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When reach fell a lone surviver was captured and taken aboard a covenant supercarrier one of the largest most powerful starships created with an unimaginable amount of covenant forces, as well that super carrier was heading on a course straight for equestria that also holds an artifact that's keeping an enemy that could bring the end of all lIving sentient beings in the universe and cannot be stopped

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Good first chapter. A few missing words here and there but nothing to serious and you might want go over the description again. It has a lot of mistakes.

Still I'll like and fav. Can't wait to see what kind of ride you're taking us on.

A bit of halo facts if you want: Elites (Sangheilis) never get to know their parents prevent heritage and to make sure that all start off on equal grounds.

And isn't Six' armour more like black/grey instead of blue?

Had fun editing this chapter, played halo but never knew too much about it. Send chapter two when ready.

4499547 Technically, the children are the ones that are not supposed to know who is their father; the Sangheili males are well aware of the identity of their sons and daughters, but are not allowed to reveal themselves (this peculiar situation is shown in Glasslands and The Thursday War)

4499547 noble six's suit is black at the start but remember that you could change it at the very beginning of the game

4500448 LOL I didn't know that only that you could change between sexs

4500457 lol i was thinking of putting down different armour cofigurations too but I'm just sticking to Six's default armour

4500321 I have never read Grasslands or The Thursday War so that might be right. I just know that their kids never get to their parents.

4500461 Damn then i would have been even more confused XD

4500488 and what if I told you that the chief and six are brother :moustache:

4500503 the multiverse would be officially screwed if those two ganged up and it would explain why Six is so awesome/badass

Well I always hated those giant blue monkeys so don't hold that monster of a universe killer back:pinkiecrazy:

Try looking over it again.
Noble Seven?

4502034 yes there is a reason I called it noble seven but I can't say why or else it ruins the story

4502253 ah.

Yo que si.

Big thanks to Zachary56 for editing the story

I wounder how well the energy sword will work, it made of pure heat and heat doesn't effect dragons, let me know how well that worls out for ya noble six

5139666 next chapter is almost finished

I like this. It is very promising. One problem that I could see. A longsword is a bomber, not a frigate. In Halo CE the Master Chief used a longsword to escape The Pillar of Autumn. I haven't played Reach in a while but if you remember after Noble Team took over Castle Base and they were shooting down banshees the covenant frigate was chased by those jet plane things. Those are long swords. A UNSC frigate assaulted the spire and was shot down by the super carrier.

5190739 lol I have totally forgot about that

5190786 no problem. We all fumble about at times. Keep up the good work. I expect big things.

5190838 because hw has a mega roll to come in the future, even larger then noble six

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