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Three years after the 'Cupcakes Massacre', Pinkamena Diane Pie is held in the Canterlot Prison for the Mentally Unbalanced. The state declared that ponies like her were beyond treatment or reason... but one doctor took interest into the mare's case and wanted to crack open her psyche in order to better understand her actions. Soon, a mental game of cat and mice takes place; in which you never know when one will be cornered.

~ Sequel: Dysphoria

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That... that was beautiful. Masterfully written, gripping storyline. Fav'd.:heart:

Hm. Ending spoilers to anyone reading.
So, in the original she kinda ignores the doc completly, and here she decides to pay him a visit. I'm not sure which one I like better. I guess what 'it' is meant to be would help decide.

There are no words....
Well done.

I have to say, that was an amazing piece of work :rainbowkiss:
I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, captivated by the story
Liked and faved :yay:

A psychological thriller you say?

Bravo, I say.

Excellent material to be picking up for my next fic as well.. :raritywink:

Just incredible :raritystarry: 5/5

I haven't read the original Cupcakes (And I don't plan to!) But this caught my attention, well done :pinkiecrazy:

I just realized something.
What did you mean by
'There never was a Pinkie Pie.'?
I really didn't understand that.

I'm going to say I wasn't fond of it because there was no clear resolution.
I was hoping that he would crack her, and there would be some closure, but there wasn't.


I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING A STORY OF THIS VERY SAME CONCEPT! THE SAME DAMNED THING! :pinkiesick: I'm so, so, SO disappointed and frustrated right now I could kill something!

Just... OH MY GOD I haven't even read it yet, I will, but WHAT THE HELL! :applecry::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

Pretty messed up in a good way. :raritywink:

384041 Many horror stories don't have full resolutions. It's intentional, as the lack of closure provides an unsettling feeling for the reader.

"Pinkie Pie" was a hoax. She was just a persona that she used to hide her true self.

no sleep for me tonite, again:raritycry::pinkiecrazy:

Well written my freind. However I find the ending confusing and i'm a bit dense, could someone please explain it simply for me? Much appreciated.

Hmmm last lines remind me of a pink Floyd song :raritywink: I think it's hey you Or something

This is an amazing story, but just ending it so suddenly like that is just plain cruel.

......well buck........
and i mean buck buck buckity buck buck:flutterrage:

oh god. I noticed a spelling error that is sadly hilarious. somewhere around where pinkie pie first comes back to being pinkie pie not pinkamena, it says "she creamed louder than before" It just made me lol.

:raritystarry: 10/10

bravo, my friend! bravo!

amazing this is one of the reasons why I like Pinkanema Diane Pie she enjoys manipulation which I find so fun to watch

I had the same bloody concept mate! Beat me to it though, great job man, definitely worthy of the diane pie archives!

"infants and babies" same thing. Also various grammar mistakes, maybe you should get an editor. Apart from that, I was very impressed by your intimate knowledge of psychiatric disorders and medications, as well as your unsettling portrayal of Pinkamena. Well done sir!

Edit: Gah this grammar is bugging me. If you want, contact me and I'll give this a once over for grammar.

Amazing! It was a masterpiece, and i am sure i speak for the many when i demand for a sequel!

Sleep? Who needs it!

I thought I didn't need sleep. now I need a padded room with only a handle on the inside.

“I can see your point, Pinkamena. But I still don’t understand why do you consider yourself so important,”

OOH! BURN! :rainbowkiss:

:twilightsheepish:They should probably have killed pinkie when they had the chance. Has equestria never heard of lethal injections, or the firing squad? Oh well. They're going to have to learn the hard way I guess.

After reading Pinkie's fake story, i started to cry. But when he said "Im just bucking with you", I literally sucked my tears back in

must find out what happened and if he lives :pinkiecrazy:

As I was reading, I could feel my hear pounding. Bravo, kept me off my seat and thrilled me until the last word.

384206 Oh my gosh, really?! I was about to say "poor you", but then when I read the name I was like "OHMYGOSHISITJUSTMEORISITREALLYCELESTIABRONYWHOWROTETHISWTF?!" I'm so, so sorry D: It's dissapointing just knowing that, it already happened to me once, I haven't had a click of inspiration for 3 months and when I finally found something to write, I realized somepony had already written a story with the exact same concept... :( I know how you feel... Though, it's not a reason not to read it. I didn't understand some parts of it, like the end and the part with no Pinkie, but it's still very, very awesome :) Hope you will get over it with an even better idea! :twilightsmile:

I read this a while ago, please do more!:unsuresweetie::duck::pinkiecrazy:

heh... i hope to god... with the treats i say today, i hope i dont end up like Pinkamina...:pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiecrazy: You can't stop me! I'm the gingerbreadman!

378205 Beautiful... not... exactly the right word choice:applejackconfused:

Wait, Pinkie is on the loose again and is out to make more cupcakes?
Alright men, listen up. If your number comes up, you know where to find me.
Codeword: Cupcakes

This was very good, and even though the original story wasn't written that well turns Pinkie Pie into a charismatic villain. I sincerely hope you or someone else writes a sequel to this for a resolution.

384375 Wait I think you have it wrong I think that it was implied that "Pinkie Pie" was the lesser yet alternate persona of Pinkamena who was indeed the real body,mind,and soul

at least thats what I think

Deserving of a sequel!! The best follow up story I've ever read by far! Scary as hell though...


383918 pinkamena was the originall persona and she made up pinkie pie,kinda twisted in a way:pinkiecrazy:

you did a wonderful job just execellent im going to make a video of this 10/10 one thing i did notice was sometime there was a she were the doctors he was suppose to go but dont bother man you did excellent:pinkiecrazy:

384457 basiclly pinkie broke out of prison and killed his ex-wife i think and i know she killed his daughter

their betterbe more chapters dammit:flutterrage:

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