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You guys need to chill out trying to get others to abide by your own ideals and thoughts · 7:19am Sep 4th, 2015

Why does everyone act like this sight is such a serious place I mean come on its a fanfic site, and while I love it you have to realize that this all doesn't really matter.

I mean seriously none of us get paid to do this so therefore we should all just take a chill pill and leave people the hell alone.

I mean if you don't like someone don't talk to them or read their posts.

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My cell is also availible as a form of contact however if this is what you prefer either mssage me on here or at my listed email saying why you need my number and I'll relay it to you that way if I think its necessary.

NortherfIow (that's an I not an L) on xbox more likely to respond to emails or cell but if you want to play feel free to message me anytime on xbox and in the future ps4 (will be purchasing soon)

Hope you have a good day

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Thank you for following me, I'll do my best not to disappoint!:rainbowdetermined2:

865278 no prob it is one of the more unique stories i have had the pleasure of reading :heart:

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