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Made it to Popular List on 10/20/14

Babs had a crush on Spike for some time now. She always thought he was kind and gentle.

Spike always liked Babs. He thought she was the prettiest mare he had ever seen.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide that they should make the pair go on a date together, and boy did they succeed at bringing them close together.

A short and sweet one-shot dedicated for my special cutie, ShallowCupcake, since we think Spike and Babs are just like us.

Thanks to Ron Jeremy Pony for the help.

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The link to the song is broke.

Oh, that was so cute! :ajsmug: Awww, this was amazing, hunny bunny! :rainbowkiss::heart: Thank you so much, I loved it! :heart:It is perfect, one of the best I have ever read! :heart::raritystarry::heart::heart: I love you so so so so much! :twilightsmile::heart::heart::twilightblush:


I'll fix it in a minute

Edit: It has been fixed

I love a SpikeSeed love fic!


SpikeSeed = The Dragon Seed/Spikey Seed(?)

Nice read. and how cute of you to write it for your special mate. Smooth.

5165858 You're the sweetest, love. :heart::pinkiesmile:

5165868 special some pony? better, m8?


Well, here's a pair I've never thought about shipping. First time for everything, I suppose.

you weren't kidding when you said sweet moment I like this story a lot any chance in a sequel

Congrats on the feature!


I do not see it in the featured box.

5168948 I saw it on the popular list before I logged in

5168950 it was in the popular list before I logged in


Oh I thought it was on the featured box.

Damn good story man! I'll definitly be promoting this one on my homepage!

Congratulations on the popular list, its an adorable story :twilightsmile:

5169003 I am good with that(weink weink) he he lol


Write a sequel if you have an idea and it's something you feel is worth pursuing. We'll be here. :twilightsmile:


I already have an idea for a sequel, and it's not going to be a one-shot. I enjoyed writing SpikeSeed, and I would write them again if people wanted to.


People want anything that's well-written. :pinkiesmile:


Yeah, of course. I can PM you some of the details if you want. :pinkiehappy:


I'd love to hear them. :twilightsmile:

Simple, but it was nice and it got a smile out of me when I really needed one. Nice work! :twilightsmile:

well that was cute,:derpytongue2:


Can you not trash every single story? You're being rude and annoying without even posting any constructive critisism or at least telling me why it's bad.

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