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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash take a day off to go out on a date together.

Thanks to rabbitababbit on Deviantart for the cover image and buosysel1 for the awesome chapter three art I requested that helps cap the finale off.

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Glad I watched you. This is going to be good, I love flutterdash :rainbowkiss::yay:

*starts reading*

and....done. d'awwwwwww.....FAVED!

Oh Dash. You shouldn't be afraid to snuggle :rainbowkiss:
This is good so far. I like where it's going.
Favorited and liked.

can't wait for your next fic. you're a great writer.

Lebo ponies? Not bad! :unsuresweetie:

926993 Oh.... This was planned to be a one shot initialy... But I do have an idea on where this could go if you think its worth continuing.

926974 Thank you. It's wonderful to know.

927299 Only 'not bad'? :fluttershysad:

Nice, this is very cute. You should continue make a story with it instead of only one chapter. :yay: :heart: :rainbowkiss:

927516 Well at least I enjoyed it...and liked it! :twilightsheepish:

Ok so, i'll first list the thing i liked:
1) Good writing
2) Cuteness
3) Rainbow Dash :rainbowkiss:

Now, let's go list the thing that i don't liked:
1) Pinkie Pie looks creepy by already knowing what's between RD and FS...
2) What did they just do?
3) What the hell are they going to do? (cloppers advice)
4) Lesbians?
5) I'd rater prefer to don't type what my mind pictured while reading this. And no, i'm not a clopper, i actually try to don't talk so much to them due to the fact that everything we talk about, it turns into a pony-porno... :rainbowhuh:

Personal comment: WHAT THE FUCK! :facehoof:
This means that i liked it, but that it freaked me. And leaved me a little confused.

927964 Lets work our way down the list. All the good stuff is great! Thank you. Altough both these two are my fave ponies.

1-Pinky Pie is Pinky Pie. She usulay knows when something up and I didn't specifily say that no one else at all knew or had guessed that something is going on between the two of them.
2- Exactly as described in the story. They had a relaxing fun day together (in this case, emphasis on the relaxing... RD likes her naps... FS especialy likes her cuddles.
3 - Nothing dodgy I hope. Enjoy each others compay. (Thats a given) Sleep in each others embrace. Let your mind go for a wander. The chapter end has been left open for those who want to take things a little further. I have a very cute and UNcloppy immagination so rest assured this story cant go anywhere thats not clean + cute, cuddly and clourful. Thats my specialy. Simple. I can continue this story if people think its worth it (it appears to be getting enough of a response to trigger another few scenes. Which is nice)
4 - Lesbians? What of them? I know a few. It doesn't bother me that RD+FS are. I shipped them ever since season 1 ep3. Theres heaps of great moments between these two. Both mares you say? Theyer personalities mix perfectly (blancing each other out, bringing out sides in each other nopony else really knows or gets to see). Plus they both can be really klutzy pegsui and together they look super cute. So I try and write it like that.
5 - Oh dear what picture... I'm against cloppers but it sounds like you got dangerosly close there for a minute (hence extra reasons for trying to keep the story as cute and cuddly as possible).

And to your personal comment... Its great that you liked it. No need to get freaked. Now go read my FlutterDash fillies story. Its also cute. Let me show you how awsome these two are together. In my mind its impossible to ship them anyother way. I think that will help ease your confusion.

:pinkiehappy: Awesome!

This is just adorable. Aww, but Dashiiieee...don't be shy! There's no need to be ashamed about liking to cuddle! :raritywink: You know you love it. :pinkiehappy:

So they take a day off to spend time together, sweet and simple! Sometimes it's just nice to have that kind of sweet story.

I like it so far! I'm so following this. :twilightsmile:


928851 Thank you for the comment. I'm starting chapter two out of about 3 since this seems to be picking up some support. :pinkiehappy: We'll see where this goes.
But I'll finish off the chapter 4 in the fillies story I'm writing first.

FlutterDash is so adorable. I love how they play with each other as they head to their date.

Next scenes name is Night of Fun. I still need a few more ideas before I continue past the first paragraph though. :pinkiehappy:

Uh oh...

Rainbow doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship...

But didn't Pinkie say something about a PARTY back there? :twilightoops:

929978 Eeyup! Good ol' Pinky Pie. Things might get aqward when they get back. Only really the few who had guessed it know that they are more than just friends.


Nicely done! You get a like and favourite from me :twilightsmile:

This story is like candy. Lacking in any form of serious substance, sweet but not filling, makes your heart beat a little quicker and ultimately leaves you feeling happy to be alive.

There are no earth shattering revelations, no deeply ingrained messages and no symbollically laden scenes. In this case, that is the strength of the story and not, as it might have been, a weakness. This story is unabashedly and incontrovertibly, utterly adorable.

I am glad you saw fit to write this, and equally glad I picked up the story. I look forward to any future additions.

931177 I'm glad you liked it for what it is. It's only a side project to my other 7 stories with Flutterdash (which naturly will be more dynamic). It was only designed as a simple, sweet snapshot of one of RD+FS's dates.
I love adorable. Thank you.

Must resist... hold in... can't... D'AAAWWW! Geez, I'm a sucker for cute stories, and this is just great! It's so adorable! I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time! When you said it was supposed to be a 1 shot, I was pretty disappointed, because I love snuggle time stories :pinkiehappy:. But I'm super glad you'll be making another chapter! You said you wanted to start off strong, and I think you've done just that, with two excellent stories so far. I'm glad I watched you and I'll read whatever content you put out!
And as always FLUTTERDASH FTW :yay::heart::rainbowlaugh:

934925 Thats my forte... Cute FlutterDash. I like this couple too much for my own good and write them as I see them (from the show...)
So you can expect another story up soon. Any ideas for the next chapter are welcome.
:rainbowkiss::heart::yay: FTW!

simply fabulous just like the other story of yours that i have read both adorable and fabulous:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

940378 Thank you. I'll keep them coming :pinkiehappy:


All the adorable


975516 I'd say so :twilightsmile:

chapter 3 please?:twilightsmile:

The only time the light is on in there this time of night is when Pinky is throwing a party. - I love it when my little finger throws parties :pinkiecrazy:

fabulously adorable all the fabulousness belongs to this story:rainbowkiss::heart:

I'm loving this story. I hope it continues. On a side note, why are wingboners so funny?

975696 Oh you made me laugh... its good to know your pinky can do that :pinkiehappy: but yes I'll fix it.

976737 Not entirely sure. But with these two pegasi they sure are funny and add to the scene.

975624 Okay. It will start with the crash. But don't worry, Fluttershy doesn't get hurt. :pinkiehappy: oh and Luna looks sooo cute in your profile pic.

975960 Oh good. Actualy I consider it to belong to the perfect pony couple :rainbowkiss::heart::yay: but thanks.

Awww! More awesome cuteness! :rainbowkiss: They are just so sweet together! :twilightsmile: Like in most interpretations of the pair, Rainbow softens and exposes a more emotional and vulnerable side to Fluttershy without a word of complaint and feels comfortable, while Fluttershy may still feel timid and soft-spoken, but even she can come around and is very affectionate. D'awwww.

Ooohh! How passionate! They're careening down toward the ground locked in a kiss! How exotic!

Awww, it's almost over? :fluttercry: Oh well, it was a sweet journey! And I can't wait to see more of your stuff! :raritystarry:

Totally worth continuing! This is just a cute, little, daaw-inducing story.

Keep it up!

NAMES ARE TOO SIMILAR!!! :flutterrage:

978151 and 979239 Yep. One last chapter to make it a cute 3 parter then I'm moving onto better works. This is only supposed to be a cute little snapshot as I test things out.

977565 I couldn't resist. Dash is cheeky enough to try these sorts of things and Fluttershy is sweet ehough to follow her faithfuly.

982528 Tee hee hee! :rainbowlaugh: You're totally right about that!

982887 Writing ch 3 right now... Any ideas on what Dashie could try and pull her marefriend into to cap it off? :pinkiehappy:

982932 Hmm, let me think...:rainbowderp:

Swimming? :pinkiehappy:

* blooming* n kewl story brah

Good to see my small finger Pinky once again made it into this fic

Great story :) plenty of D'awwwwwwwww moments, just how i like it :)

1016306 (you didnit see that :pinkiehappy:) and thanks.
1016802 And there I was thinking I had spelt her name right...

1017375 and 1018025 Thanks. Thats what tends to happen with these two.

Manly tears from pure d'awwwwness. True words.

This was an adorably fabulous story :rainbowkiss::heart:

D'awwww, what a lovely story! I enjoyed it! :twilightsmile: But it's all over...:fluttercry:

8D The fanart you included is adorable! I love the idea of them wearing pendants of each other's cutie marks as a wedding ring kind of thing, a lovely idea! :pinkiehappy: They look so soft, so sweet. <333

Very well done, my friend! :twilightsmile: Sweet awesomeness all around!

1018552 and 1018911 great to hear. Expect more from me coming soon.

1019552 All over yes. But now I get to move onto more cutness in the form of another Flutterdash fic I'm working on where they will be taking thier filly to see the wonderbolts. They will again be wearing these around thier necks (I'll upload the wedding scene where they get them as soon as I can too) If only I could think of a cool name for thier filly...
I'm looking foward to the completion of a certan fic of yours too :pinkiehappy:

1019734 Sounds awesome, then! I look forward to it!

Hee, I'm going to get to work on it now! :raritywink:


I am in my living room receiving strange looks from my family and friends, they seem to be concerned why I squeak every so often and cringe.

I let a fellow brony in the room read this and now we are cringing together


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