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Spike Episodes and his Nature as a Dragon · 5:05pm Jun 27th, 2015

Hello. This is my first ever blog post, so forgive me if I do it incorrectly or in a way that is unfamiliar.

I have recently watched the episode "Princess Spike" from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I agree wholeheartedly that this episode could've been written better for Spike's character. The poor fellow seems to get no love or devotion from the show's writers. But . . . perhaps there is a reason behind these episodes being the way they are, and I want to hear anyone's opinion on this hypothesis.

As we all know, Spike episodes seem to always fall on the issues of Spike being either immature, greedy, or, as in the case of "Princess Spike", a desire to use a popular connection to his own advantage. It's understandable that those who like Spike often feel disappointed when these lessons seem to repeat; it makes you wonder if Spike is capable of developing in the series.

But then I had a thought about why Spike seems to struggle so much.

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    Write more stories! You're great at it!

    "Might not be too important?" Don't be silly, Aura. It means a lot that you liked my story. Of course it's important to me. :heart:

    To a writer, there is no greater joy than to hear that others like what you wrote. I hope my story made you smile.

    And thank you for adding it to your folder. I appreciate it.

    Take care and happy reading,

    I know this might not be too important but I just wanted to let you know that your story, The Seventh Star is one of the best stories I've read and has been added to my best folder. Be glad, I know I am.

    I wish to thank you, once again, for posting The Seventh Star. I am continually complimented on the way that I handle the relationship between Spike and Twilight, and your work has reached parts of me that even my own writing fails to open. Thank you so very much.

    Oh, and welcome to FIMFiction!:pinkiehappy:

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