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    The friendship we gained...

    In the last 48 hours I've spend with my friend Rainbow_Danger_Dash, I've learned a lot... That true friendship is something sacred, something that can't be bought or sold, but a unique connection among people, or for that matter; for anyone.
    Today, despite this is not over, I feel a definite absence in my house. The absence of brother of which I started to truly care about, even after it's been only two days next to two years on here.

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My Original Character

Wingstream is a male pegasus born in Cloudsdale. Although he was born in Cloudsdale, he was raised on the hills of Neighagra Falls — a peaceful place to raise a family and far away from the crowded cities. Though still in flight school at the time, the long distance allowed him to become an exceptional and athletic flyer, learning the ropes of flying at young age.

Wingstream grew up without any brothers or sisters and making friends was hard for the young colt at the time. Later on he went back to his native city to accomplish a flight degree, entering the Cloudsdale Flight School for Advanced Fliers. After graduating from the CFSAF — passing with flying colors. He was approached by a scout of the Wonderbolt Academy, giving him the opportunity to go to the selection of the Wonderbolt Academy, trying out for the elite aerial acrobatics team.

Knowing he had the standards by far, Wingstream didn't doubt for long and quickly entered the selection. After a week, despite his best efforts to stay in, he was dismissed for preforming extremely dangerous stunts that exceeded safety regulations, also frequently caught fighting with one of the fellow cadets.

Wingstream is a stubborn stallion, yet balanced by discipline and responsibility. A stallion fueled by tragedy and filled with courage. Honor is everything he lives for. He's capable of mentally pushing himself beyond his limits through endurance, speed and agility, though betrayal makes him vulnerable to hate. And although he's a fearless soldier with a iron nerve, he still has a sweet and friendly side, only buried deep inside.

Physical Description
Describing him physically into detail, he is slightly taller than his fellow peers, coated with a navy blue fur with a black with crimson red mane and tail. He has bright green eyes and pointy ears. His body is athletically shaped with his hooves mildly exposed in a lighter navy blue color.

Special Abilities
A pegasus with extraordinary flying skills, reaching far beyond the average capability of a pegasus, making him most challenging in the sky. A stallion highly trained in close quarters combat and extremely aggressive when situation requires it. And unlike most other ponies, he is trained to withstand the brutal cold of the Crystal Mountains and to keep his head cool in the cooking heat of the Saddle Arabian Desert.

Cutie Mark Symbolism
Wingstream's cutie mark relates mainly to his ability and destiny. The three-pronged spear, the "trident" represents his connection to the sea. The (diving) wings symbolizes his dominance and aggression in flying. The vapor cone and the up-draft symbolizes the ability of flying at hi-speed.

All together the cutie mark represents a combined representation of his dominance in (air) combat and his destiny as a great warrior.


Rainbow_Danger_Dash - For my first story appearance featured in "In Love and War"

A Rare Sight - For my second story appearance featured in "Celestias Solar Rangers" as the CSR's Power Pony

Generalzoi - For the ability to create and visually introduce my character using Pony Creator and Pony Creator V3