• Published 17th Jul 2012
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A Date Over the Rainbow - lillytheomegawolf

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash take a day off to go out on a date together.

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Night of Fun

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Twitch, twitch, twitch goes Fluttershy’s yellow nose as each rhythmic drop collides with her snout. Long eyelashes flutter as their yellow coated owner does her best to awaken. She feels safe, warm and loved in her full body embrace with Rainbow Dash. The soft snoring of the mare on top of her enters her senses, furthering her sense of calm. She holds onto the feelings, savoring the moment of bliss. Her eyes slide closed again and she slowly inhales the sweet scent of her marefriend’s mane.

Drip. Fluttershy’s eyes snap open. The unwelcome droplet of rain runs slowly down her nose, meandering along, tickling all the way. She wrinkles her nose, flicking the droplet off. ‘Wait a minute. Rain?’ Fluttershy’s vision pulls into focus only to be blocked by a rainbow mane. She disentangles her right fore hoof from Dash and uses it to gently brush the offending rainbow out of her vision.

‘It’s nighttime already?’ Normally the second question would have caused Fluttershy to panic and immediately dash home to her warm bed and all her animal friends. However, any trace of panic is held at bay by the cyan mare lying on top of her. She feels all the warmth she will ever need in the embrace she is currently locked in. It allows her to even temporarily put aside her wanting to see her animal friends, to check they are okay and put them to bed properly. She gazes upon the face of the mare of her dreams, feeling almost like she is in a dream herself. A goofy smile lights up Dash’s muzzle and she nuzzles Fluttershy mumbling incoherently.

Her face tingles with every nuzzle from the sleeping cyan mare on top. Fluttershy feels like she is about to explode with butterflies. The contact with Dash’s muzzle speeds up her ascent into the realms of full wakefulness. Fluttershy lets her gaze wander across the rainbow mane, along the glistening cyan back and down her flank. Dash’s wings flutter then become fully erect. She makes a kissing noise, the look on her face melting Fluttershy’s heart and mind to butter in an instant.

“Ohhh... yea... Fluttershy.”

Rainbow Dash’s wings beat, slapping against the two pegasi and Dash twitches, obviously enjoying her entertaining dreams.

A droplet of water lands in one nostril, Fluttershy sneezes into Rainbow Dash’s mane in an effort to eject the unwelcome invader. Dash jerks awake, startled by Fluttershy’s nose crashing into her shoulder. She smiles at the sight of the timid yellow mare. Fluttershy smiles back, glad to have her friend awake. They lock gazes, letting the drizzle continue to wet anything uncovered. Shining aqua eyes gaze into stunning pink orbs that sparkle in the moonlight.

“Hello beautiful.” A loving grin covering Dash’s face. Her timid lover emits an adorable 'eep' and nuzzles Dash, hiding her burning cheeks from her marefriend. Her previous warmth becomes a open blaze.

“Um... Dashie... Your...” She trails off, pointing a hoof to the erect cyan wings. Rainbow Dash flushes, remembering her dream. She fights them down, grinning sheepishly to her marefriend.

They share a laugh at the embarrassing state of Rainbow Dash’s wings. The melodies of their laughter carries well in the night air, ringing out across the lakeside.

Fluttershy suddenly remembers the drizzling rain.

“Um.. Dashie. You’re getting wet.”

Rainbow Dash chuckles, noticing that she is accidentally protecting Fluttershy from the elements by lying on top of her.

“Sure thing Fluttershy. Let’s go.” She briskly stands up and stretches, then holds out a wing to continue to shield Fluttershy as the timid mare stretches. Fluttershy does her best to erase the pains associated with having somepony sleeping on top of you. She sidles in under the protection of Dash’s wing and allows herself to be led to under the nearest large tree.

Fluttershy slides gracefully to the ground. Her marefriend follows, keeping a wing over her, continuing to protect the shy yellow mare. Fluttershy leans into Dash. She takes a deep breath and nuzzles Dash, savouring the smells of the nearby flowers as they complement the already aromatic mare she snuggles into.

The couple sit in silence, listening to the sound of the falling rain. The light drizzle becoming a moderate downpour. Fluttershy snuggles in closer to Rainbow Dash, gifting her a wing back as she gazes out toward the lake. It shimmers in the darkness, Luna’s moonlight dances across it, illuminating the pock marks created by the rain.

“It’s so beautiful.” Fluttershy quietly states the obvious.

“You know what’s more beautiful?” Rainbow Dash asks, gazing directly at Fluttershy.

The shy mare shakes her head, quietly wondering to herself. Rainbow Dash tears her gaze from Fluttershy, looking back out across the untamed beauty in front of them. Her signature grin covers her face.


Fluttershy lets out an adorable squeak, burying her head in Dash’s mane.

“Fluttershy. You know you make yourself even more adorable when you do that?” Rainbow Dash nudges Fluttershy gently. The timid mare pulls away, a questioning look plastered across her face.

“I do?”

“Yep. It’s awesome. Almost as awesome as me.” Fluttershy feels her face heat rapidly at the compliments. Rainbow Dash wears her trademark cocky grin.

“Oh Rainbow.” She snuggles back into the welcomingly warm cyan coat. Dash chuckles to herself, reciprocating the show of affection.

They hold their embrace for an eternity, the falling rain around them creating a bubble of serenity the couple are glad to share.

The rain slows to a silent drizzle, leaving the two pegasi in quiet bliss. With the rain reducing its presence to less than a drizzle, Fluttershy slowly begins to feel the tug of home. The yellow pegasus turns to her marefriend staring into her dazzling pink eyes. They lose themselves in each others gaze.

“The rains stopping.” Fluttershy quietly speaks up, breaking the spell. She looks across the lake her sweeping gaze confirming her statement.

“I guess you want to get back to your animal friends right?”

Fluttershy carefully glances into her marefriend’s eyes, worrying she has offended her. She gazes into the pink moons and is soothed by the care emanating from them. She smiles, nodding meekly.

"Awww thats so sweet Fluttershy. Mind letting a certain somepony help you?"

"You'd do that?"

"Sure, why not? I am the element of loyalty you know." Rainbow grins happily at her marefriend tightening her winged embrace.

Fluttershy unleashes an excited squeak, pushing Dash over, hugging her. They roll out from under the tree, several squeals and giggles radiating from couple. Splash! They come to rest in a puddle, drenching the already wet pegasi who are wearing grins of elation on their muddy faces. Fluttershy feels herself calm down, the soothing drizzle assisting the merging of their two manes into one.

“Right, lets go!” Rainbow Dash grabs Fluttershy’s hoof, startling her. Dash briskly assists the surprised mare into the sky. They fly slowly off, Fluttershy’s gaze never leaves her marefriend. Rainbow Dash flips round and round in the air, the joy on her face causing Fluttershy to smile. 'Shy relishes the feel of the drizzle as it caresses her while she flies alongside Rainbow Dash who shows off to her audience of one.

Rainbow falls in beside Fluttershy, flying upright, hooves hanging by her side as she flies sideways facing her marefriend. She folds her hooves accords her chest, grinning from ear to ear at the beauty in front of her.

She bursts toward Fluttershy, catching the yellow mare off guard. She pulls her upright too, locking them both in a flying hug giving them both warm fuzzes as they continue to slowly fly sideways.

"Hey 'Shy."


Rainbow Dash plants a quick kiss on Fluttershy's muzzle. The yellow mare shudders with joy, giggling and grinning madly. They speed off, leaving Fluttershy wanting more. A rainbow and pink wake trails behind them as Rainbow powers along through the night drizzle.

Ponyville comes into view. Dash speeds over the town. Fluttershy spots the light on in Sugarcube Corner. The only time the light is on in there this time of night is when Pinkie is throwing a party.

"A party!?!" Fluttershy exclaims out loud.

Rainbow Dash halts her flight in surprise. Fluttershy rarely raises her voice like this. Fluttershy holds her gaze on Sugarcube Corner till Dash notices it too. Fluttershy looks back at Dash, spotting a cunning grin spreading across her features.


Fluttershy can tell by the cunning grin on her face that the cyan mare has an idea. It probably also involves a lot of speed. Fluttershy is about to pull out of their embrace to escape the mad idea when Rainbow Dash accelerates upwards. Fluttershy holds on for dear life. She suddenly feels their speed drop and glances down. She spots the miniature buildings that are the houses in Ponyville far below and tightens her hold on her marefriend, burying her head in Dash's mane.

"Ready Fluttershy? This is going to be so awesome."

Fluttershy cautiously glances up into her marefriend's shining pink eyes.

Rainbow locks her lips with Fluttershy. Fluttershy's wings flare in surprise, her mind explodes with pleasure, quickly becoming giddy with altitude and love. She allows herself to slip into the passionate mid air kiss. Rainbow Dash retracts her wings, allowing gravity take hold. Two pegasi fall from the night sky in each others embrace, kissing passionately.