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"You think you know me..."


Commissioned by: Jake The Army Guy

Detective Babs Seed has lived in Manehattan her entire life. Nothing really much surprises her anymore. She's seen good, she's seen bad. What she hasn't seen is a dragon from Ponyville in a very long time.

After a request by her cousin, Babs lets Spike stay with her over time. When it's clear he's having issues of his own, Babs decides to give him the Manehattan treatment in order to learn more about him. However, she may be learning more then just a new friend in this case. She might be learning what it means to fall in love.

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A rare ship that I think needs more love. Great job on this, RP! Worth every penny. :ajsmug:

HOLY HELL!!! Just the description alone sounds AWESOME!!!
Gonna read this TONIGHT! :pinkiehappy:

A detective? I could see myself as that.

Just so you're aware, mate, you misspelled "Manehattan" throughout the entire production. I suggest doing quick a Find & Replace on that.

Fixed thanks. It's always something

Anything commissioned by JTAG is worth a read to me. Just gotta get some free time in. :3

Just finished this story and by God was it fantastic. Have a like, a fave and one of these: :moustache: You earned it.

That was surprisingly awesome. Probably my favorite portrayal of Babs that I've read. Have another moustache. :moustache:

I believe this is well-deserved.

Great story dude. This was excellently paced, Everyone felt real and so was their actions and responds.


That was nice.:twilightsmile:


That was an awesome story but lacking of sex part.

This was awesome!

Really cute. Minor Grammatical errors,
-she felt him rip of her coat off her back.
-themselves to help him. “It was an accident...
I think there was but one more but I have already read this story twice. Thank you for your work I am quite impressed. Babs Seed was Conveyed Miraculously. Bravo. I don't do the stupid Emoticons, but if I did, you would get one.

A really enjoyable story. And a ship that I can't help but adore. I wish there would be more of it. MOARE!
P.S. I laughed hard every time Babs was acting like an old cranky detective from an outmoded noir film.

Okay what is it about this pairing that makes me love it. I liked it before this story and this story was great.

I call it Spabs, because Bike sounds weird.

5870951 Oh, I don't know. If you call it "Bike" then you can have a cute picture of them riding a tandem bike. LOL.

Funny, you never really think about how cute two characters can be until someone does it. Nice story.
I never really imagined Babs becoming a detective, but you pulled it off quite well too.

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