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Fluttershy knows how to be quiet, so that's what makes her a good listener. That’s one of the reasons why Bulk Biceps likes her. She’s so cute, so innocent. He’s too loud sometimes, and he knows it. But secrets aren’t something that anypony is supposed to scream to the whole world.

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D'aw. Cute! I have to admit that I don't quite ship them, which is why I made them relatives in my EG fic, but I also enjoy seeing well-written Flutterbulk.

I know I've seen the idea that Featherweight is Bulk's kid somewhere else--I know Jordan179 has that headcanon too--but maybe it's just that it makes a certain sense.

Anyway, this was cute and also convincing as HECK, as in, I had to tell myself, "No, I do not ship this!"

This is really freakin' adorable!
I might have to ship this now...:pinkiehappy:

I chose to have Featherweight be Bulk's child too. And I agree with you -- Bulk taking care of his son would if anything make Fluttershy like him more, rather than less.

(which actually makes sense -- it shows that Bulk's caring and responsible).

I loved this. Well done, your highness! :heart:

I love Bicepshy! It's so cute!! One of my favorite ships next to Thunderjack. A great job on your part! Keep up the good work!:rainbowkiss:

Cute. :yay:

Guess I need to add this to some groups now...

PLEASE write more. Featherweight being Bulk's son is one of my favorite headcanons about him. I also have it in my head that Feathers is mute, and speaks through sign language that only Bulk and Cheerilee understand.

Not sure why that came up...

ANywho, this was adorable. Great job! :ajsmug:

I read the chapter title and immediatetly thought "the truth about my past, impossible, she'd turn away from me", so congrats on doing that. I'll read the actual story later.

dat chapter title tho

This fic was 2adorable4me... Nice work.

This makes two good Shyceps fics that I have read.:yay:

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.

I prefer songs where I can actually hear what the guys singing, to wit...

I...now kinda ship this. It actually does raise an issue that would be a concern to single parents. Not that I can relate to their struggle; I don't have a kid. Still, I can see this happening this way and it was handled well.

I also like the concept that Bulk and Featherweight are related in some way... whether it's father/son or brothers. There's something about it that works. Three of my stories feature them together; one as the main characters, and two as cameos.

I've noticed that Shyceps has really taken off as the replacement to FlutterMac, probably because there's some decent canon scenes that can back it up, although Filli Vanilli finally gave FlutterMac some good fodder as well.

Damn, that was amazing! :rainbowkiss: Totally faving this! :heart:

The truth about my past
She'd turn away from me.
He's holding back, he's hiding
From what, I can't decide
Why won't he be the [pony]
I know he is, the [pony] I see inside?

Jesus, please may this be canon some day soon.

Featherweight is Bulk Biceps' foal? He probably takes after his mom more. Are step-parents common in Equestria?

I love how the two sides of his mind interact with each other, you pulled that off really well.

Well, wasn't this cute?
Have a thumb, my dear. :twilightsmile:


although Filli Vanilli finally gave FlutterMac some good fodder as well.

Maybe, but it also gave CheeriMac a nuke.:eeyup:

I have a bit of a soft spot for this pairing.

Dawww! That was so cute. I am a huge fan of this pairing. There should be more of them.

Wow, interesting theory on Featherweight being Bulk's son. That aside, ADORABLE! :yay:

It's one of those strange ships you can't help but love and feel it works. You get a fav! :pinkiehappy:

Henshin-a-hell yeah, baby!

This story was cute, not gonna lie, but it also had me getting my exercise by jumping to conclusions. I seriously thought that his big confession going to be admitting his feelings for Fluttershy. I wasn't quite expecting his big reveal to be what it was. It's understandable for a man to be nervous about bringing something like that up in a new relationship, but I'd expect Flutters to respond with nothingless than 100% compassion as shown here. VEry good read.

Your Antagonist

Ah! Lovely Shyceps story! There's never too many of them. :heart:

My only complaint was there wasn't a marriage proposal. I require a followup, preferable documenting their wedding.

Short and sweet way I like it. :raritywink:

Whoever down voted this has no soul.

Yeah i'm with Seether00 on this.
needs the what he said.

4906648 HeadCanon adjusted. Snowflake/ BB is Featherweight's father.

Hmm, what could express m-

:pinkiehappy: "Just go with D'AWWWWW you silly mule!"

Fine fine. D'aaaaaaaaaaw.

:pinkiegasp: "Was that so hard?"


:pinkiehappy: "Glad I could help!"

Very nice! Very nice indeed!

I liked it. Short, simple, to the point.

Well done!

~Skeeter The Lurker

this was an adorably enjoyable read. that it was. thanks for sharing it with all of us to read.

VERY good! The buildup, the reveal, all of it, well done!
I can now see shyceps as viable, and featherweight being bulk's son introduced a concept that made so much sense it blew my mind!

D'awwww this story was adorable!!!

Fluttermac Shippers have souls, I personally love all ships myself...well, save for Dislestia, that is the only ship I will never ship without it ending.

Oh, this is soooooo cute!


Masterfully handled, as well. Totally did not guess what Bulk's confession would be, and I love the way you pass off the 'tragic backstory' without dwelling on it, just with his voice going soft... this story is just a gem, thank you! :yay::heart:

Awwww, so sweet! I don't really have any OTPs, but ShyCeps is a pretty cute couple. And nicely paced to. Quick, to-the-point, no filler, pretty much exactly as much as was needed to make for an interesting little story.

That was - certainly something else. A very nice and interesting change of pace from what I usually see in these sorts of stories. I'll be honest and say that I've never read many Shycep stories but the title and description of this one had made me curious enough to try it. Needless to say that I was not disappointed in what I got out of it.

The pacing was well done and characterization seemed very real and not too over the top. A few times there I could almost feel the sort of lump in the throat that poor Bulk Biceps was probably feeling. Dialogue seemed natural and flowed as if it were a real conversation - a somewhat tense one where neither side had something even close to a correct (and accurate, on Fluttershy's part, since she did correctly guess something was bothering him) guess as to what the other party had on their mind or what their reactions would be.

And to avoid spoiling the ending? I'll simply say it was not what I expected and made the story that much better for it. A refreshing sort of end that you don't seem to find much of anymore.

Plus it wrapped up nicely, without leaving me feeling like there was something missing or that could/should have been wrapped up by or before the ending. And it was good enough that while I could have gotten away with a simple positive give or demand for "moar", I wrote all this up instead.

Seeing as how Bulk is Scootaloo's Dad (I'm sure of it!)... does that mean Fluttershy's going to be her Mom... and now that Rainbow Dash is Scootaloo's adopted sister... does that mean Fluttershy is also Rainbow Dash's adopted mom? :pinkiecrazy:

So adorable!

So beautiful! And I really like this pairing of Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps. Keep up the good work. :raritywink:

Nice little fic even though Fluttercord is my OTP xD

My name is RogueUnicorn, and I approve of this ship.

A sequel, please, i like stories like this, alot.

5196554 Judging by your profile pic, she doesn't like discord, nor does the fandom of ponyships.
*Fluttercord diminishes*
What will you do?

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