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"There's this building, see? Half finished and all, and it's where I like to go most afternoons to watch the city."

Apple Bloom comes to visit Babs Seed in Manehatten, and ends up with something a bit larger than life.

Birthday present for Bad_Seed_72.

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A gift for Bad?

...Nice gift, boss.

REAL nice gift.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I knew this was going to get posted.

Memories from my whiny emo phase flood back :pinkiecrazy:

Excellent birthday present, Regi. Even if it wasn't for me.

Don't really understand why people seem to enjoy putting piercings and earring(s) on Babs.

Regidar #6 · Feb 6th, 2014 · · 1 ·

3907133 don't really understand why people seem to enjoy posting about the coverart instead of the story

I don't get why Apple Bloom decided to be Babs Seed's special somepony, they're cousins.

3907188 incest for the win

3907133 Cause she looks good with them.

Pretty sweet story, and not just because of mah fetish.

3907188 the entire point of the story seems to go over your head

Dear god this was brilliant :rainbowkiss: Let's see this one hit the feature box :rainbowdetermined2:

That was a good song.

Silver out!

Damn, that was a good story.

loved this! now we need a sequel.

But you may want to fix that last line.

Babs blushed, but that made her smile was all the brighter.

You have an extra word in there.

Nice story dude


Because she looks great that way. :ajsmug: She's a tough filly, y'know.


I could give you a long reply explaining why I and others think cousins being together is alright in the right circumstances, but instead, I'll just say this: sometimes, love is thicker than blood.

Amazing present, Regi. I loved it! :heart: Really appreciate it.

I'll have to put a blogpost up so my AppleSeed fans can check it out. How fitting that you released it a few days before my trilogy concludes. :twilightsmile:

Annnnnd Featured. :ajsmug:

The title mislead me. I thought this was going to be something like a slasher/murder fic involving fillies.
I am disappoint. :applejackunsure:

I am a strange one, am I not? :twilightblush:

3907408 Alright, fixing that momentarily

3907552 hehe, sorry for being so slow with this story :raritydespair: I needed to take my time to make it the best, dammit!

3907566 woo~

3907485 thanks guys :heart:

3907405 I rarely write sequels to my one shots, but if you want some glorious Appleseed shipping, Bad_Seed_72's got a great thing going

3907836 guess so
sorry my fic wasn't up to par with your expectations


No worries, Regi. Thanks again! I'll have to add this to my page when I get a chance. And thanks for the promotion! :twilightsmile:

3907939 aw :rainbowkiss:
no problem

3907941 thank you! :heart:

Dayum. Talk about a top-of-the-line high-class gift. Shit :twilightoops:

When I think about it, this story is pretty heavy. Take a glance, and the lighter elements shine nicely. But a closer look reveals a lot about these two characters and their different approaches to life. I rather liked the touches of world building, as well as the imagery that their destination brings. Pretty sweet, a bit sad, and with a dash of cute for good measure. Can't think of any complaints. I have a personal bias against Babs, but I enjoyed this story and actually liked her character here. Nice work.

Mushy stuff no doubt.

Also typos:

Babs smiled guiltily. “Sorry, cuz. I just wanted to see how’d you handle it. You did will!


I’d come home all roughed up and all they just ignored ti until I finally fought back, and they sent me off to Ponyville.”

I think you meant only one simple until.:twilightblush:

Well done Regi.:scootangel:


PS: Regi, today is my birthday FYI. Are you going to write me a story?:twilightblush:(I'm not holding my breath)

Regidar, You'll write me something on my birthday, right? :unsuresweetie:

3908071 some people give the ones they love high quality gifts
and others write them pony fanfiction

3908078 Truly; Babs has grown up in an environment where her parents might have well been dead—she's privileged, but her family barely pays attention to her, and she's constantly tormented through a life of urban existence. Apple Bloom, while missing out on parents, has been given a strong family and a group of friends, in a rural environment where she can spend the days finding her niche in the world. The gifted don't have many gifts and the cursed are necessarily so.

You know what they say: Polar opposites don't push away. :rainbowkiss:

3908190 I'll get right away to fixing them
and what do you want me to write you?

3908372 of course
you're my tubby wubby pony waifu


3908725 embrace it
like babs did apple bloom <3

A short, simple, but sincere shipping story. Any plans to expand on this, if the mood should seize you?

3908910 Perhaps, but not in the way you'd imagine
That little snippet that Apple Bloom remembered back at the beginning of the story—Granny Smith DID say that was a story for another time... :raritywink:

but honestly, I'm shit at romance, I just wrote this on a music-crazed whim. Glad you liked it, though!

A very nice little story, doubly so for being a birthday present. :pinkiesmile:

However, now it is time for some...

Apple Bloom set a hoof on the pavement tentatively.

This should either be: "Apple Bloom tentatively set a hoof on the pavement" (adverb tentatively preceding the verb set); or "Apple Bloom set a tentative hoof on the pavement" (adjective tentative preceding the noun hoof).
Write as you did you should not, unless Yoda you are? Hrmmmm?

The two walked past a street mime

Drumtrott, prepare the scorpion pit and clean the stains off the "Learn the words!" sign.

Apple Bloom wiggled her plot again

*bops Regidar on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper*
No! Bad author! Here, take this. Read. Learn. Utilise.

The trash riddled alley

"Trash riddled" is crying out to be hyphenated. :raritydespair: Why do you ignore the poor the hyphen? :raritycry:
"The trash-riddled alley..." Ah, much better. :raritywink:

Apple Bloom locked eyes with the sky.

The sky has eyes? How horrifying! Might I suggest "Apple Bloom lifted her eyes to the sky."?

“At least you got to meet me and girls,”

Missing "the", as in "... me and the girls".

and back gave her a kiss on the lips.

This needs fixing. Unless there really is some form of back-to-lips kissing going on? :trixieshiftleft:

The Ponytrician.

3907841 why thank you good sir/madam.

3908703 :rainbowderp:I will PM you my ideas...


3909186 thank you! only issue I have with your luxerous help with my awful prosework:

The sky has eyes?

metaphors, babes. It might not be a good one, but damn, it's all I've got :raritydespair:

locking hoovers

I do not think any vacuum cleaners were involved.

A gift crafted of your brain and your artistry is worth more than some 20$ junk wrapped up in paper. You put time into this. Being willing to put in time for someone else is a humbling gift.

Awesome story!

Awesome gift!

Well done!

The romance was pretty standard, but what made me smile was the way you portrayed Apple Bloom's and Bab's conflicting sources of internal pain. You found a way to unite them in a common struggle despite the differences between their problems. The line, "We all got our own troubles in our own ways," goes deeper than I would have initially thought. There isn't any inherent heirarchy of problems that makes one certain person's struggle tougher or more righteous. A struggle is a test of the individual, and each different issue affects each person in a different, but not more or less meaningful, way.

3907322 thanks brah

3910947 this is true
I often feel like an ass for complaining about my life, but people are different from one another, and while someone's struggle may be more trivial in comparison to another's, that's not what matters. It's how someone deals with the struggle that tests them as a person.

Now 'that's how you do short and abrupt romance! ...I don't get why people find this so hard to comprehend...Meh. Could use a little work in some areas, and you have around three errors that I noticed. That's about it.

3911512 pointing them out to me would help a ton

3912341 I forgot where they were...I think one of them was a on-one inaccuracy. I could go back over it...but I'm so damn tired. I'll try to get to it in the morning...

On the "Popular" list as of now.

Good story.

I feel I'm one of those who waves at the point of the story as it passes over my head, but what exactly was it? It's a cute story, tonsa feels, the two of them feel like characters, "You can't spell wincest without incest"... did I miss something obvious again? I hate it when I do that...

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