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Samari45's Featured story: Archmage by Loyal2-1

There is NOT* an underground fight club here...
We have Pie that juggles.

Enter our tent of horror if you think you're brave enough.

Tent Themes:

Just a Normal Day at the Flying Circus
Toby Keith - Trailerhood

Some Guy
My Little Pony : the Musical: Anthrpology

The Bear that Walks on Two Legs
Need some ideas! PM suggestions to Samari45 or JerryTheHouseGhost

The Clowns
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Chicken on the Rocks

The Flying Trapeze
The Witcher 2 OST - Intro

The Guy Who Gets Sat on by an Elephant
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Justice for Saint Mary

The Kid Who's Always Crying
Gary Jules - Mad World

The Kissing Booth
The Veronicas - Take Me on the Floor

The Portal to Another Dimension
Sub Focus - Timewarp

The Tent of Horrors
Dead Space 2 OST - Titan Station Elementary

The Visitor from Another World
The Killers - Spaceman

The Wandering Prostitute Who Stumbled Upon the Circus
Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Jerry's Featured Song

Chain of Command
Senior Officers
Captain: JerryTheHouseGhost
Commander, First Officer: Cold Blitz
Commander, Chief Tactical Ofiicer, Second Officer: Star Plasma
Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineer, Third Officer: Samari45
Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer: Sandshift
Lieutenant Commander, Chief Operations Officer: Rabuiods
Lieutenant Commander, Chief Communications Officer: iJab

Junior Officers
Lieutenant, Security Chief: JerrytheHouseBird
Lieutenant, Head Counselor: Doc Crowl
Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer: Prismatics
Lieutenant, Chief Navigator: The DM
Lieutenant, Head Stellar Cartographer: Beyonder
Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer: Nexosaur

Resident Drunken Hobo: Darcyyanew

*As far as Jerry knows
> Jerry is my waifu

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Wait why am i a counselor i dun talk gud

328845 It was probably someone else; you'd find it rather difficult to piss me off. I'm pretty sure I remember the name Yesterday, though.
Welcome to my fine group.

Jerry... wtf is this shit.
(THIS IS FUCKING YESTERDAY/ The Wheat God, i dont rememebr which name i talked tu u on n stuff..... whatevers. Wait did i piss you off or was that someone else... or did I piss both of you off.... hmmm..... I really need to remember my off-pissers)

*notices Group adds story*

I always wanted that position! :rainbowlaugh:

Wait... we need a position for Terry!


323117 Not anymore I guess.


You're not going anywhere.


322975 Maybe if you actually put your story in the correct folders...

322973 Because that's moi, chienne americaine!



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