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What's the meaning of life? Well its to live it to the the fullest, we only have one life after all.


Spike has been feeling as if a part of himself is missing, he has also been having strange dreams of seven figures and a strange voice that haunts him during the day, has Spike lost his mind or is he part of something that will decide the faight of the world

Chapters (2)

When generosity fails...Greed takes over

When loyalty is questioned.... Betrayal overrules

When kindness falls..... rage corrupts all

When honesty is lost..... lies are created

When laughter is no more..... pain takes over

When magic is forgotten.... harmony falls

When harmony falls......Darkness invades

Without the order needed to control the harmony.... the darkness will always take over and the hope will be lost within the darkness

Chapters (1)

When reach fell a lone surviver was captured and taken aboard a covenant supercarrier one of the largest most powerful starships created with an unimaginable amount of covenant forces, as well that super carrier was heading on a course straight for equestria that also holds an artifact that's keeping an enemy that could bring the end of all lIving sentient beings in the universe and cannot be stopped

Chapters (2)

what would happen if the answers to spikes past is in his grasp, but does he really want to know the dark truth of his origins

Chapters (10)
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