will take the time to investigate and have diplomatic talks (more Celestias way) instead of rushing in and trying to behead the clearly evil dragon (more Lunas way.. being passionate) could even be the reason she became Nightmare Moon, her attacking Sombra, him using fear fuelled magic... setting of NMs jealousy in the first place.
Makes me wonder how different your Timeline is going to be...
because this is before Celestia and Luna realize something terrible has happened... (In your place I would let S.G. send the information what exactly happened to them to avoid unnecessary conflict, but this could be a turning point in your story to still banish the crystal empire or let them be as a political power.)
I am looking forward to the continuation of this piece of art.

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