• Published 17th Jul 2012
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A Date Over the Rainbow - lillytheomegawolf

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash take a day off to go out on a date together.

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A Day of Bliss

A flowing rainbow mane whips in the air currents as its cyan owner speeds across the sky leaving nothing but a small rainbow wake in place of the clouds she was clearing. She performs a few somersaults in the air, a smile covering her cyan muzzle.
"Is that… a new record?" Hearing these quiet words, Rainbow's head snaps down to look at Fluttershy. She ceases her tricks to marvel at the beauty that is slowly flying up to meet her. Rainbow’s smile turns goofy, indicating to Fluttershy how happy she is to see her marefriend so early.
The two pegasi brush wingtips as Fluttershy draws level with Rainbow Dash. With each wingbeat, she feels a tingling as they continue to share the unique yet delicate contact their synchronous wingbeats give.

"Hey Fluttershy. Come with me, I want to show you something."

"Okay..." Rainbow crosses the distance between them with a wingbeat and plants a kiss on ‘Shy's nose. The mare’s creamy yellow face lights up red as she unleashes an adorable little squeak. Her wings lock for a second but Dash grabs her, saving her and plummets toward the ground. Fluttershy clings on for dear life as they level out and barrel through town. A rainbow trail, mixed with pink, follows the two as they twist and turn before crashing through the door of Sugarcube Corner. Rainbow slides along the floor on her back, Fluttershy on top, holding onto each other as they come to a stop under one of the tables.

"You two look so cute like that. Youknowyouknowyouknowrightrightright?" Pinkie lifts up the table cloth revealing their faces. She wears a huge Pinkie grin on her face as she pulls them out. She bounces around the room awaiting a response from the two stunned pegasi.

"What can I get you two lovebirds anyway?" Rainbow Dash is about to answer but is cut off by the bouncy mare continuing. "Oh I know! Cupcakes!" Pinkie disappears with a poof.

"Well I guess… thats Pinkie for you." Fluttershy gives Rainbow Dash an affectionate nuzzle.

"Yea. Sure is, ‘Shy." Anything further is suddenly cut off as Pinkie Pie bounces into sight again, a bag swinging in her mouth. She drops the bag at their hooves.

"Here you go. Have fun on your date!" Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy stare at the pink mare in front of them for a moment, surprised that she somehow knows.

"Thanks, Pinks. We will." Rainbow picks up the bag of food, inserting it into her saddle bag. She shrugs off her own questions, this is Pinkie Pie after all. The pair turn and make their way out the door, breaking their embrace.

"Awwww… There goes the cutest couple in the sky." Pinkie turns around and walks back to the kitchen. "Oh. I know. That would make a great party!" She turns and dashes out the door to collect supplies for the party she is already planning in her head.

High in the sky above, two pegasus ponies soar, occasionally bushing wings as they fly out of Ponyville, toward a secluded patch of green in the distance. Fluttershy is content, although it is hard work for her, keeping aloft at high altitude she found herself starting to enjoy flying like never before. Having Rainbow Dash with her truly does make flying 20% cooler for the shy pegasus. Elation takes over her features and she swerves from side to side, enjoying the rush of wind in her mane and the bush of cyan feathers on her own whenever she swings close to Dash. Setting into a calmer form of flying she glances across and spots Dash idly checking her out as she effortlessly glides alongside her. The cyan mare tears her eyes from Fluttershy’s flank, cheeks flushing.

The two lock gazes for a few seconds, losing themselves in each other's gaze. In an effort to get Dash back, Fluttershy flicks her wings, and spins to the side, hoping to air tackle her. Fluttershy loses control, sending herself slamming into Rainbow who yelps in surprise. They spin round and round, Fluttershy clinging onto Dash for dear life. Frantically flapping for what feels like a lifetime, Rainbow slowly regains control, flying unsteadily along with Fluttershy still clamped to her underside. The two quickly cone into an embrace while Rainbow powers on. Fluttershy smiles and snuggles deeper into Rainbow Dash's coat. A quiet, yet adorable squeak is heard as Fluttershy nuzzles her marefriend who is trying to fly for them both. She feels Dash dip all of a sudden as she relaxes into the affection.

"Hey, 'Shy! I'm trying to fly here! We can do that when we get there."

Rainbow Dash relinquishes her hold on Fluttershy who lets out a gasp of surprise feeling the wind attempting to rip them apart. She unfurls her wings and with a pleased smile on her face, slightly sad that their moment has to end so soon but happy that her failed effort to air tackle Dash had worked out so well. She slowly lets go of Rainbow Dash who helps her regain her composure in the sky. Fluttershy notices that her marefriend is annoyed at her and smiles. She dips a little lower. Rainbow looks her way, questionly. 'Shy ignores her and carefully angels herself, moving in closer and closer to Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy's wings make contact, tickling Rainbow's side. Rainbow Dash immediately puts on a burst of speed, her face contorting as she holds in her laughter.

"Oh it is on now 'Shy!" Rainbow Dash rapidly accelerates away from Fluttershy. The rainbow streak loops into the air, leaving her pink maned companion floating, wondering what is going to come next. Realisation breaks for Fluttershy as her marefriend suddenly arches in the sky above zooming toward her.

Rainbow plucks Fluttershy out of the sky as she zips past, hurtling toward their destination. Fluttershy gives Dash a peck on the cheek, enjoying the wind whipping her mane about and Rainbow Dash's strong cyan hooves gripping her. Rainbow breaks out into a big goofy grin. She snaps out of it just in time to notice the proximity of the lakeside they are about to impact upon.

Fluttershy feels herself being placed gently in the field. She looks up at Dash who takes off unable to resist doing a quick aerial loop to show off before landing beside her marefried. The two entwine their tails, all the colours of the rainbow mixing with pink, as Rainbow Dash shrugs off her pack.

They quietly share their lunch. Fluttershy feels no need to break the peace and quiet of their magical location while Rainbow Dash finds herself content to gaze into Fluttershy's enchanting aqua eyes. Noticing this, Fluttershy breaks Rainbow Dash's concentration by nuzzling her. Rainbow Dash shares a wing, gifting a serene sense of security to her marefriend. They continue to eat slowly, enjoying the contact with each other as they slowly snuggle closer and closer together.

Bliss. Totally and absolutely. ‘That's what this is,' Fluttershy thinks to herself as she gives Rainbow dash a playful lick on the muzzle. Both mares feel content, totally at peace. They can both feel it in their hearts. As they gaze into each others eyes, aqua pools meeting shining pink orbs. They temporarily forget their meal, leaning closer and closer till their lips met. Fluttershy feels like she's about to explode as warm fuzzes fill her body. Every fibre of her body feels like its getting injected full of new life, sparks fly and wings flutter as they hold the kiss, unwilling for it to end. An eternity too soon, it’s all over for the couple, somehow leaving even Rainbow Dash short on breath.

A cunning smile fills Rainbow Dash's features. She flips Fluttershy over onto her back, who lets out a cute, wee squeak in fright. Both mares’ wings flare up again in reaction, fluttering a little in excitement. Dash then gifts her a quick kiss, holding it just long enough to leave them both wanting more. Before Fluttershy can react, Dash takes off. Fluttershy yelps in surprise, and her hold on Rainbow Dash slips. Dash catches her mare too late, sending them both crashing into the lake.

They break the surface, holding each other tightly. Soft as a whisper, Fluttershy attempts to apologise, almost weeping into Dashes mane.

"I'm so sorry Dash, I…" A swift affectionate lick to the nose quiets the timid mare.

"Shhhhh. It's okay 'Shy. I'm the one who startled you. But you know what?" Rainbow leans in, grinning. Fluttershy holds her breath in suspense, not knowing quite what to expect. A telling off? A kiss?

"You look adorable when you’re frightened." Rainbow's grin increases as she pulls away from the shocked mare she is holding tenderly in her hooves.

"Dashie, that's… mean." Fluttershy's tiny voice trails off, unable to do anything but love and adore the prankster who is helping her keep afloat.

They bob around together in the lake for a small eternity. Their tails and manes spreading out around them, creating rainbow-pink patterns in the crystal water as they continue to float about, enjoying the moment.

Sudden coolness enters the air as clouds obscure the sun. Fluttershy shivers.

"Alright, silly filly. Time to get you warmed up." Fluttershy nods. The couple paddle their way back to shore where they proceed to shake themselves mostly dry.

Fluttershy spots an appealing looking patch of open field. She nuzzles her marefriend.

"How about… there. It looks lovely."

"Great idea, 'Shy." They make their way over, in no hurry to do anything except enjoy the touch of the other pegasus.

Rainbow Dash waits while Fluttershy picks her spot then joins her, letting Fluttershy lean into her. She extends a wing over Fluttershy, flooding the yellow pony with warmth.

"Hey, uh… Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy nuzzles Dash affectionately for a few moments before replying.

"Yes, Dashie?"

"Please… Don't tell the others. This snuggling thing will ruin my reputation if anypony else finds out."

Fluttershy quietly laughs, sweetness and innocence emanating from her mouth as the soft melodies wash over her awe filled marefriend.

"It's okay. Just… don't stop. If… if that's ok by you. I mean… I don't want to–" Fluttershy is cut off by Rainbow Dash kissing her tenderly.

"Hey, I don't want to stop. How about we take the afternoon off, I could really use a nap, and there’s nopony else I will ever want to share it with. Okay?"

Fluttershy squees in delight, throwing her hooves around Rainbow Dash.

Time slips blissfully by as both mares forget their troubles and duties, lost in each others embrace. Rainbow Dash eventually dozes off on top of Fluttershy. Unable to move her marefriend, even if she wanted to, Fluttershy instead nuzzles her gently. She shifts position to get more comfortable in their full body embrace then allows herself to drift off into Dreamland.