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Celestia and Luna join forces to create Two Teams of Light and Darkness to protect Equestria from the lure of hate and the power of nature.

As darkness across the land begins to rise it shall be up to The Solar Rangers to show everypony the light through the shadows.

And prove once and for all - United we stand.

Giant Thank You to Zone Hunter For Commissioning Cover Art!!!


Made Popular on March 28th!!!- Thank You all for reading.

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ooooh, its starting. i don't know if i can hold it in, its i'm so excited i might explode and die



I was drinking some hard apple cider when I started reading
I can't wait for the other oc introduces

Very good I know Zone Hunter pretty well now that he's even in my story and won't stop bugging me and he sent me here and I love how you make him.

The only objection I might have and those are small things is why Applejack isn't talking more like... Applejack. I don't mind the random Timberwolf attack since in the foundations of Ponyville Granny Smith also had an attack, and I could assume it wasn't as safe as it was now. Though you could delve into it a bit more than trying to summarize all this so quickly. I guess it's fine though... My general advice is reveal little by little of the characters while you are on your way instead of a bulk resume in the beggining. It's what I do. Anyways Aj should have more country accent.

As for Luna I guess we'll see why she spotted him seemingly at random? Maybe he had a history of displayed ability. Come to think of it he has but I still can't estimate it.

Well let's see where the knights of the sun go. :P

ooh so exciting :pinkiehappy:


And prove once and for all - Untied we stand.

Umm...mght wanna change that to "United"...although, it certainly is easier to stand while untied. :twilightsmile:

There are small grammar mistakes here and there but the thing as a whole is good. Reminds me of Die Hard to be honest.

5836923 lol thanx for pointing that out.

Reminds me of lethal weapon young cop with older cop

Royal Guard Captain be like: "For buck sake Wingstream, that's the seventh time this week you fucked up!"

Me be like: :twilightsheepish:


Stallions plural Stallion's is Stallion is.



In any case i am eager to see what this has to offer.

I wonder her Celestia is talking about with the wing mending oh wait mr.Igotmywingshot

Well this Mr.IGotMyWingShot is going to freakin' kill somepony for shooting my freakin' wing! :ajbemused: :flutterrage:

Great chapter! :pinkiehappy:
"Ough, I need more morphine..." :pinkiesick:

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