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In recent weeks, the main NLR group on FIMfiction has been failing miserably, and I've felt there's nothing I can do. In an attempt to save the NLR, I have changed the purposes of this group to include all types of things for the NLR, not just Roleplays. I will be posting threads for you guys about running this group, and I will do my best to keep this group going. However, I cannot do this without you guys. Let's make this an amazing group!

For the New Lunar Republic

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So this is a new faction in of the NLR?

Admiral Iroh Legoman, NLRN
Chief Naval Officer

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En Luna Nomines
(Under the moon we shall be guided)

For those who already haven't, could all new members go to the NLR sign ups and fill out the fact form there for your OC. This means that everyone can take part in the NLR base RP thread.
For the NLR

It's not a republic when your leader is an unelected monarch.

The Lunar Republic



The Solar Empire

Your move Solar Empire.



Eh. It may have changed while i was away but eh. If we get warned by a admin to stop we will. Its simple.


Hate to burst you bubble starlight. its only the problematic threads/groups

Hate to burst your bubble, but RP is banned now.

May we crush their armies and their spirits! Hoorah!

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