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I may be a kid at heart, but I enjoy every minute of it. And since you're here, I imagine you do too.


After her "eventful" visit, Babs Seed writes to her cousin, Apple Bloom, about her life back home in Manehattan. Life in the "Big Apple" is very different from that of the quaint little town of Ponyville, and even the group known as "The Cutie Mark Crusaders" has some difficulties getting off the ground in the big city.

Author's Note: Due to the nature of this story being a series of letters, it will probably always remain in the "Incomplete" status. I will keep writing it until I either run out of ideas or if the site ever shuts down (which I hope never happens).

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This was a great short read! And the Babs fita well into her character! Good job

Oh, poor Babs.
Remind me to give 'em a good talkin' to next time ah go there, gals.
Why, of course, darling.
I'll come with ya', Applejack.
I'll stay here with Rarity and Fluttershy! Or, maybe I'll go, and help you with my Pinkie Sense! Or maybe I could post it on PonyTube! Or maybe I could...*rambles*
Pinkie Pie, you are so random. Anyway, this is 120% Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy approved.

I…I don’t know how it happened…I stood up to them…I hit him…I don’t believe it.

You go, Babs!
Well, in my opinion, I don't think it was right for Babs to hit the ponies, but they were bullies, and they sort of deserved it... but next time, just try to talk to them.



But seriously, its good.:rainbowkiss:

4398094 :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttershbad::raritycry::applecry:

(okay, I'm also kidding:twilightblush:)

There will still be some more, don't worry just yet. :yay:

In the meantime, enjoy this emoticon of spike with a mustache.

4397722 it's Manehatten. Whaddya expect, Flutters?

I was actually tempted to tittle this chapter CMC: NY, but decided against it, since I'm not really familiar with all of the places around New York, and it was just too meta. :pinkiehappy:

Not to mention that the place where Babs Seed lives is called "Manehattan" and not "Neigh York" or something along those lines.

thats right bab's parents go over the principals heaqd and humiliate him! do you hear me? humiliate him! i want the board to be considering forced retirement by the time this is through.

if the site ever shuts down

Oh god I would die

D'aww, poor Babs. :fluttershysad: But I have to say, this is a pretty damn good story so far! Keep it up!

Aww, good for Babs. :pinkiehappy: Cutie Mark Crusaders, YAY!

Let's see some response from Applebloom!

Apple Bloom, you so adorable! :rainbowkiss:

It's about time someone wrote something like this, and you did it well :) good job xx

Ooh, wonder how Babs will react to the next letter about Scootaloo's teasing from DT and SS?

Ohh, this should be interesting. :pinkiesmile:

:fluttershysad: Aww, don't feel bad, Apple Bloom...

I think Babs deserves to be in another episode. Who agrees with me?

D'awww, good ol' Babs. :twilightsmile: It's alright, Babs, we all hate that little tiara-wearing brat. Except for some delusional people out there who like her for some reason.

Adorable Babs n' Bloom all over the place! I love it. :heart:

Aww, I honestly hope Scootaloo finally flies in Season 5. :applecry:

Somehow I doubt what Babs went through was mere name calling.

4541833 Probably, but I didn't want to go too deep into that.

Shoot, if they would make another spinoff of this show it could be about Babs Seed and the Manehattan crusaders.

"Curse of the Crusaders", huh? Nice. :rainbowlaugh: They should totally make that a thing in the show!

4542049 It wasn't my idea, I found it in a story called Nyx's Family written by RealityCheck (this story, however, requires reading another one called Past Sins in order to fully understand it).

Even then, the idea could have come from somewhere else too, but I just thought it was the most perfect way to describe how the Cutie Mark Crusaders could be so brilliant at doing amazing things, and also have things fall apart at the seams. How else can you explain how all three of them could fail so spectacularly at "fixing" a table in one episode, and in the next, Apple Bloom completely rejuvenates a beat-up tree-house all by herself?

Dang it, Babs, why you gotta be so adorable when crusading? :rainbowkiss:

:twilightsheepish: Hehe, yeah, what a crazy episode that was.

Aww, now that was adorable. :rainbowkiss: I hope something like this happens with Scootaloo in the show!

Really cute story so far. Only, I have to say Apple Bloom lied to Babs in one of her letters.

I guess I never really noticed it before, but I have never seen Scootaloo do much more than hover for a few seconds.

You've called her a chicken. You've called her a dodo. And you certainly know how to get under Scootaloo's wings if S1 and S2 and how you stubbornly left your friend behind to the games. If not for Rainbow Dash, that whole event would of been a bust. Ya'll ain't even resolved your own quarrel and chose to just give up. Good friends don't make fun of another friend's sensitive issues like, Apple Bloom, yet you've done just that few times already. tsk tsk tsk.

Anyhow, nice little look at the letters they may have shared over time. :scootangel:

4691400 Hmm, good point. I didn't even think about that. :derpyderp1:

I definitely won't defend Apple Bloom's or Sweetie Belle's actions in any of those moments. Things like that can scar anyone, especially a kid. It's sad, but it seems that we might say or do things that we think is harmless fun, but can really hurt someone. We might not even realize it until it's too late.

Hopefully Apple Bloom has learned her lesson and we can thank Rainbow Dash for saving the day, so to speak. :rainbowdetermined2:

4691452 Certainly wish it was a lesson that didn't require outside intervention like that.

Looking forward to all the silliness of what she did and went through during Twilight Time and how she got to run a whole pony stand at the Filly Fair. Surely lots of stuff to have fun with in those two. Which was that Filly Fair? Inspiration Manifestation? Think that's the one anyways, so you'd have some room to play with there.

Whoa ... Roller getting her cutie mark like that was AWESOME! Sounds like an epic skate competition ... kinda surprised that they didn't have separate categories for rollerblading, skateboarding, etc. Kinda figured that a Manehattan Crusader would be the first to get theirs. The Ponyville bunch just seem to attract disaster, chaos, and tree sap ... maybe they oughta play up that last one and try making maple syrup some time. Wouldn't surprise me if Twist does join up ... hope she does.

Oh, and WOOHOO for ponifying Tony Hawk!

4691515 Being able to recognize and resolve your own problems is definitely the best. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen. :fluttershysad:

I'm going to have to re-watch some of the season 4 episodes. I remember "Twilight Time" pretty well and I have an idea of what might have happened because of it that will be in the response to this latest letter of Babs. I don't remember the whole Filly Festival thing. Well, any excuse to watch MLP:FiM! :pinkiehappy:

4691544 It would make sense that a skating competition would be separated based on the type of skating as opposed to just age. Obviously I'm not that knowledgeable in the skating world. It's funny, because this is the second time I've made skating a big deal in one of my stories. I even had to look up the name of skate park equipment for a story I'm writing, focusing on Scootaloo, just because I didn't know what that big hole in the ground at skate parks was called. I'm still not sure if I got it right. :twilightblush:

I was also a bit apprehensive in ponyfying Tony Hawk since putting real people into MLP stories can come off as a little cheesy. But sometimes it works. I figured I needed to do it since creating a whole new character would just be too much work and have a lot less impact. So I'm glad I did it and that you enjoyed it. :moustache:

Comment posted by Firemind deleted Jul 14th, 2014

4691597 I'd assume that this is just the rollerblading portion, with more to come later, especially since you didn't specify what that colt Roller was competing against used. And don't stress over it too much ... I think every writer has a few topics that we just have to do some research on then bluff like crazy

4692742 True, plus this is also Babs writing the letter. I'm sure she knows the ins and outs on a lot of things, but skating might not be one of them.

4693306 Agreed - though I suspect that Babs is going to learn a lot more about skating through Roller's obsession than she ever wanted to.

Oh, and sorry about that blank comment ... my smartphone was being glitchy.

Oh man, it was so hard re-watching this episode. I mean, there's nothing really wrong with it, but I hate the type of story where people try to be popular. It just doesn't seem realistic. :twilightangry2:

Maybe it's because I never cared to be popular in my life, so I have no frame of reference. Others probably have been caught up in this type of thing. If any of you have, or know of someone who did, can you please explain this concept to me, because I don't get why anyone would want to do so.

Until then, this is how I feel about it:

Cos they want to feel like they serve a purpose, have to chance to gain friends or feel important. Simple as that. :trollestia:

4748242 I guess you're right. *sigh* I just never felt the need to resort to do that in order to have a purpose, and I made friends fine by just being me. I can understand why someone may do that, but it makes me groan whenever I see any creative work utilize that type of story. I realize that it does actually happen though, even if I don't like it.

Babs and Rocky, sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!

Older siblings INDEED are quite annoying. Could have been worst though... could have been her mother watching over them.

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