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Silent Guardian

Brony house artist as well as a gamer and a digital artist. Also it may seem that vinyl is my favorite pony but that is false. Twi is best pony especially now that shes an alicorn!

About me

Name: Justice
Relationship:searching for a special some pony
Birthday:May 22
Occupations: DJ, Marine Corps, and House artist
Hobbies:digital art, making music, and listening to music
Favorite pony:Princess Twilight Sparkle
Languages I can speak:Spanish, English, German, Latin, and Italian
Fav. shipping:Twiluna
Do I know the irony of my name?:Yes
Fav video game:The Fallout series
Fav food:depends on my mood but most of the time it's hot pockets
Can people make puns with my name?:sure go ahead I guarantee I've heard it before
OC's: DJ Bass Breaker, Midnight Slash, Midnight Beat, Midnight Blood, and Golden Wing
Cutie Marks
Bass Breaker:Treble symbol plugged into a vinyl record
Midnight Slash:Sword with shadow wings behind it
Midnight Blood:Three drops of blood the middle one has a black flame in it
Midnight Beat:Shattered music notes
Golden Wing:Shadow dragon

About me

I've been a brony since about about season 2. I make music mostly dubstep I dont like putting my music online. I'm also a digital artist I do 2D and 3D art if its 3D its most likely a pony model. Other than that I love all my followers so if your a guy then no homo. I f you ever want to just talk to me then just msg me. I also do rp so yeah if you do that then I'm available most of the time. So yeah loves all of you.

Mah stories

Ask me anything

If you want to get to know me pm me any questions you have about me and I'll answer them. Unless I feel uncomfortable about the subject then Ill tell you I don't want to answer the question. Other than personal life like if I have a gf anything else is pretty much free game. So yeah look forward to getting to answer questions :3.


It's spoopy time · 12:25am Oct 25th, 2017

Wow after a long absence on here I doubt any of you remember me if you still use this site but I used to go by the name DO Bass Breaker I have been super busy with college but that's slowing down do I'm going to try to be more active

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Stories I would most definitely recommend

Stories I enjoyed and recommend

Mah pictures


Art & Editing · 4:58pm Oct 14th, 2014

Hey everyone whos following me just to let you know I do editing/proofreading and art for stories. Message me if you want me to edit or do art for a story of yours.

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1913855 hey man not much is going on unless you count another attempted suicide and a severe return of my depression

1835310 yw I havent read it yet but it will be read pretty soon most likely later today

Thanks for your interest in my clop fic.

1824258 yes but what does that have to do with anything?

1820440 yeah the only good thing is my BF has been helping me trough this tough time

1819853 hey man yeah been kinda busy trying to find a new job

1802883 GTE, The world given form, The Mortal Who Can Fight God's, Chaos is Displaced.

1802879 yw what are your other displaced stories though?

Thanks for faving Displaced: Age of ultron

1792323 My account got suspended and I havent gotten the chance to return them to Public viewing.

1785420 By-the-way, I've noticed that all the videos for My Little Girl has been put on "Privet Viewing", what's all this about?

1785406 well thats good also update I should be able to record another chapter of my little girl within the week because college is calming down due to it being close to the end of the semester.

1785404 Other then my school has been thrown into chaos because it'll end within two weeks, me stressing in finishing three or so projects to get done, and just got my editors for My Little Girl back... I'll be fine.

1783155 Yeah Ive just been really busy. So how ya doin?

Hello there, everything alright with ya?

1765321 Well, thanks anyway. I plan on making more stories with our human protagonist, Michael.

-Kirb, got sunshine in a bag. (ytdatr) fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/019/3/b/sig_by_flyingbrickanimation-d8elwjm.png

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