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Welcome to The FIMFiction Achievement Brigade.

I, with the help of some friends, have been working on a series of achievements. These achievements would work in a similar fashion to the achievement system on Steam. Perform a specific action and you will be rewarded with a graphic to put on display for all to see what you accomplished. Anything from reading a story with a specific tag, to joining a group, or writing a story with a specific character can earn you an achievement.

The overall purpose of this achievement system would be to thank users for doing things that support the community, such as leaving lots of comments, or to encourage users to try something -like an unfamiliar genre of story- they might not have tried before.

This group will also be used to discuss the idea to find ways in which it can be implemented, as well as to come up with the various achievements a user can earn.

Originally the plan was to try and have an achievement system become official on the site. However I have been informed that the chances of that happening are...zilch. However we can still moderate the achievements ourselves. We’re going to operate on the honour system. If you earn an achievement just go to the achievement page and grab it.

Obviously there is no way to stop a person from simply taking one without earning it. But you know what? Let them. The point of the system is to reward and encourage ourselves because its not always easy, or possible, to get some recognition for the hard work we put into a story. Or get recognition for the hard work we put into the sites community. If anyone does cheat the system, just let me know. They will be ban from the group and their name added to a list of cheaters. Do NOT! take any action against cheaters. And certainly don’t report them to the moderators because...well… the achievement system isn’t official so they can’t really do anything anyways. All you would be doing is annoying the mods.

I guess the only thing left to say is...


Your actions have earned you an Achievement Pin!

You have earned the pin...

“What Is This Place, Filled With So Many Wonders?”

For discovering Fimfiction and creating an account. Welcome to the site! Feel free to add the Achievement Pin image to your account’s user page.

If you would like to see what other achievements there are and if you have earned any more, then pop on over to the Achievement Page . Scroll through and find any achievements you have earned. If you earned an achievement feel free to grab the link and add it to the rest you have earned. No need to wait for an email from me, we are operating on the honour system here.

Important Note#1! I may send you a PM relating to the group for important news. However don't expect a constant stream of PM's, more like once in a blue moon when the stars align.

Important Note#2! Please do not take it upon yourselves to send achievements to other people. If you want to advertise the idea on your page or in a blog post, that is perfectly fine. However do not send anyone unrelated to the group PM's about The FIMFiction Achievement Brigade

(Important note! This achievement system is not an official part of Fimfiction nor is it endorsed by any of the sites moderators. The purpose of this group is to test out the idea of having an achievement system on Fimfiction.)

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So what pins would I earn?

How do you put achievements on your page

I've got some achievements for HiE or PoE
Fellow Primates: make/like a story with the human tag
Welcome To My World!: make/like a story with a pony on Earth
Brooooo: make/like a story with a brony in it
How To Be A Badass 101 make/like a story with the human being a badass
W-where Am I?: make/like a story with the human fearing everything
Can We Do That?: make/like a story with a OP human
F*** This World Man...: make/like a story with the human as a very weak
The Epic Wizard: make/like a story with a human that can use magic
Not Magic: make/like a story with a human that uses technology
DENIED!!: make/like a story with the human immune to magic
Love Has No Limits: make/like a story with a humanXpony relationship
So Wrong Yet So Good: make/like a story with humanXpony clop
Sexy Ponies, My Ponies : make/like a story with a human harem
Pony In The Headlights: make/like a story where a human kills a pony
Can't tolerate You: make/like a story where a pony kills a human
Expect Us...: make/like a story with the human named Anonymous or Anon
Inhuman: make/like a transformation story
It's A Human Thing: make/like a story with the human as the antagonist
I Saved: make/like a story with the human as the hero
War...War Never Changes...: make/like a story with a human and pony war
Humans Rule!! make/like a story where the humans win a war
Humans Suck...: make/like a story where the humans lose a war
The Path Of Genocide: make/like a TCB story
Adapt And Overcome: make/like a TCB story where the humans successfully prevent the ponyfacation of mankind
Is This How It Ends?: make/like a TCB story where the humans fail prevent the ponyfacation of mankind
Duty Calls: make/like a story with human military
Peace And Love: make/like a story where humans and ponies live in harmony

What just happend: write/read a story with the random tag.
Die Laughing: write/read a story with the comedy tag.
It's ok to let it go: write/read a story with the sad tag.
Too Cocky: have the main character of your story be a BOSS!
I'll never eat candy again: read The Candy Mare.
Banned for Hacking: have the main character of your story be OP.
Don't Look: write/read a slender fic.
Set Phasers to Hug: write/read a Sweetie Bell fic.
Dictionary: write/read a Apple Bloom fic.
Chicken: write/read a Scootalo fic.
Pixelated: write/read a Button Mash fic.
Tell me what you think!

25 - Faved 15 stories!

30- A lotta comments!

35- Make a lotta freinds!

How come a bunch of the pins stopped showing up in my box? They're just that little 'picture error' square now. :unsuresweetie:

I've got a few achievements

I'm secretly a robot: read My Little Dashie without crying

collaberation: write a fic that's a crossover between one of your stories and another author's story

was it even worth it?: read a story that has at least twice as much dislikes as it does likes

U MAD, BRO?: read/write a trollfic

short break: go a week without logging onto FIMfiction

Vacation: go a month without logging onto FIMfiction

possibly desperate: like your own story

how do you pronounce that?: read/find a story that has a special character somewhere in it. (E.G: ~,√,♥,¥, etc.)

this is me: write a self-insert

when worlds collide: write a crossover story that crosses more than three franchises (including MLP)

yay! I'm popular!: get over ten to thirty likes on a story before even a month/week after it was submitted

reformed: read a fic that features a villain being converted to the side of good

omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh!: one of your favorite authors commented/favorited on your story!

hey, that's me!: find your username in another author's story

Ideas for achievements:
Spoken like a true sailor/potty mouth: Write a story that uses excessive amounts of cuss words for no reason.

Can't take it/Cuteness overload: The dawwws are to much for you to handle.

MLG 360 noscope N00B: Write a story about videogames.

Background noise: Listen to music while reading a story.

Minimal knowledge: Be on Fimfiction after only watching the first season of the show.

Necessary evil/Controlled chaos: Write a story where Discord is a good guy.

I admit it: Cry after reading My Little Dashie.

Packing heat: Write a story with a character that has some form of weapon on them at all times.

Dogtags: Write a story where the main character is/was in the military.

I've seen some ****/*Shivers*: Read Cupcakes.

Pulling a Winchester (reference to Supernatural): Write a story with a character that has died and come back to life one or more times.

Tag, what tag?: Make up your own tag for a story because Fimfiction doesn't have it.

Unnamed: Write a story with a lot of cool gadgets.

Sinner: [This person] is PROUD to be a brony/pegasister.

Cross eyed: Write a story with Derpy Whooves as the main character.

Escape/Jail bird: Write a story where the main character breaks out of a prison/mental institution.

Twitchy tail! Twitchy tail!: Write a story that has Pinkie sense in it.

Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.: Cry do to a story you read.

The void: Finish a story and get that empty feeling on the inside.

I thought it was just me!: Relate to a character in a story you read.

First!: Be the first to comment on a story.

Friendly advise: Give constructive criticism on a story.

Angel with a shotgun: Write a story where any character that has wings has a shotgun.

Spoiler alert!: Put a censor bar in a comment to dissuade the wandering eye.

I'd come up with more, but I ran out of time. Expect more later(possibly). This is the first group I have joined and I love the concept of achievements on here just because.:pinkiehappy:

388258 I'm posting it here because it simply doesn't work on the discussion page:
I have some ideas for achievements:
Ponies Piercing the Plan: Install a mod for FiM fiction (FiM Fiction Advanced, Prompt Generator, More Emotes, etc.)
One Trick Pony: Only write comedies, dramas, or Slice of Life stories. If these interlope, you can still keep the badge.
Crossing Worlds: Write a Crossover story.
End of Days: Write an apocalyptic story.
Stable-tech Employee: Write a Fallout: Equestria related story.
Nostalgia Critic Rip-Off: Write a comedy series about reviewing things.
The Technological, Technicolor Iron Mares: Write a crossover story with a Marvel property. (name inspired by this story.)
Out at Sea: Write a ship-fic.
Captain Cupid: Write 5 ship-fics.
Admiral Cupid: Write 10 ship-fics.
Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Write over 20 ship-fics.
Not Quite Dead: Write a story involving vampires, zombies, or Frankenstein-esque monsters.
GLaDOS's Impossible Test: Reach 99,999 followers or views on a story.
Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimey: Write a story involving Dr. Whooves (Timeturner)
Nanananan, Batmare!: Write a super-hero story.
Sick Bastard: Write a clopfic.
Sicker Bastard: Write 5 clopfics.
Porn Addict: Write 10 clopfics.
Hue Hoofner: Write over 20 clopfics.
Achievement Hunter Extraordinaire: Collect over 25 achievements.
Scootabuse: Write a story that has both the Scootaloo tag as well as a sad or tragedy tag.
War and Peace: Write a story with more than 100,000,000 words.
Crisis on Infinite Earths: Write a story where several Alternate Universe stories crossover.
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B Start: Write a story with Button Mash in it.
Orbital D'waa Cannon: Write a story that brings a smile to the reader's face.
Still a Better Story Than Twilight (Sparkle): Write a ship-fic involving Flash Sentry.
More Than Meets the Eye: Write a Transformers crossover story.
Perchance to Dream: Write a dream segment in a story.
Senepai Noticed Me: Get referenced by someone with at least 100 more followers than you.
More Likable Than Knighty: Write a story consisting of nothing but red and black alicorn OCs.
Fighting is Magic: Write a story with a fight scene.
Double Vision: Write a story involving the Mirror Pool.
**** the Police!: Write a story that violates one of the site's guidelines for acceptable stories. (Example)
Assassinating the Fourth Wall: Write a story involving Pinkie Pie and Marvel's Deadpool.
Countdown to Oblivion: Read "Inner Demons", "Fallout: Equestria", "The Immortal Game", "Past Sins", and "How to Be Cruel" all in their entirety.
Mr. T's School of Manliness: Read "My Little Dashie" without crying.
The Book of Life: Write a story with no more than 42 chapters.
Starkiller: Write a story featuring Nightmare Moon as a main character.
Countdown to Annihilation: Read over 25 stories with more than 135,000 words.
Countdown to The End of Time: Read "Diaries of a Madman" in its entirety.


The achievement page is locked. Only I can post there. Achievement list and discussion is where you'd post something like that.

375724 I tried to post a comment there, and it didn't work.

378061 True, but I think we should add in and remove some badges.

I think we should remove the banner badge, seeing as how it is literally impossible to get now.

Welp... After discovering this group I now don't have to make one myself! Thanks for saving me time!
Now to dig though the achievement bin and see what I got!

By the way if you've seen the stories I've read and written you'd see I have already earned several of these pins

Ha Ha.
Time to gather the available pins to see how many I could collect?

I congratulate everyone in this group for giving me cancer.

This group.

I like it.

This group is awesome for the premise alone. :rainbowdetermined2:

Yaaaaay a new pin!

By Our Powers Combine
Write a story using all main 6 as mane characters

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