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Twilight and Dash Riff #16: How to Comfort a Needy Widower · 8:23pm Jul 25th, 2016

Riff #16 is done!

This story is special. In so many ways. This time it's a riff of How to Comfort a Needy Widower by Rakoon1. And yes, just in case if you were wondering, the title reveals ~95% of the plot.

NSFW warning: Needless to say this is a riff of a clop. Really really bad clop.

Here is the link.

Comments, as usual, are always welcome.


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Twilight and Dash Riff #15: Sexual Orientation · 3:10am Mar 13th, 2016

Riff #15 is now a thing!
Ah, sequels. No, seriously, that's all I'm going to say and go and weep for my sanity in the corner of my room.

Anyways, this time is Sexual Orientation by Fluttershyiscute. And yes, that is literally the title.

Since this is a riff of the sequel, this one deals with homophobia as well. Much worse than it did before.

Here is the link.

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Twilight and Dash Riff #14: Coming Out · 12:10pm Feb 28th, 2016

Riff #14 is done!

After almost a year after my last riff... So many things happened in that time... But it was a needed and meaningful break consisting of many good stuffs.
Anyways, this time is Coming Out by Fluttershyiscute.

Mind you, that this time around it's not a riff of a terrible clopfic (which is kind of sort of interesting change on its own), but a riff of something that I deem equally bad: Cramming homophobia into Equestria without any rhyme or reason.

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Happy holidays! · 12:33am Dec 26th, 2015

Have a picture!

With this, I wish you safe and happy holidays.


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100th ep · 4:35pm Jun 13th, 2015

So this is what happens if your script writers read every fic out there.

And then get high as a kite.

Multiple times.



Story promotion: Alicorn's Feather · 7:20pm May 6th, 2015

I hadn't done this for a while, but I feel it was a necessity to do so yet again. Once again, this came from the keyboard of my editor, but actually, that's not the reason I'm promoting this story. The reason I'm promoting it is because there's a severe lack of good TwiDash stories, and this one certainly qualifies.

Now, I'm going back to the standard format.


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Obligatory 1/4 blog · 7:46pm Apr 1st, 2015

Two guys meet on the April fools day, and the first guy says, "Your shoes are untied."

The other guy looks down, and sees his shoelaces are neatly tied. He pauses for a moment, his face now pale. "B-behind you! A d-dinosaur!"

The first guy laughs and waves his hand. "There are no such things as dinosaurs!"

And then the dinosaur ate them both.

Best April Fools ever.


How about some Luna? · 2:38am Mar 28th, 2015

I think so too.

There are times that I like to pretend that I have many talents, and one of them is pretending to have many talents (which is not confusing whatsoever), I like to sit down, have a deep and meaningful conversation with a sandwich, sit behind a screen that I could swear is plotting my demise (or are those just ponies on Skype? I don't know. I could never tell the difference) and pretend that I can draw.

And when that happens, something like this comes out:

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Twilight and Dash Riff #13: A Mare's Passion · 11:49pm Mar 15th, 2015

Riff #13 is done!
This time around, I managed to blackmail con trick persuade Bad_Seed_72 to join me in the brave undertaking of riffing a story.

Now she denies she ever heard of me.

Anyways, good news aside, the new riff is of a story A Mare's Passion by Mat the Brawler.

NSFW Warning: Needless to say that this is a riff of a clop. Additional tags: #willneedmoreaspirin.

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Yay, plushies! · 7:26pm Mar 3rd, 2015

Yesterday we (me and TadStone) caused a dear friend of mine a mental breakdown. No, seriously, she said so herself.

And today, I got a little slice of heaven of my own. High-quality no-nonsense heaven. In filly variant.

Of course you all know what comes next.

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