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Welcome to The Awesome Quote Group! This group is for quotes that you write, like, or whatever you seem fit!

There will be one thread for the quotes of famous people, and another thread for quotes of other FIMFiction users!

Each member will get a Quotes Thread. In that thread, write whatever quotes you like (preferably quotes that you said)! Only you are allowed to post in that thread. In another thread, people can have discussions about your quotes! If you like someone's quote, give it a thumbs-up and head on over to their Quotes Discussion thread! One quote per post, please.

1. Keep it rated Teen.
2. One post per quote.
3. Do not post in another person's quote thread!
4. Here is the quoting format:

This is a quote.


Fail to follow the rules and your post will be deleted and you will get a warning. After that, you get a temporary ban, then a permanent one. Thank you, and have fun! :twilightsmile:

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So, someone can make a thread of nothing but Godzilla quotes?

Wait, I get two threads?:pinkiegasp:


Thanks! I hope we get more members soon! :twilightsmile:

This sounds like a splendid idea. A place where I could post my thoughts in the form of quotes.

Each member will get a Quotes Thread.

Awesome. I'll be able to link it to my profile page. I just need to make up some quotes first... :applejackconfused:

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