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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


Upon the events of protecting the Crystal Empire, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy find themselves within moments of the height of their emotional commitment. Faced with the perils of King Sombra, Rainbow Dash is faced with the task of keeping her fillyfriend safe and yet keeping her courage alight...

Co-written with NintendoGal55.

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What the hell is going on in that cover pic?

nothing sexual. RD's head is under her belly.
I guess Flutters is a coward again, and that RD is giving her a rather large push :rainbowlaugh:

1637029 ok... that was tripping me out for a bit.

1637033 i know .had to look twice myself, especially since it's a flutterdash fic :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, what's the deal with all those flutterdash fics after s3 ep 1 and 2 got aired? :twilightoops:

1637033 The pic is even a screenshot from the episode :pinkiehappy: Fluttershy was in the middle of getting pushed along by Rainbow Dash :yay:

1637044 Hey, you were on that other fic that just got approved.

1637041 I write Flutterdash anyway and I think they are very close to a legit ship on the show. :rainbowkiss::yay:

1637041 Your guess is as good as mine. My Flutterdash fic was before season three.

1637049 You have a Flutterdash fic?

Okay, that was a fun read, but it was marred a bit by some awkwardness in spelling and grammar. I'll detail all the issues I saw below.

The bold mare licked the shy one’s nose, succeeding her. “Me... rushed? I’m the one who goes too fast for everything. We will take this at your speed. All you gotta do is give me hints when you're ready.”

Succeeding her? Huh?

Twilight might be getting out early soon so we had better do it quickly, Rainbow Dash style.”

Either remove the word early or soon and this makes much more sense

her eyes half-lidded.

her eyes half closed sounds better, though this is probably personal preference.

Upon that news, they were bound on a train heading north, to which it expectedly got colder and colder as they went further.

I think it would flow better if written as

Not long after hearing this news, they were aboard a train heading northward, and, unsuprisingly, as the trip went on, it got colder and colder.

While Equestria was no stranger to changing weather, especially winter, it was especially cold. The insulation of the train could only do so much, as well as any layers they brought along.

This is crazy awkward. I would write it as:

While Equestria was no stranger to changes in weather, especially in winter, the cold was especially harsh. The insulation of the train and the clothes they packed for the trip could only do so much to ward it off

Spike, being a dragon and cold-blooded, was definitely getting colder, but he managed all right as best as he could. Rarity had bags upon bags of scarves, while she snuggled up with Twilight and Applejack, the lavender unicorn sitting between them.

Once more with awkwardness. The first sentence needs to either dump the all right or the best he could, and the second sentence seems to be trying and failing to connect two unrelated facts.

Their body heat permeated just fine, making them fairly comfortable,

I would go with

Their body heat did a fairly good job of keeping the two ponies warm and comfortable

Despite starting to really want to shout at her scared friend to be quiet and just calm down, the strong mare continued herself. Instead she contented herself with petting the pink mane and snuggling into the yellow coat of the shivering pony.

I'd go with this:

The strong mare resisted the urge to shout at her scared friend to be quiet and just calm down, instead contenting herself with petting the pink mane and snuggling into the yellow coat of the shivering pony.

With a look of annoyance upon her face, the bold mare strode up to her quaking partner and planed a loving kiss upon her muzzle.

Planed should be planted

Closing her eyes, the frightened pegasus galloped forward, lance quivering like a branch getting blowin in the wind.

blowin should be blown

Elation filled Fluttershy. She had done it! She had hit her fillyfriend, scoring a tie in a very physical sport that nopony would ever have considered her a candiadat.

Candidiat should be candidate

But Rainbow knew that no matter what, she had to keep her own special somepony safe regardless of any consequences.

"Regardless of any conequences" should be removed, and "no matter what" moved to the end.

Without any warning, a rainbow streak appeared, crashing into Fluttershy, sending both pegasi tumbling along.

I think it should go like:

Without any warning, a rainbow streak appeared, crashing into Fluttershy and sending both pegasi tumbling.

They were all now on the train ride back to Canterlot, feeling mixtures of exhausted from the tough day, and yet still very excited from all the events.

It works better like this

They were all now on the train ride back to Canterlot, feeling a mixture of exhaustion and excitement after the day's events.

Edit: maybe I should start offering my services as a copyeditor?

1637244 If you like. I don't normally have this many errors in a fic though. :pinkiehappy: but thanks for the massive list of corrections. Big help :yay:

1637671 Very nice. Makes a nice banner :scootangel:

>FlutterDash fic
>Co-written with NintendoGal55

WELLP. *adds to top of to-read list* X3

1638677 yep. Please let me know what you think of it once you get the time to read it :pinkiehappy:

"flowers alive with life"
What else would they be alive with? Dunno... this just kind of bothers me...

….I really should’ve stayed home today...”
Magic school bus reference?

Ok., i now finished.
It was so adorably cute! I like your writing more and more everytime i read one of your fics...

1640914 Second Flutterdash fan fic I've seen you use this on in what... two days...? :pinkiehappy:

1639208 If i find time for making further adjustments... I'll change that line about the flowers. And thank you.

1639480 We do? :yay: Well then, I guess you wont mind seeing more of this sort of collaborative work. :pinkiehappy:

1640985 I prefer a summarized gif as appose to long thought out response. Are you stalking me?

1640994 no. I just spotted the same gif used by you on Flutterdash777's latest story :pinkyhappy: and found it amusing that you chose the same for this fic :pinkiegasp::scootangel:

Omg Snuggly and Nibbly again, i did not even know when i started this up, i saw the mention of Nintendogal55 and i thought coincidence but ohh no i get another dose of pure cuteness injected straight into my brain. :pinkiehappy:
Freaking love the snuggly nibbly universe that seems to be forming, makes me wonder if i missed the Rari-jack story that is mentioned in this.
Still, the more mature tones placed around in this were a shock to what i started expecting the moment i saw the first mention of snuggly, i did not see that coming at all.
Still it was fun to read. :twilightblush:

1642569 Im sorry about the shock. :fluttershysad: That was both Nintendo and My own fault... I hope the slight mature entrance didn't kill it too much for you.

And I think its a case of both Nintendogal55 and I couldn't resist... :rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

The first intro into the mature zone was slow enough it didn't freak me out i was slightly confused then i smiled shrugged and continued. Pinkie's "Eating out" joke was a bit much for me but it only slowed me down slightly before i got onto the rest with gusto.
Really no damage done i just had my mind set in sugar world and didn't see spicy coming in. :twilightblush:

Humm... This story shall be read within the next 5 hours! :twilightsmile:

1646798 :pinkiehappy: yay. Hopefully you will enjoy it a lot :rainbowwild: be prepared for lots of cutness


Cuteness expected, thank you for warning me... Now I'll only spend the next three days smiling while everyone's wondering what I'm smiling at rather then the usual week... :twilightsmile:

1647144 oh... :facehoof: sorry then...:fluttershysad:
Still I'll be intereted in what you think about it once you have read it.

I shall tell you when I'm done reading, I've really should spend less time on Fimfiction... :twilightsmile:

Decently made story, a bit too sugary for me. It got better when they started up on the train, and I just can't see RD using some of these 'pet names' for Fluttershy. ^^;; I liked the jousting part of the story the most.

Well I've read it... It was good. Very good... Weather it was the fact i just spent 20 minuets crying over the end to "The Walking Dead" Pc game... or the fact that this fanfiction was completely and most definitely awesome...

I'm going to go with the second... The first... well this just helped with the feels recovery...

9/10 :twilightsmile:
And the only reason it was 9/10 was the "Eating out" joke added in... I get you're adding the personality of pinkie being random... But that was a little unexpected... :twilightblush:

- TheStolenBattenberg(You don't know me! :3)

1660134 yea, im contemplating taking Pinkies joke out...
I hope it didn't bother you too much.

But the nearly finished one shot thats coming up should leave this one in the dust... :yay::rainbowkiss:

Well, if it leaves this in the dust... I best start planning my funeral. :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Just noticed i hadn't liked and favorites yet... * Scrolls up, likes and favorites *

1660172 Nooo! Dont go! I'll miss you :scootangel:

or it might fall flat... it's just a nearly completed story that start with Dashie on her cloud.

Pinkie line is gone...


Well about that pinkie line, i that makes it 10/10! :twilightsmile:
And no matter what type of story it is you write, it always seems to be good... so falling flat( if i got what you meant... never heard that term before...) is out of the question!

Considering how well written your writings are, i'm honestly surprised you don't get more attention...
oh well... I'll keep liking and favoriting as long as you keep writing anyway! :twilightsmile:

1660272 Yea... sadly. Because I don't write random shipping or a lot of 'mature' fics... thats why I don't have a lot of attention on my works. But I'll keep going as I enjoy writing about these two ponies.


Well, as long as you're writing these ships it's going to be Fluttershy + Rainbow Dash for life! :yay:

1660316 Theres a TwiLuna fic in the works... but apart from that its all Flutterdash for me :yay::rainbowkiss:

How is this possible? :pinkiegasp: You managed to make cute speak and Lovey Dovey talk work? Something that wasn't possible in Hearts and Hooves Day. I wasn't turned off by the cute talk, and it made me like FlutterDash after Appledash.... Haven't read a lot of this paring. I liked this story a lot and felt majorly disappointed when I reached the final page. One of those stories that have that kind of feel to it, where you want it to go on FOREVER!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy: Seriously though, I loved this story and will read more on this paring. It also is staying on my Nook, which is a high mark of honor for a wonderful story :pinkiehappy:

It didn't hurt that Pinkie had the best lines in this story... Especially the first time we hear of the Rarijack paring, and she declares herself bored.

2421512 Thanks. Its great to know that people do still like this story :pinkiehappy:
If you want more good Flutterdash... its basically all I write as I consider the couple to be pretty much canon. I especialy recommend Crashing Angels :yay::rainbowwild: if you want more cute Flutterdash action.

my hear just exploded....twice.....:heart::heart::fluttercry::heart::rainbowkiss:

2742520Thanks. It makes my day to get feed back on old stories and to know that they are sill being read and loved.

Awwwww....I love this so much!

There needs to be a double favorie button, this was awesome! I love the pairing sooo much, (:rainbowdetermined2::heart::yay:) love the dialouge, (:pinkiehappy:) just an overall amazing fic that should have Several cults dedicated to it a sequel!

Final rating: 245/270 - 9.4/10

(and after reading a lot of Robopacalypse, this is a perfect cure!)

4340866 Thanks for the huge complement. It sure is one of the best things I wrote with NintendoGal55. It will have a sequel of sorts when I get round to doing another episode’s Flutterdash extras. I can think of a season 4 episode too for it..

You know, if Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy really did get engaged during the Crystal Empire two parter, then it certain puts Rainbow Dash's behavior towards Discord in 'Keep Calm and Flutter On' in a new perspective. For that matter, I can almost see Rainbow Dash feels their engagement is threatened by Fluttershy's friendship with Discord. Oh, and as a final note, when you get around to writing a FlutterDash wedding fic, I hope you have Twilight preside over the ceremony. It certainly worked for my Dislestia story.

This was soooooo good!!

It's great to know this story is still good :)

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