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It's winter right now in the human world and Sunset Shimmer and her friends love to shred the hills together and have fun doing so. They all had the same idea one day to try and invite Twilight over so she can enjoy the fun of Snowboarding.

*This is my first ever fic I have ever written and it has not been seen by any pre-reader or editor.
Criticism is needed in this fic so i can work harder on the next one so go CRAZY.*

Image vector link: http://hawk9mm.deviantart.com/art/Alicorn-Twilight-Vector-363714131

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Ha-ha another snowboarder! I thought I was the only one that made a snowboarding mlp fic. (Desperate Measures). But, I guess not, yay I'm not the only one! Good job! And yeah, snowboarding is awesome!


I suggest going to the School for New Writers if you're truly serious about writing.

Woo another snowboarder!! Also thanks man it's my first time ever actually writing a fan fic as well!!

you did it.

you made a story.


But for how the story format goes...Now hear me out, it actually isn't all that bad, I've seen worse and I mean worse!. But, I do recommend you get a proofreader if you are to continue on this. But, if you can't get one... I'll be more than happy to help you out. After all, this is about snowboarding!

5406664 Alright then. I'll keep my eyes open for proof-readers and yeah for the love of snowboarding as well ^_^.

Ha-ha that's the spirit!

Short, but entertaining

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