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A Date Over the Rainbow - lillytheomegawolf

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash take a day off to go out on a date together.

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Love Forever Blooming

The party is in full swing at sugar cube corner. Pinkie Pie is presenting Pokey with balloons to pop while Rarity watches on, a knowing smile on her face. Twilight, Big Mac and Apple Jack are watching over the Cutie Mark Crusaders who are planning their next attempt at gaining their cutie marks.


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy carve their way into Sugarcube Corner, crashing into the middle of the party. A terrified Fluttershy rides Rainbow Dash across the floor right up to the counter.

Smack. Bang. Crash.

Everypony cringes, sweets fly everywhere. A mess of Rainbow and pink gains a few sticky additions. All eyes in the room are glued to the couple who have just made a spectacular entrance.

"Are you hurt Dashie? Are you okay?" Fluttershy, still on top, hastily leans all the way down, muzzles brushing together as she frantically checks to ensure her marefriend is okay.

Rainbow Dash pulls her into a passionate kiss. Shy's wings flare up then flutter as they hold the kiss. Time stands still for the couple, their surroundings forgotten as they slip into the intoxicating moment. Rainbow Dash's tongue darts into Fluttershy’s mouth, licks her, then retreats, teasing her. The yellow mare pulls Dash further into her embrace, holding the kiss and allowing her tongue to slip into Rainbows mouth. Minds on fire, caught in their passion for each other, they continue the intricate dance, small moans of pleasure escaping as they clumsily navigate each others mouths.

They break away, breathless. Gazing lovingly into each others sparkling eyes, they bask in each others glow. Completely lost in their own world of bliss.

"I'm fine now." A sly smile takes over Dash's face.

Everypony stares slack jawed at the couple, completely stunned by the couples entrance and the love the two have just publicly displayed.


Fluttershy nuzzles Dash who enjoys returning the gesture of affection. Warm fuzzes light up their world.

"Eeew gross!" Scootaloo hides her face, preventing her wide eyes from catching a further look at her hero.

Fluttershy freezes, realising where they are and who's around them. She buries her face in her rainbow warrior’s mane emitting an addable little 'eep.' Rainbow Dash puts a comforting hoof around her, a goofy grin covering her features.

An awkward eternity passes.


Poke’s horn bursts the balloon it had been pressed up against startling everypony. Pinkie Pie bursts into a fit of giggles knocking him over.

"What in tarnation?" Apple Jack takes a shocked step backwards, her eyes glued to the couple still sprawled on the ground. No pony else dares move.

"Wow. Oh-my-gosh-you-two-still-look-so-cute-together." Pinkie gushes, bounding up the colourful mess on the floor.

Ice broken, the couple struggle to their hooves, assisting each others slow nervous ascent.

"So… Uh… How long have you two been going out. I mean. That was… intense." Twilight trails off, nervously glancing across at Rarity who is trying to recover her wits too.

Fluttershy burrows under Dash's wing, manes matting further together, hiding from the gaze of the crowd. Her marefriend gives her the strength to remain, hiding, but still in the presence of everypony. Fluttershy feels her nerves slide away into peaceful calm as she waits for Dash to answer for them both.

"Well. It's… it's been just over a month." Rainbow Dash nervously glances around, resting against the mare under her wing. She hopes they haven't been hiding their little secret for too long.

"Darlings it’s so wonderful you finally found your special somepony. There was no reason to be afraid. We are your friends after all. Although I do admit, I never thought you would go for somepony like our dear Rainbow Dash here." Rarity glows, happy for the couple while Fluttershy’s cheeks burn from the last comment. Rarity moves up and gives them a big hug, careful to avoid coming into contact with the mess pasted up Dash's back.

"Party time!" Pinkie yells. Using Pokey Pierce as a springboard, she launching herself high into the air.

Happy chaos is resorted to the party. Most ponies return to their previous activities. However, a few continue to keep their attentions tuned toward the newly arrived couple. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's close friends gather around the happy pair. Seeing their smiling faces helps Fluttershy temporarily extract herself from under Dash’s protective wing.

“You know. I think you two make an incredibly cute couple. Just.... please try not to do that in public again. Like I said before... That was kind of intense.” Twilight falls back into silence, happier now that she has finished recovering from the initial shock.

“Yea. Sorry about that. I guess me and ‘Shy just kinda got lost in the moment there for a bit.” Rainbow Dash awkwardly replies.

“That’s okay darlings. But I simply must request that Rainbow Dash joins us on our next spa date. I would love to hear all about what’s been going on between you two love birds.”

“I’m sure I can get her to come. I-if you don’t mind.” ‘Shy faces Dash, a look of timid inquiry on her face.

“Me? You really think I want to come along to one of those boring things?”

“But Dashie. I’ll be right beside you the whole time.” ‘Shy nuzzles her marefriend, melting her resolve like a hot knife through butter.

Rainbow can’t find it in herself to say no while under emotional attack from the yellow pegasus.

“Fine,” mutters Dash in an overly dramatic way, returning the affection wholeheartedly. Their friends look on, amazement written all across their features. Rainbow Dash getting pampered by other ponies at a spa date is as unthinkable as Fluttershy performing for the Wonderbolts and yet, the shy pink maned pegasus had just convinced her mare to come along. Clearly love can change ponies in strange ways.

Fluttershy wraps her marefriend in a joyful hug.


Dash winces in pain as Fluttershy's hoof finds a bruise on her back. The yellow hoof vanishes, instant concern covering the owners features as she turns to face her marefriend.

"Dashie, you are hurt. Why didn't you say something?" The yellow mare orbits her cyan daredevil hastily. Rainbow Dash spins around in circles preventing 'Shy from checking her back out. Manes swish through the air, as they compete with each other over the care of Dash’s back.

"No. Fluttershy. I'm fine. Seriously."

Rainbow raises her right fore hoof defensively to ward off the over zealous yellow mare in front of her. Sparkling aquamarine eyes shimmer transfixing in the party lights, staring pleadingly into the depths of the rose orbs in front of them. Fluttershy looks as if she is about to cry. Rainbow Dash's heart breaks in two.

"Awww 'Shy. I can't resist that... You win again."

She turns to allow her yellow caretaker to check her out. Her back turns to jelly as a delicate pair of hooves caress her back, brushing off tiny chunks of squashed party food and other shrapnel. Fluttershy caringly licks clean a small patch of cuts. Apple Jack looks on, complete shock written across her features as she stares unbelieving at the sight before her. The rest of the group wear shy grins on their faces, happy for the couple but also staggered by how the daredevil before them is acting like butter between Fluttershy's hooves.

Fluttershy moves onto Rainbow's wings. She runs a hoof delicately along the pinions on the right wing.


Rainbow's face turns apple red in embarrassment. Her wings fully extended.

"Dashie, we need to get you home."

Fluttershy envelops the sore area near Dash's shoulder under her wing. She nuzzles her gently, doing her prismatic mare no favours toward eliminating her wing problem. Keeping the speechless cyan mare under her protective wing, Fluttershy marches them both toward the door.

"Thank you everypony. But we simply must get home. I-if that's okay with everypony?"

"Sure is gall's."

"Thanks for dropping by. It was super super awesome." The cotton ball of pink bounces toward them, enveloping them in a brief hug. She steps away.

"You take good care of Dashie. Toodles!" Pinky waves good happily at them, allowing the couple to continue their slow walk out.

All eyes follow them, everypony feeling the joy. There is is another happy couple in town. A snicker escapes the blond maned farm pony standing at the back of the main group.

"Ya'll know. Ah never imagined I'd see that rainbow maned speedster tamed by the likes o' Fluttershy. Maybe ah can get used to them being together like that."

"Hey I heard that!" Dash calls out from under the yellow wing. “I’m not tamed!”

The partygoers hear Fluttershy quieten her marefirend's outbursts as they walk out and down the street. Laughter ripples through everypony assembled.

Pinkie continues to giggle while AJ cracks up, laughing loudly at the couple who have left.

"Does anypony else feel like they need need to wash their eyes out?" Asks Scootaloo.

"I think they're kinda cute together." Sweetie Belle answers her friend, gifting her with an unwanted hug.

"Eeyup." Apple Bloom quotes her brother, grinning.


Two lovestruck mares wander along, sharing a winged embrace. Warmth, love, peace. The night is filled with romance. Nuzzling together they feel feel complete. The slight drizzle is completely forgotten as they wander along in a world of their own.

"Did you want me all for yourself back there?" Dash gives her marefriend a sly wink.

"Rainbow Dash!" Shock covers the shy mares face. She comes to a sudden halt, facing the grinning mare who clearly has certain ideas running through her head. She stares into the rosy pink orbs in front of her, feeling the previous tranquility flood back into her system. She breaks eye contact, building up the strength to confess.

"Yes. Maybe… I mean.. just a little. I-if thats okay with you dear." Her voice trailing back off into its barely audible range. Fluttershy lowers her eyes to the ground, nervously brushing the road with forehoof.

Dash pulls her into a loving hug. The warm fuzzes return in a frenzy filling the atmosphere around the young couple, illuminating each others dazzling manes. Neither care about the roughed up appearance they share. The love in the air makes every detail beautiful. Both mares gladly lap up every detail and feeling in their shared globe of joy. Fluttershy breathes deeply, taking in her dates scent. A mix of sugary sweets, sweat and summer rain. It intoxicates the yellow mare. She affectionately licks her best friend and lover on the muzzle, confirming everything her senses already had told her. They slip in a kiss. Fluttershy moans in the back of her throat, pressing further into Dashie. The light drops of misty rain dance upon their noses as inside their tongues dance playfully.

They pull away, breathless. The world slowly starts spinning again. Rainbow Dash extracts herself from the tight loving embrace of her partner.

"It sure is fine by me. Just… since when did you become the dominant one 'Shy?" She lightly nudges her friend in a playful manner. A growing smirk covering her face. She is rewarded with a little 'eep' and a nuzzle.


“Actually, I think it’s cute how quickly you switch between being the most timid mare in all of Equestria to somepony who can stare down a dragon.”

Fluttershy buries herself deeper into her marefriend, hiding her blush.

Dash guides Fluttershy along, sharing a loving nuzzle the whole way. Although the night grows cold, both mares feel blissfully warm, snuggling into each other's coats.

They drift along the road, unaware of their surrounds or the passage of time. Fluttershy re-erects her protective wing across Rainbow's back. She enjoys the feeling of being so far out of her personal shell and yet feeling safe in the presence of the one whom she loves. She revels in it, almost knocking Dash over with a playful power nuzzle.

Trip, splash!

Rainbow Dash falls face first into the stream running under the bridge near Fluttershy's cottage. She gasps in shock, her perfect world torn apart by the cold water. Neither mare had any idea they were so close to their destination and stare briefly at each other in shock as the night comes crashing back into their lives.

"Rainbow? Are… are you okay?"

Fluttershy leans over the edge, checking her marefriend is okay. Worry is stapled across her features. She feels terrible to have missed the signs of being almost home.

"Yea. I gotta look where I'm going next time. You had me totally enchanted… or something…" Dash trails off awkwardly.

"I-I'm sorry." A heart melting look crosses Fluttershy's face. A fun thought enters the cyan daredevils head and she grins with intent.

A yelp is heard in the night swiftly followed by splashing.

"Dashie! Its c-cold!"


Rainbow Dash falls backwards into the water unable to stifle her mischievous rolling laughter any longer.

"You big meanie mare." Fluttershy uses both wings, splashing twin waves at her attacker, dousing the laughter.

A smile grows on her face and the yellow pegasus pounces. They roll around in the stream, mud and water flying everywhere. The lovers enjoy themselves, play fighting like a pair of fillies and calling out joyfully at the top of their lungs.

They pause, grinning at each other. Rainbow Dash notices her marefriend has a trembling lip. Although she's not quite yet ready to leave her fun, Dash knows she has to help her pink maned marefriend out.

"You’re cold right?"

Fluttershy nods, trying to contain her jitters from the cold. She isn't ready to leave the stream but can feel the cold seeping into her bones.

Her cyan marefriend grows a massive grin.

"Hey Fluttershy? How about-"

Dash finishes her sentence with action, sweeping the mare of her dreams off her hooves. Warmth floods back into their bodies. Rainbow Dash flaps her wings, gaining lift off. She kisses Fluttershy lightly earning a little squeal of joy. Fluttershy wraps her hooves lovingly around her protector snuggling into her damp cyan coat. Nothing else matters except the mare holding her. They reach her front door too soon. 'Shy doesn't want the moment to end. She buries her face into Dash's mane, snuggling her, wings unintentionally fluttering. Rainbow loses all concentration as she reciprocates, forgetting she is in the air. They crash land on Fluttershy's doorstep in front of a very annoyed looking bunny who gives the couple his best ‘where have you been’ stare.

"Oh Angel. I'm sorry."

She picks herself up off her cyan mare and attempts to pick up her pet. He jumps out of her reach desperately pointing at her mane and tail, indicating how dirty she is. Fluttershy glances down at her muddy form and shivers.

"Yes. You’re right Angel. I-I'll grab you some dinner then have a shower."

She opens her door then glances back at the sorry mess of rainbow and cyan. She gives Dash an apologetic look.

"Hey Fluttershy. Mind if a poor wounded pegasus stays the night?" She grins suggestively yet meekly at Fluttershy as she picks herself up off the ground, eyes locked on the stunning aquamarine globes that gaze back.

A nervous moment hangs in the air.


Angel's paw drills into the floorboards, snapping Fluttershy out of her indecision. Rainbow Dash turns sadly away, preparing to fly home. The silence is enough of a hint.

"Well, thanks for the awesome date Fluttershy."

A pair of loving forehooves wrap around her tummy from behind. A yellow muzzle buries itself into her dirty mane. The proud weather pony finds herself unable to move.

"Please come in. I'll give you a bath, we can put Angel bunny to sleep and then we can snuggle. I-if that’s okay with you, Dashie."

They daredevil flyer flips over landing upon her back, returning Fluttershy’s embrace. They lovingly lock eyes, noses touching. A cyan hoof delicately shifts the pink mane out of the way. Dash gives her a quick kiss on the nose.

"Fluttershy. That would be totally awesome." She falters, glancing over at the bunny. "I-I'm not so sure about looking after that pest. But… yea."

A squee of joy escapes the delighted yellow mare in her hooves.

Fluttershy hauls Dash up. A grin covering her gorgeous yellow face. She boldly leads her inside, wrapping a muddy yellow wing over an equally dirty cyan mare.


Two pegasi walk in contented silence through a moonlit green field. They remember their wonderful date they had shared here a year ago. The approaching calm lakeside adds to the memories of bliss as they walk along.

Around their necks, swinging in the cool night breeze are their wedding pennants bearing their lovers cutie mark. Rainbow Dash glances across at her wife, marveling at her graceful beauty as she wanders along staring up at Luna's brilliant night sky. A comet blazes along above their heads. They stare lovingly into each others sparkling eyes, lit specially by the overhead comet. Luna's own gift for the two soul mates.

They reach the spot right by the lakeside and with graceful, synchronous movements pull to a stop. The two lovers smile warmly at each other, aquamarine and rosy pink eyes dazzling each other with their moonlit radiance, manes shining like the moon. They lie down, slipping with well practiced ease into each others loving embrace on the soft grass.
Although it is a calm, warm night they snuggle into each other, sparks of joy arching between their souls as they bathe in each others love.

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Great story :) plenty of D'awwwwwwwww moments, just how i like it :)

1016306 (you didnit see that :pinkiehappy:) and thanks.
1016802 And there I was thinking I had spelt her name right...

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Manly tears from pure d'awwwwness. True words.

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Very well done, my friend! :twilightsmile: Sweet awesomeness all around!

1018552 and 1018911 great to hear. Expect more from me coming soon.

1019552 All over yes. But now I get to move onto more cutness in the form of another Flutterdash fic I'm working on where they will be taking thier filly to see the wonderbolts. They will again be wearing these around thier necks (I'll upload the wedding scene where they get them as soon as I can too) If only I could think of a cool name for thier filly...
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I let a fellow brony in the room read this and now we are cringing together


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1147251 Well I do have 4 stories up :pinkiehappy: There wil be plenty more Flutterdash in the future from me, of that you can be certan.
And its great to hear from you. :yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

I know I am coming in a bit too late. So, I know it is rude. But, I can't pass this aweso-D'awww sauce here!
This was BEAUTIFUL! I loved every bit of it. I have finally read the last chapter that I really wanted to read because I was interrupted before. But, now.... :yay: yay!
Just.... just..... pure awesome and cute! I also, really love the idea of the pendants! And, that picture was a surprise too. And, I see that they are wearing pendants/pennants of each other's cutie mark. I never thought of that before. So cute and awesome! Also, I gotta admit. The pendants/pennants are better than the "ring" thingies for the unicorns. (Royal Wedding)
Beautiful, stories like this make me want to cry. But, I couldn't since my dad has been going in and out from the room and sometimes looking at me and this fiction... :fluttershysad:

.....You don't mind a little..... critique right? It is only for spelling and grammars. Side Note: I might have missed the previous chapter 1 and 2's mistakes since I was interrupted before. So, FlutterDash7. If you want me to. I can go back and look for mistakes.

Grammar criticism is OPEN!

her tongue to slip into Rainbows mouth.

It should be (Rainbow's).

There is is another happy couple in town

You should take down one of the "is".

Spelling criticism is OPEN!
Apple Jack ------> Applejack = I really don't know what to do with this. But, I will tell you straight-forward. I think the correct one is "Applejack" since many people has typed it that way. And, so it does on many websites. But, I still don't know. "Apple Jack" might still work though.

So, far so awesome! I will give my own rating here too!
Idea 5/5 = The idea made me want to cry. It was pure BEAUTIFUL!

Pacing 5/5 = Not too fast. Not too slow. I LOVED IT!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5 = I don't mind small mistakes like I pointed out before. And, even if I left it in previous chapters. It will surely to be a small mistake. I want to give it 5/5!
Unexpected confusion here. Is it "pendants" or "pennants"? I noticed one of NintendoGal55's comment and it said "pendants" while your story says "pennants" near the end.

Overall = It is FLAWLESSLY BEAUTIFUL! Yes, there are few small mistakes. It doesn't bug me too. I will give it a 4/5 if it had some. But, it is pretty much self-explanatory. And... why try to give it a 4/5? It deserves itself an 5/5!

So, far another awesome one!
And..... sorry for late reply. I should have done it before.

1229431 I don't mind. It shows that its still kinda alive and still getting views... I can see why although this isn't my oldest fan fic, its doing the best views wise and likes wise. :scootangel:
And to think... this was just a little something I came up with by playing with my Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash toys and listening to metal. :yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2: and the artwork was something I requested and it just worked so well for that end, with them walking along as a married couple (as they appear so in other stories of mine :pinkiehappy:)

I live in a foreign country. Far away from American or England. And, there isn't a single store selling it.
In this country, I am the only brony with few of my friends. My friends know it and they keep it a secret. Although, I am the only one who knows American/English language. Which is why none of my friends are on this website because they can't write or don't know the language.
Other than me and my friends, no-one knows about it. I prefer to keep it that way. Since, this country is a dark, bad and full of evil people everyday. And, if they hear it. Maybe, anti-brony gang will come up. Let's just say. That I show this cartoon show to my trusted friends. Or when I trust them the most. And, I didn't fail. But, I would rather live in America or England instead of this shitty corrupted country.

Hmm... I see you like metal. I don't know much about metal. But, I certainly loved the metal music called "Join The Herd". Or from what I remember.

Anyways, I really enjoyed it. I don't know how you got this beautiful idea from a metal music. But, I say that you are too creative. (Not a bad thing though.) :pinkiehappy:

1233943 I don't get the ideas from the music... I simply find (christian) Black metal and Folk metal relaxing :pinkiehappy:
New Zealand is a place where it is hard to find the toys but at least they are stocked at a few stores... I'm also getting Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash plushies, they will be a foot tall, nice and fluffy, and I'm hoping they will be good to cuddle and use for enacting scenes between them in my head. :yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway... I'm off to write some more cute Flutterdash for a bit...

I saw a plushie video of Fluttershy before. :pinkiehappy:
Yes, I see it is a fan-made one or may not be like the one on the store. But, I think it is really cute!
And, you are gonna have plushies too? That is so awesome and cute!
And..... when you buy them..... maybe you can record it. And upload it on a website and post a blog post with it or something?
Wish you luck on your writing!

1234671 I have fan made ones coming from a very skilled plushie maker. But they are awesome...

.....does that mean you are gonna record it? :pinkiehappy:

sure :)
It'll give me a chance to play with my new Macro lens.

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1446433 Thank you. Its great to know that people still enjoy this little story. :rainbowkiss::heart::yay:
If you want more cute Flutterdash then check out my other stories.

Very cute story, cant help but notice there is almost no tension or troubles with build-up, just straight forward cuddling and stunts turned affectionate, and alot of ponies ending up soaked. This seems to me like a fantastic end to a story of how they go together. It is light and fluffy and it is almost a dazed like state that they are in the whole fic. This is the first i have read like this as a stand alone story without the challenges that have proceeded it. It is a lovely story i just cant help but to wonder what the story behind all of this is. :twilightblush:

1711947 This was a cute Idea I had to go alongside my more majour story that is still in the works called 'Crashing Angels'. 'The Crystal Empire of Flutterdash' is set after this fic as is Nightmares of a Wonderbolt. If you care to read more :pinkiehappy: they are all stories on my user page.

Thank you for the comment. It's nice to know that people still enjoy this, one of my older stories.

This sort of cute cuddlyness is one of my writing strengths.

1718140 I apologize for sending this in so long after you wrote the comment, but if all of the stories you're writing take place one after another, in the same canon, why aren't they all in one story?

2696697 Well this one isn't necessarily canon with my other 'main' works.
Plus... all in one story would make for one epic monster that would never get read.
They are set at rather time periods (fillies, adults dating, one when married etc) so to me it makes sense to divide it up a little.

So yea... :derpytongue2:

2892824 Thank you for you comment. Its rare for me to get feedback on my second story (as that chapter is over a year old...). Going by the 4/5 I’m hoping that you enjoyed it. I come from the film in industry and so this story was me trying to get back into story kind of writing over theatre and short film scripts. And they are two completely different styles of writing.
My newer stories are markedly better than this one. But if you do choose to finish this, then I would be interested in what you have to say about the other two chapters when you manage to get around to them.
I’m going to take it that you don’t like the whole, writing in present tense thing then. I stopped doing that sort of style when I moved onto my other stories.

*looked at title, looked at shipping, instant fave* cute story. :rainbowdetermined2: :fluttershysad::heart::rainbowkiss:

Last comment... for now at least. It's me again and I just had to say, "Dawwwwwwwwwww....." This is so cute! It's great! Very touching and cute! Also, out of ALL of the stories that I have read so far, written by you, somehow overlap and intertwine together like an epic saga or something. It all goes together like a giant jigsaw puzzle! Did you plan this? Or is this your subconscious deliberately trying to connect all of your logics together. It just seemed a little odd to me. Way to many coincidences for me.

3530655 The coincidences are purposeful. All my stories have my style and I deliberately keep my logic the same as I have always loved Flutterdash and still think they should be canon. The different angels of it is me showing all the reasons I think they should be canon.
I like to think I have a certain consistency in my work. :rainbowwild::yay:

So I'm not crazy! It's honestly a really great idea. And, I've been working on this idea for hasbro. What I think they should do is have a second team of animators and stuff and make like a 2nd canon thing online where it's just like the show, but they basically recreate the show for an older generation and have that one be created with the ideas of the top voted brony topics (minus R 34). For example: I would vote for your logic to be put into that show and they slightly tinker with it so that it fits with all the other ideas voted into the show. Personally, I think its a great idea and that they should take imidiate action, but what do you think about it?

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