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This story is a sequel to Sweet Moments

NOTE: It's not technically a sequel, but it's related. And Spike is in it, and he mentions Babs.

Spike has always had a crush on Rarity. She's the kindest, most beaufiful mare in all of Equestria in his eyes. He wants to tell her how he feels, but he can't do it in the flesh.

So he sends a letter.

Based on a real PM I sent to my senpai, ThatWeatherstormChap

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Arrogant, proud, prideful, haughty.

These words mostly describe Alpha, the changeling who is second in command with Chrysalis.

All of his associates think Alpha is too full of himself, and very arrogant. Even Chrysalis herself thinks so, too.

So The Queen assigns him to go out to Ponyville, without disguise, to "Study the regular ponies culture and behavior".

While there, he gets made fun of for being a freak of nature, an abomination to Celestia and Luna. He gets hated on for not being like the rest of them.

Until he met her, the mare that took care of Alpha during his darkest times, then things changed...

Thanks to Anonymous Pegasus for helping my flesh out the story.

Thanks to Ron Jeremy Pony for editing!

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Made it to Popular List on 10/20/14

Babs had a crush on Spike for some time now. She always thought he was kind and gentle.

Spike always liked Babs. He thought she was the prettiest mare he had ever seen.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide that they should make the pair go on a date together, and boy did they succeed at bringing them close together.

A short and sweet one-shot dedicated for my special cutie, ShallowCupcake, since we think Spike and Babs are just like us.

Thanks to Ron Jeremy Pony for the help.

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So, one morning I just suddenly turn into Babs Seed, my favorite CMC. Weird, right?

Oh, no. It gets a lot weirder. I teleport to Equestria later and find out there is TWO Babs Seed's, including. I'm surprised the space time continuum didn't just suddenly collapse when we met face to face.

The weirdest part is I'm starting to fall in love WITH MYSELF! (Well, my new self.)

But hey, I'm in Equestria, that's every brony's dream come true, right? Well, it's not all rainbows and butterflies here. We're talking about MANEHATTAN, the most crime ridden place in Equestria.

This is going to be really weird experience.

(Cover art by me)

Heavily inspired by Becoming Sweetie Belle and An Apple Far From the Tree.

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The Avatar managed to bring balance between the Three Serpents of Chaos, Order and Balance. He is teleported to the void to see his accomplishment.

But The Guardian has other plans for him. He snatches the Avatar out of Britannia's void and brings him to another dimension entirely.

The Avatar appears in the land of Equestria, now a pony. He must escape this world of colorful, talking horses and get to Britannia before The Guardian destroys it.

(Takes place after Ultima VII Part 2: The Serpent Isle. Ultima VIII: Pagan does not happen, because The Guardian takes him to Equestria instead of Pagan.)

Thanks to ShadowblazeCR for editing!

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