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This story is a sequel to Sweet Moments

NOTE: It's not technically a sequel, but it's related. And Spike is in it, and he mentions Babs.

Spike has always had a crush on Rarity. She's the kindest, most beaufiful mare in all of Equestria in his eyes. He wants to tell her how he feels, but he can't do it in the flesh.

So he sends a letter.

Based on a real PM I sent to my senpai, ThatWeatherstormChap

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I got approved, and what better mod to do it then Obelesence, second best mod! Thanks, man!

interesting story but it is a little confusing. Other then that its good

:moustache: 12 years old?

:twilightsmile: That's 62 in dog years !

:pinkiehappy: That's 45 minutes in an oven at 35o degrees !

:flutterrage:You are going to LOVE ME !

:raritystarry: Spikey's 74 years 45 minutes old?

:facehoof: Damn Fuzzy math !

:rainbowhuh: Who's fuzzy?


Interesting so far. I await for more!

I actually found out she's with Scootaloo and living with this red scary looking guy named The Guardian or something, but I'm getting way too ahead of myself.

To say I wasn't expecting this is like saying I don't sell propane.

Nope. Just a King of the Hill joke.

Basically, I said that it was obvious you would have done that. I'm guessing that Scootaloo hangs out with an pizzeria bear, eh?


No, Scoots hangs out with Babs. GF just sits there lifeless.

Hmm... incomplete.
Do I sense a follow up letter? Or did you miss that?

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The letter was amazing except for at the beginning spike writes how he's struggling to write this letter in the dark then out of the blue he's typing the rest. but other than that I love you work. :heart:

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