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I read and write in an attempt to figure out which questions and beliefs our little microcosm of a community holds. My verdict? I'm not saying.


Years after Twilight's coronation, Spike's wings have sprouted, and the Princess of Friendship takes time off to fly with him. During this time, Spike grows confused as to what Twilight and Princess Celestia are to him.

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Excellent story, short and sweet with the bonding between siblings... and mother and son. Honeslty the talk about cutie marks was well done as well

3476241 3476546 3476578 Much appreciated for the comments, so few users take the time to bother with them, not realizing how vital they are to ensuring that authors know what exactly worked and what didn't in their stories, and thereby improve their next set of stories in the future. For this, thank you.

3476730 this story was a great read, it also helped that you touched on my two favorite characters :)

Though it is very well written, I feel that it fails to completely deliver what is promised in the description. There are musings about his relationships, but there don't seem to be any conclusions reached. Or maybe I'm just too tired to pick up on the subtext.

3476982 I think that's part of the story; they don't really know either. Their relationship is unique; they're siblings, best friends, and mother and son all at the same time. The Descendant put it well: "She was his big one, and he was her little one."

Except for the insinuation of a romantic relationship. That's what threw me the most, I think.

I was just lamenting the lack of a cute Twilight and Celestia fic. The Fimfiction gods giveth, the Fimfiction gods taketh away. As for the growing crystals thing being romantic, I too was confused. Does that mean Celestia was thinking of Twilight romantically already below the age of consent? :twilightoops::unsuresweetie:

Despite this seemingly random bit, I quite liked it. The alicorn amulet pun made me snicker more than it should have. :rainbowlaugh:

I was going to recite my "What They Are" mantra, but you beat me to it!:twilightsheepish:


Wonderfully organized. I like how the aside's didn't interrupt the narrative flow. You dealt with one of the most important aspects of the show, the indefinable nature of the SpiLight relationship, and did so while broaching the topic of how it might be changing into something more... or might not be. In any case, they went to sleep keeping their closeness, and would awake the next morning to face whatever awaits them together, as they always have.

Very well done. There's a part of me that knows hat if I had attempted the same thing there would have been blubbering an overly-emotional baggage and needless prose. You instead tempered it, and handled it with a careful conservatism. Well done, West. Well done indeed.:raritywink:

3478192 3477702 The gem growing is meant primarily as general affection between the characters, romantic as it might be, it's primarily to display A: positive actions and emotions tend to reciprocate into magical feats in Equestria, and B: that Twilight, Spike and Celestia all have deep feelings for each other, however potentially platonic that they may be.

3478312 Thank you, it is good to know I've approached the topic in way that an established Fimfiction member such as you can approve of.

3478458 I thought as much. It was just unclear in-story.

Also, how would you quantify Twilight and Celestia's relations in this story? Mother/Daughter is there, as is Platonic and Shipping, and I can only add it to one folder.

3478468 If I had to classify it, I'd say that in the setting of this story, a mother/daughter dynamic would best describe Twilight and Celestia's relationship.

Spike is my favorite character in MLP:FIM for three main reasons:
1. He's a dragon.
2. He's the main male character in the show.
3. He's one of the most unintentionally tragic characters I can think of.

Think about it, he's a dragon living in a nation of ponies, and that's going to cause problems. Since he is a dragon, he's going to outlive his friends by centuries or even millennia. As he grows up, he's going to become a towering walking fire hazard.
On top of all this, and what this has to do with this story, is his unclear relationship with...well, anyone.
Does he have a chance with Rarity? What if she rejects him? What happens if they get together? Did Princess Celestia really raise him like Lauren Faust originally plan or was it all Twilight? If she did, does she see him as her son? Does everyone seen him as a respected member of their community or just a child or worse, a pet?
Most importantly, there's Twilight. She did hatch him, does that make her his surrogate mother?She says that he is her number one assistant, does that just make them friends or employer and employee? It's implied in the show that he has spent his entire life with her and grew up together. Does that make them adoptive siblings? It is obvious they're very close and are best of friends. As seen in Owls Well That Ends Well and Crystal Empire Part 2, Spike values his relationship with Twilight above everything else. If his worst fear is being sent away by Twilight, even more than being rejected by Rarity, then that really says something about how he feels about her. So the big question is what exactly is their relationship? Mother/son, siblings, just friends, or boss/employee? Unfortunately, there isn't a clear answer in the show.

I liked the story. I thought it was cool how what, at first, seemed like pointless conversations about the growing of the gem and the discussion of the cutie marks turned into relevant and meaningful parts of the story. The lines between Twilight's and spike's relationship always seem to be blurred, at times going from sister/ brother relationship to mother/ son relationship with the two. Overall it was a good read.

I read this last night, but I just could not put my thoughts into words. I am still struggling with it, but I think now I have a mite better grasp on what I want to say.

What I liked about this story, is how ambiguous it is. Is Spike romantically interested in Twilight, the pony that was for all intents and purposes his 'Big Sister'? Who knows? The atmosphere is solid, the characterization beautiful, and then ending vague.

And ya know what? That is perfect. I'm not a fan of romantically pairing the two of them, but at the very least this story would make such an outcome believable. Spike has had two mares play huge roles in his early life, and I don't think it is beyond possible that the feelings he has towards either of them could shift over time. I mean, it happens to us, so why not him?

You define the characters, set the stage, and leave us to figure out where it goes from here. Normally, I'd call it a cop out, but the way you did it was just masterful.

One last thing for me to say.


Wear it with pride, you earned it;

An excellent story. Impending philosophical and existential crises aside, the story was masterfully written and your attention to detail was just impeccable, West. I know i'm in for a weird night tonight after reading this, just because you've made me question how much i have changed since i was but a child. Some of those answers i like, others not so much, but that's beside the point.

This is one of the better stories i've read in months, and it would be remiss of me to not let you know, West. Thank you.

That's not what I was speaking to, rather Spike's unfinished comment about bringing Twilight to see his horde and his fear of being rejected. These instances created the sense of romantic feelings that are then ignored. Not coming to a conclusion as to their familial relation is fine, but leaving that elephant in the room unaddressed doesn't sit well with me.

This. These are my thoughts in a few hours. Thank you random reader.
It's weird though. I am trying to process all this, trying to make sense of what I just read... And it just comes down to this is how life is. Changing relationships, changing people, everything changes. Subtly, in a grandiose manner, or not at all. These are the three ways I've come to see what this story can mean... And I... I'm getting a headache. Sorry. I was just probably blathering. Still a good story nice job, favorite and follow. You earned it.

3479366 Ah, I see. I much more drew a comparison, in my mind at least, to Spike revealing the gem pile to the equivalent of a son revealing what he's been doing to his mother, and fears a reprimand. As indicated in the quote:

I bring you to see the gems I've collected like a colt confessing to his...

3478977 3479194 I am most glad you both enjoyed the story.

3479386 I find a good massage relieves a headache rather well, Knowing that I've made my audience think about what I've written long after their eyes have passed over the last word in a story is the greatest praise I can be given, thank you.

What a fantastic thought piece. Great story. :moustache::twilightsmile:

Who misclicked the 'like' button?

Confess now or you will be taken in for resisting arrest....

3480499 This video clip is always a personal favorite of mine when I see a story that received that one downvote.

3480499 There's always "That one guy who can't be happy". Always.

Great story!
Spike and Twilight. Can be anything to each other, but why change what they already have and make things complicated? If your not ready to change what you have then just keep those things the same. And Twilight's verge answer? She really has learned a lot from Celestia.

Here's to Spike and Twilight. Leaving their relationship as what it is. Unique!:moustache::twilightsmile:

An enjoyable read! If it were less well executed, it would have been cliche, but I think you nailed it.

Spike flicked out his tongue, tasting at the air before bringing it back in, letting the top scrape against a small opening in the roof of his mouth, a Jacobson's organ.

That's the unfortunate thing about naming body parts after human naturalists: it's a bit jarring to see the name-drop in xenofiction. I doubt anybody in Equestria refers to the apparatus with that term. I'm not faulting you for this, but it's weird regardless.

This is why adore Spike and why he is my favorite character, there is so much that can come from him, so much potential and, correct me if I'm wrong, I think a LOT of the backstory for most of the characters and relationship can and are actually be related to him in one way or another, especially around Celestia, Twilight and history itself.

Also, I think of him as the Ice-King (Simon Petrikov) of MLP-FIM, he is an indirect tragic character, just like Ice-King is, granted Spike is not a villain but when you really get down to it, his origin, development, life-span, love life, friendship relationship and maybe his outcome, can be pretty damn sad and tragic, for fucks sake, he is the ONLY dragon living in Equestria, just by the simple fact that he was raised by ponies makes him very different from the rest of his race.

And you sire, did a very great fic about him and his relationship, expecially with the two most important mares in his life, Twilight and Celestia.

i like your idea of Spike growing up, it makes a lot of sense for him to feel the need for treasure as he grows up and yet he's still not so greedy as to never tell of hid friend/family, the thing about him getting wings is actually hinted during Rarity's Hot Minute so there's a chance a trip like this could be canon. :raritywink:

3484157 Oh? Is that one of the comics? I'd love it if dragons getting wings as they age were to be canon!

I love it! :raritystarry: It's just so perfect and sweet. :heart:

Yo can I press the Like button twice?

This was downright amazing.

Now this is what I call a *nice* story. All too often a story like this would wind up in "woe is me I'm immortal" or "woe is me I'm an awesome dragon" territory and be pointlessly sad. While there's certainly a heartachy sort of feel in this one, it's a good sort of heartachy feel - Spike and Twilight are growing and changing, and their relationship is growing and changing, but it's still a *good* relationship and they still care deeply for each other. There's a third option beyond "everything must stay the same" and "everything ends".

While I wait, it's either: click the like button coz i like, or, leave the dislike button coz AIN'T NOPONY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

I wasn't certain if this was going to be a sad story, but I'm glad it wasn't, this really made my day. Even if Twilight isn't immortal as an alicorn, this is how I see her and Spike in the years to come, facing the future together. :twilightsmile:

By the way, you made me wish LBBFF becomes a thing on MLP!! :twilightsheepish:

3508334 Wishing something in a fanfic becomes part of the show. Now that is a compliment. :twilightsheepish:

Interesting story. I must confess, there were times when I was a little confused, such as what the gems meant and what Celestia was trying to tell Spike, but maybe that's because I've only read it once so far. Maybe I have to read it a few more times.

Anyway, I LOVE your vocabulary!:pinkiehappy: The way you use it to paint the pictures of this story is amazing:

They were massive lavender sails of thick, scaly, varicose leather. All of his friends could fit under them in a rainstorm, with plenty of room for each other.

I don't know why, but that detail and diction is wonderful to me. Keep on writing. Your voice is truly creative and one that others should hear.

I agree with Mr Page, the detail in your diction is very impressive. If you wrote a story about the life and times of a single red brick, there is every chance I would sit, head in hands, and read the entire piece with keen interest. You have what is known in the industry as 'a way with words,' and that you use this gift to frame snapshots of tender pony hearts is cause for joy.

Yes, Spike has the heart of a pony. Or, if you prefer, amend my earlier line to include dragons. Either way, thank you so much for writing.

LBBFF?!Dude, that's ADORABLE!But just a little clarification, Twilight isn't immortal.
But I think you don't have to be immortal to have the flowing mane.Prepare for a My little Pony egghead lecture of The Alicorns of Equestria.

Ok, have you watched Season 4 Episode 1-2? If you have, have you noticed that in the 3 flashbacks, before Luna became Nightmare Moon, Luna had the flowing mane.But (this is my pony logical theory.) when the Elements of Harmony where used AGAINST her, she lost her power.Like when she returned from her banishment as Princess Luna, she had the normal hair, like Cadence and Twi.But in her second appearance, she regains her magical power, thus getting back her beautiful flowing mane.Another way you can tell that Luna and Tia are magically powerful, is that if you look VERY closely, you'll notice little sparkles around their horns.Which most likely means that that horn is extremely magical.To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see Twi with a hint of flow in her mane and one or two sparkles coming in and out of her horn considering she's so gifted in magic.Even though it has been confirmed that Twi and Cadence aren't immortal, and that Twi will not outlive her precious friends, it is possible that Twi will discover her destiny is much greater then she thought.I actually think Twilight became one of the most important ponies in the history of ponies,she will never be forgotten in Equestria, everyone will know her name, and she has the greatest destiny in the history of ponies.Sure, StatSwirl and Celestia where the real deal, but StarSwirl was bumped back by a lavender filly.I know Star Swirl came before Celestia.You want to know how Twilights real "Path of Destiny" began?
A simple friendship.

3702604 Oh, I don't think Twilight, Spike, or even Celestia and Luna are de facto 'immortal'. They'll just all live for millenia. It's just that to others around them, they might as well be immortal with consideration of their eventual accumulated experience.

The whole idea of there being some complex two-tiered alicorn system, just to accommodate an immortal Celestia with a non-immortal Twilight is just a bit too much of bending over backwards for precedent, fanon, or canon even.

Long lived, mortal, powerful, fallible, but of such general character as to eventually gain a natural 'aura' of leadership to which others are inclined to follow.

That's what an alicorn is to me, and I like to "keep it simple/stupid." So that means no endless annotations or explanations or adjustments or hail-Mary guesses in order to make the whole construct of canon, fanon, head-canon, the story, the show, comics, trading cards, children's novelizations, or anything else that makes up the complex interplay that is My Little Pony Fanfiction.

But we can both agree that Twilight's great and fantastic journey did indeed begin with friendship. Her friendship with the rest of the elements of harmony, and our friendship with the wonderful story Lauren Faust and her team introduced us to.

(Ahem, my reply got a little away from the concept you brought up of mane-equals-immortal. I think that the mane is just an indicator of how well-adjusted a pony is to being an alicorn. They are big shoes to fill, and having a simple guide to how far-along a pony is on that journey is something of a convenience.)

We both have our theories, and we have no idea who is right.Lol.And we may never know too.

There were a few kinks in your grammar that could have been combed out, but besides those little hiccups, it was very sweet. I LOOOOVE that you addressed how ambiguous their little relationship is. Except then you call them siblings in the title, only to introduce a ro-man-tic element, and then you leave it hanging! What a sham...poo-poo to you.

Ohhh, I'm just kidding! Upvoted and FAVED.

This was a really nice story.

Wow, that was a great story, I knew from the moment I saw that amazing pun, I would leave a like on this story.

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