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Punies like us is the place for Punnies.
If you like them, this may be the place for you too.

If you like to see the Library, there may be a few forgoten samples still available.

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391461 Ah yeah, don't we all?
Question is just how much time and efforts one feel like putting into things.
That's something we all have to struggle with, no matter what others tells us.
Maybe it isn't the biggst, or most important of groups, but it is still alive.

I guess I could see how letting go if it wasn't may be the right choice.

Maybe one question is; what do you want your group to be? I have to face the same question for my groups, just the same.

391460 I got more important things than that group

391457 Sounds as if you really do Want the Group?

Just make your best out of it, if it isn't too much to ask?

391456 I don't plan on letting my group go

391447 I only have the Lefts available at this time.

391446 rights to every group on here

391445 Oh, for sillies sake.

in that case, what's the price for these rights?

391444 nope, I own all rights to goo ponies

391443 Well, there are several options. I can't stop you, just point out options and express which I prefer.

Although this would be my group, right?

391442 well one way is stop telling me what to do with my group, stop telling me not to delete it, show respect to my choices I make for the group

391441 Then I just make a new one.

Unless you choose to give the group over to the next in line?

On the other hoof, you finally put up the Post Thread we should have had from the start.

Just curious, what does it take to keep the group up?

391439 don't try to stop me from deleting my group

391391 Pushing?

What is it you want me to start pushing?

Going by expression, how about Goo Ponies?

391390 really, don't push it

391389 Some of us has to be on multiple groups.
I need to be on all the groups where my stories could fit, and on all the once where I have an interest.

With that, I ended up on the Goo Pony group among others.

391388 I'm in more groups than most

391386 Guess I am not alone in being on Multiple groups?
I had to create the once I couldn't find too, of course.

391384 Wait, didn't I see you on the Goo Pony group, just the other day?

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