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Scootaloo has become unusually distant of late, and Rainbow Dash is worried about her - not least because she never seems comfortable about the subject of her parents. But why doesn't she want to talk about them, even with her "honorary" big sister? Why does the mere mention of her parents bring tears to her eyes?

Back at the Wonderbolt Academy, Rainbow Dash confides her concerns to Soarin, and learns a terrible secret, not just about Scootaloo, but also Spitfire. The latter's sister, who was also Scootaloo's mother, had tragically lost her life some years ago, leaving Scootaloo to look after herself while her father slaves away from dawn till dusk. The two ponies head down to Ponyville to try and reason with him, but things get out of hoof, leading to an angry, lonesome Scootaloo running away from home. As the three adults try to find her along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they gradually learn that there is more to the situation surrounding Scootaloo and her father than meets the eye...

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It's...it's 'Scoot-abuse' is what it is!”


Yay for cheesy endings! :pinkiehappy:

Enough cheese for a quesadilla!:pinkiehappy:
(I love quesadillas!:rainbowwild:)

Let's see, Rainbow has a relationship with one of the judges, she is a hero to the realm, and is willing to perform a Sonic Rainboom just for the heck of it.

Why did the other cadets even bother lol.

And this has been a pretty nice story, giving a bit of touch on Scoot's family life. Though, I've noticed a trend among fanfics; if a Pegasus dies, it's usually wing or flight related. Is that some inside joke, irony, or just coincidence?

The ending may have been cheesy, but I liked it. It had a proper amount of sentiment, and closed the story off rather nicely. Course, her place as an Element of Harmony failed to make mention in her list of positions/affiliations, but that's all fine and dandy. EoH status really is more important when danger arrives, and the most dangerous thing in this story was Scoot running away from home.

Everybody gets their happy ending... Well, except the foreman. The only reason he paid his workers was because of the law, and that very law displaced him. Now what? His pay outs, from his point of view, were probably for naught now lol...

3862547 Probably just coincidence, I guess.

I'm getting all misty eyed. That pull at the :heart: Strings
great story. :raritystarry:

3862607 Also, that foreman (or forestallion, as I should actually have put it in the story) has probably been demoted or even sacked by the Maenofferen company for gross misconduct or whatever under his previous bosses, so yeah, those measly pay-outs probably were all for nothing.

3862547 I agree with you on the whole other cadets thing:twilightsmile:

That is a pretty good ending:raritywink::heart:
Wouldn't it be funny if typhoon was some how resurrected:twilightsheepish:
But I felt bad for slate shard but he got better in the end:heart:
Love the story:heart::moustache:
Now to bed at 2am:twilightbush:

Great start

It's...it's 'scoot-abuse' is what it is!"

Hey two things, whats is Slate's race and you should have sweetie glance at Spike and blush real quick. Loving your stories so far!!!

4612878 Okay, firstly, Slate Shard is an Earth pony, and secondly, I already have pairings worked out for Spike and Sweetie-Belle.

4876531 Well, actually you were quite right to bring this to my attention, so you don't need to worry about having potentially wasted my time. :raritywink:

Truffle Shuffle. Isn't that from The Goonies?

5349512 Never really made the connection myself, to be honest. I was referring to the chubby grey Earth colt with a knife and fork for a Cutie Mark - whose official name really is Truffle Shuffle.

Scootaloo cringed as she remembered the nightmares she had experienced regarding the Olden Pony and the Headless Horse. These had been far too much for her to bear, but revealing her fears to Rainbow Dash had been even harder, and to this day she was still mildly embarrassed whenever her idol brought up the subject. “N-n-not this time,” she stuttered sheepishly. “It's just...well......” but she quickly tailed off.

tailed off should be trailed off.Otherwise really good so far.

Is this title based of the " oh, brother where art thou?"

Yeah, pretty much; but not with the sitcom element of the Simpsons episode, I should add.

Or did it, she wondered? If her adoptive parents happened to be a family friend, then maybe Slate Shard wouldn't need to worry about being separated from Scootaloo for the rest of his life – somepony like Blue Finch, or one of her fellow Wonderbolts – or maybe...just maybe......

What you thinkin Rainbow?

Are all your stories connected?

All of them except for Glow, which is set in the Kilalaverse.

Truffle Shuffle is a legit character in the show.

That is such a sweet and beautiful story thank you for writing it:heart:

nobody should neglect scootsy, or scoot-abuse her, my heart! :fluttershyouch:

For when Scootaloo's mother died his father fell into pain and suffering and instead of unloading it in Scootaloo he discharged it himself working as a slave all the time and neglecting Scootaloo what Scootaloo's father needed is therapy because in him there is suffering and sadness

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