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Apple Bloom shared everything with Babs Seed. She was her confidant, her best friend, and closest cousin.

And, one night, one small talk changed everything.

A birthday present for the wonderful Babs, because she deserves it.

Thanks to TadStone for the preread and KevinLTK for edits. You're both awesome.

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So THIS is what you were working on. :ajsmug: You're FAR too kind. Far too kind. :twilightblush:

Now to read. :pinkiehappy:

Man, posted right at midnight for Babs. You weren't kidding when you said you were waiting for her birthday.

Oh. My. Goooooooooooooooooooooooosh. :heart:

Twi, this was really sweet. :heart: I like how the theme of the story matches the title and its content. This almost reads like an attempt at minimalism, which is something I've only seen in Romance stories once or twice on here, with mixed results. I think it was pulled off really well here. I particularly enjoyed how Babs Seed said all she needed to say in two words at the beginning of the story, and then Apple Bloom said all she needed to in three at the end. :ajsmug:

I was grinning throughout the entire time I read this. Thank you so much for this, my friend. What an awesome birthday gift. :heart:

Oh, and I know we haven't met before, but it never hurts to wish you a Happy Birthday, Babs.

The Cuteness.... The... THE CUTENESS!!!!! :rainbowkiss:


Aww, thank you, Kevinltk! :pinkiehappy:

D'awww. That was cute.

Dawww! Cute, if slightly unusual; a very unique ship ;P

Told you so xD

Thanks for your help, though xD

Glad you liked it ^^


¡Nothin’ says lovin’ like marryin’ a cousin!

I'm just gonna assume that they're really distant cousins, and enjoy the cuteness of this story.

The only like nitpick I have with it is:

However, both fillies weren’t asleep.

That's right from a purely technically standpoint, but it sounds awkward. Might have been better to find a different way of saying that Apple Bloom was still awake.

I. Am. Pregnant. Those are my three words. I don't even know how I got pregnant with my cousin, but it happened. IT'S BECAUSE THE HUB!

Look on the bright side: At least it's not tentacles ^^

My point exactly, Babs. My point exactly.



Is tentacles even a living being? (How did you know it was Babs?)


Is tentacles even a living being?

Don't know... You are asking the wrong pony.

(How did you know it was Babs?)

Font color.

Hey, they should move to Equis version West Virginia, it's legal to marry a cousin, well, second cousin.

5566175 It is legal to marry your first cousin almost everywhere in the world.

That was totally daww. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

>Everytime she started
That is 2 words (Every time) :moustache:

Indeed. This somehow slipped through many eyes. Thanks ^^


Huh... I seem to have some dust in my eye. *Sniff*

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