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My story's progress and notes.

Old Vengeance: 50% complete. - Unstable because dislike numbers are a bit high, but likes are in a good state.
Chapter 1: 100% complete.
Chapter 2: 100% complete.
Chapter 3: 0% complete. - Will be complete in the next week's weekends.
Current Chapter: 2 - Feedback complete.

Currently working on: First Impressions - New story.

Stories that I uploaded. I will write more.

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Love for one of my first fans.




Thank you for the group and the welcome! :raritywink:

Welcome to Love and Tolerate.

Thank you for the kind response! I was thinking that might be a good start.
And I don't think there is a double negative in it. But anyways, thank you a lot! It means very much to me. :pinkiehappy:

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