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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


The last night of the year is here and Pinkie Pie is hosting a fun night of dancing for all to enjoy. Vinyl Scratch and her marefriend, Octavia provide the music that leads many couples to the dance floor.

For Twilight, it is a rare opportunity to dance publicly with her marefriend, Luna. Celestia and her plus one, Discord also show up for some fun, chaos and dancing. For others such as Rumble, it is a night with the opportunity to discover that dancing with somepony doesn't have to be uncool.

Includes plenty of cute couples enjoying the night's festive dance as they see the last night of the year out.

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Cute and simple story here. Loved the pairs and saw that hint of a Sparity moment. But the main focus was on the dances and how each moved around the floor- personal favorites were Tuna and Dislestia related since both were fun and creative. Also the transformed Gallus bit was really nice didn't expect that. Definitely neat to see a story with little stakes- sure it doesn't have a narrative push beyond "dance party" but not all stories need to be world changing and this was definitely the calm story I needed to start the year.

Had a smile throughout for just how comfy it felt with how the story moved through each scene. Felt nice and a brief episode feel, if less stakes.

I want to like this. I do. I love Twiluna (even if I despise the other couples, and you will never convince me otherwise that they ever were a thing or had a chance. Except Pinkie and Cheese, since it is canon).

But there's too many mistakes (your horrible sense of shipping being one them). Random signs, I guess, appearing all over, and that was just in the few paragraphs.

Needs a bit of work.
A few grammar and spelling mistakes here and there.
And those strange squiggles in some places.
Otherwise, a nice story.

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