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Rise of the lost Elements - Frostbite4

a long time ago before the time of the elements of harmony, there were elements that were able to control nature, they are now known as the lost elements

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Silent acts of kindness

The Blue drake got off a train in Centerlot, the cloaked figure followed closely after as they made their way through the city as the sun shone brightly in the sky as ponies of all kind were busily moving through the streets of the vibrant city and capitol of Equestria.

The two dragons made their way through the narrow alley ways to make it to their destination without being detected and causing a panicking for the ponies. After a while of maneuvering through the alley ways they finally stopped at an old warn down house, hidden behind multiple buildings.

Once the two were inside, the cloaked figure took off its cloak and stood at fully height easily and noticeably taller then the blue drake by a few feet and also stronger then the blue drake. He had green scales, and a black underbelly, the ear frills with the same colors. He had black wings which were folded neatly against his back, he also had brown spikes going along his back and four brown horns on his head, two on either side, a large one on top with a smaller one beneath, and a little one at the tip of his snout. He had silver claws that looked like they could cut through steal, and finally he had amber eyes.

"Finally, that cloak was very uncomfortable." The Green drake commented before glancing at the blue drake, seeing the bandages were old and slightly torn. "Nova, I'll be back later today with some medical supplies for your wounds...." The taller drake put the cloak back on, before heading back to the door. Before the green drake left, he stopped and smirked. "Try not to go on an adventure in the Everfree again, that hydra might not give you the chance to flee like a baby dragon." The green drake said sarcastically before a crumpled up note hit him in the forehead.

The green drake opened the note and read it out loud as his smile grew. "Oh go jump in a lava bath. Also try not to flirt with the nurses Ark." The drake named Nova smirked before sitting down in an old worn down chair. Ark chuckled before walking out of the house.

Nova looked at the door for a moment before a headache surged through his head. “Silent acts of kindness can speak louder than words, but when the time comes... words will break the silence within.” A cunning yet high spirited male voice spoke deep within Nova’s mind as an image flashed through his mind.

After the image faded, Nova quickly went to grab a piece of paper and writing tool so he could draw what the image showed him.

Ark came back to the house with a bag of bandages and

medicine in his claws, as soon as he stepped in, he was greeted with crumpled up papers littering the floor and multiple strange drawings hanging on the walls.

“What happened here?” Ark asked himself as he stared dumbfounded for a moment before tensing as a headache emerged unexpectedly.

You will become the strongest of them all. In times of loss and self doubt, you will pave their way through thick and thin.” A strong male voice spoke with determination and confidents.

As soon as the voice stopped, Ark could feel the world around him spinning before his vision filled with darkness.

A few days later two dragoness were sleeping by a meadow as the sun slowly began to arise, making the sky glow brilliantly as birds chirped all around the meadow
“Come on girls, get up already!” A pink scaled dragoness yelled. She had a red underbelly and ear fins. She also had light red scales going down her back and tail which ended with a dagger shaped tip.

“Five more minutes momma.” One dragoness mumbled as she curled up into a ball. She had ocean blue scales, with a white underbelly. She had two long horns on the top of her head and no spikes on her back. She had neon blue eyes that glowed in the dark. The most noticeable feature was her slender frame.

“Yeah five more minutes please.” Another dragoness said while yawning as the sun began shining in her face. She was an athletic but slender, wide hyped dragoness with pitch black scales covered in amber gold lightning marks, a short one on her right arm, and a long one on her left. She had another over her left eye with another streaking down her cheek from her right eye with light electrical blue short spines and under belly.

The pink dragoness sighed as she walked over to them and began shaking them awake. “Come on, you two can snooze later, right now we need to get these books to Centerlot by noon or else the princesses will have our heads.” The pink dragoness calmly stated as the two dragons began to get up with annoyed expressions.

“Tierra why do you have to be soooooo mean.” The neon blue scaled dragoness whined innocently.

Tierra rolled her eyes as she helped pack their belongings into their individual bags, which each bag had a set a books in them. After everything was packed, they headed off towards the direction of the great capitol of Equestria.

After hours of walking, they finally reached the city, as soon as they reached the gates , they were escorted to the castle by a platoon of guards.

The black dragoness looked up at the castle as they passed the gates. “Humph it’s not so big...I’ve seen bigger.” The black dragoness said as she folded her arms across her chest.

“No you haven’t Onyx, this is the first castle we’ve seen that wasn’t a pile rubble.” Tierra said as she looked over to one of the guards.”Excuse me but umm where is Princess Celestia? She said she would meet us when we arrived.” Tierra asked as the other guards stopped by the gates and marched off, leaving the guard with the three dragons.

“Princess Celestia is away at the moment, but she has asked that you stay at the castle until she returns.” The guard said as he guided the three dragons into the castle, and towards their rooms.

Spike looked towards Centerlot as he flew towards the city with Princess Luna and Celestia on one of the royal Pegasus drawn carriages. “Spike is something the matter? You don’t seem like yourself.” The white Alicorn Princess asked as her eternal rainbow flowing mane, flowed calmly in the wind.

“Yes I’m fine I guess...it’s just... nothings making any sense, it’s like...I’m missing something but at the same time I’m not...and then there this voice I keep hearing and visions.” Spike leaned against the side of the carriage before sliding down until he sat on the floor, staring at the ground with an expression of confusion and uncertainty.

The two Princesses looked at each other, not knowing what to say to the purple dragon.

Not too long the carriage finally touched down on the ground by the castle gardens, Spike slowly stepped down from the carriage, followed shortly after by the Princesses.

“Hey umm Princess Celestia...is it alright if I go for a walk in the gardens for a bit? I’d like to be alone for a little while.” Spike asked as he looked towards the gardens entrance.

Celestia looked towards the gardens for a moment before smiling and nodding. “Of course you can Spike, I will find you after Luna and I are done with a meeting.” Celestia said before vanishing in a flash of blinding white light and when Spike’s vision returned, both Princesses were gone.

Spike turned and walked to the entrance of the gardens, not noticing two set of eyes staring at him. Spike walked through the garden that twisted into a twisting maze of bushes, plants, and creepy statues.

After following a path, Spike found a pond with a bench in front of it with Two Newly growing trees on either side of the bench. Spike walked over to the bench and sat down facing the pond, watching small colourful fish swim around the pond. Spike flinched for a moment as the voice spoke. "You will face great challenges, the journey has begun, your trials will test every ounce of your being, You will need to become the leader, They needed you too be." The voice spoke with immense determination.

Spike growled in frustration before kneeling down in front of the pond, and gently splashing water on his face without hurting the fish.

Awhile later, Spike felt as if he was being watched. He slowly got up, wiping the water off his face before turning around. As soon as he turned around he saw to dragons sitting on the bench watching him.

"Gahh!!!" Spike yelled as he fell back into the pond as the two dragons began giggling loudly. Spike quickly got out of the pond, brushing the excess water off of himself with his face taking on a light shade of pink. He looked up seeing the bench was unoccupied. "Huh I thought I saw...guess it was just my mind playi-." Spike was cut off as he felt arms wrap around himself as he was picked up abruptly from behind.

" Oooohhh look Oxy, he's sooooooo cute and little. He's so adorable with those little chubby cheeks" The blue dragoness squealed as she held him close to herself.

Onyx chuckled at the little drakes misfortune. "Yes he's cute, Dasria, but too bad he's not our age, I'd claim him for myself if he was." Onyx said allowed with a large smirk forming, seeing the little drakes face turn redder then a tomato.

"What's your name little guy?" Dasria asked as she nuzzled the top of his head, making Spikes jaw drop and eyes widen to the size of saucers.

"M-my names S-S...S-Spike." He stuttered out as Princess Celestia came around a corner with Tierra.

Celestia looked at Spike and giggled to herself as she made her way towards the three dragons with Tierra. "So it seems you've been busy." Celestia said as she looked at the four dragons around her. "Spike this is Tierra, Onyx, and Dasria. Girls, this is Spike....my son."

A collective What could be heard throughout the castle as the sun began to set in the horizon, making way for a starry night with a full moon.

Nova paced back and forth in outside of Arks room with worry. It had been almost a full day since Ark passed out unexpectedly and he still laid on his old worn out and broken bed unmoving.

Nova stopped pacing and looked at Arks bedroom door before turning an running out of the house towards the castle in hopes that the Princesses could help Ark.

Nova finally reached the castle after making multiple detours through dark alley ways, and the only light was from the moon and dim street lights. Nova looked at the gate entrance, noting all the guards set up on sentry duty by the gates, He looked at the large wall protecting the castle and groaned knowing he would have to climb the wall, with the risk of being caught by guards, on the wall.

The drake placed his sunglasses on the top of his head, and pulling off the caste that was around his arm before quickly running towards the wall and slowly began climbing the side of the wall by wedging the sharp claws on his hands and feet in between the brick work.

Eventually Nova finally made it up the side of the wall and collapsed onto the walkway on the other side of the wall. Nova painfully got back up onto his sore feet and slid down a nearby latter to the ground. He then glanced around before sprinting in the open towards a door to go into the castle.

As soon as Nova opened the door a guard on the wall saw him and yelled out to the other guards as they began galloping towards the drake with spears at the ready. Nova quickly stepped inside, shutting the door and locking it as guards began hollering and banging on the door, trying to get it open.

Nova quickly snuck through the castle as guards ran through the castle in search of him. He stepped by a slightly open door and heard a couple muffled voices in the room; he gently rested his ear on the door to hear the conversation.

Spike sat on the bed fiddling with his claws as the three dragonesses stared at Spike with still shocked expressions, as Celestia tried to explain.

“Well, many years ago I was traveling towards the griffon kingdom to meet with the griffon king about integrating griffons into pony society and vice versa. On my way there, one of my personal guards noticed a strange purple light in a in a nearby forest as we flew by. I then sent out a few of my guards to investigate, when they returned they had brought an egg that was emitting the purple light. For years I had been keeping the egg safe until it was ready to hatch, that was until fifteen years ago, one of my personal students was able to make the egg hatch.” Celestia smiled at Spike as he stared at the ground.

“After that, I then took Spike in and raised him as if he was my own, since Twilight was too young to take care of him.” Celestia finished her story as the three dragonesses stared at the Princess, trying to wrap their heads around what they heard.

“So does that mean Spike’s a Prince?” Onyx asked.

“Well even though he is a dragon, his records do have my name documented into them, so by law he is a Prin-“ Celestia was cut off by hollering, then followed by a blue drake about the same height as Spike, getting pushed into the room by royal guards.

“We found this intruder snooping around by the door, shall we imprison it for interrogation your majesty?” A guard asked as Nova looked up at the Princess with fearful eyes.

Spike looked at Nova closely before his eyes went wide.”Hey wait, I know him, or I mean I kind of met him in the hospital before he disappeared, but he won’t hurt anyone.” Spike said, making Nova nod his head.

“All right Spike, if you’re sure…guards, you are dismissed.” Celestia spoke as the guards saluted before marching out of the room.

Nova slowly stood up, wincing at the sore joints from climbing the wall. Celestia looked at Nova, seeing some of the bandages he had were old and torn apart.

“Are you alright, do you need medicine or fresh bandages” Celestia asked as Nova found a piece of paper and began writing as quickly as he could.

As soon as he was finished, he handed it to Celestia as the four other dragons looked at one another in confusion. Celestia read the letter to herself before looking up at Nova. “Please, can you show me where he is?” She asked with a worried tone. Nova nodded and quickly walked out of the room.

Celestia looked back to the other dragons in the room. “I will be back. Spike, can you keep these girls company until I get back?” She asked quickly as Nova waited in the hall.

“Yep, you can count on me.” Spike said proudly as he saluted. Celestia smiled before running out of the room, leaving Spike alone with the dragonesses.

“So umm, do you girls like to play games” Spike asked, trying to break the awkward silence that had quickly filled the room.
After a moment the three girls looked at each other before smiling evilly. Spike’s ear fins dropped down as he slowly backed away from the now advancing dragonesses that somehow took out makeup kits from out of nowhere.

Spike backed up to a wall as his worst nightmares were about to come true. “Me and my big mouth.” Spike mumbled as his nightmare came true.

Another day went by and Ark was lying in a hospital room at Centerlot castles medical wing. Spike walked out of the medical wings doors and was greeted by all of the mane six, since they had arrived earlier that morning.

Spike looked up and shook his head. “I tried to reason with him…but….” He trailed off with a sigh. Twilight walked over to Spike and hugged him.

“It’s alright Spike, you’ve tried your best.” Twilight said as she walked him to the dining hall with the other girls. As soon as Spike entered the dining hall, his nose was assaulted with the smell of freshly baked, breakfast delicacies.

Spike looked at the table, seeing the three dragonesses sitting on one side of the table. Spike shivered remembering the nightmare he went through and how he swore to himself that he would never tell a soul of the torture he went through, even if his life depended on it.

Spike sat down at the table beside Twilight who levitates a small bowl of gems in front of Spike. Twilight looked across the table at the three dragonesses as they were eating their own bowls of gems. Twilight cleared her throat, getting everyone’s attention.

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced, I’m Twilight Sparkle and these are my best friends, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.” Twilight stated as she gestured to each of her friends for the dragonesses.

“It is nice to meet you, I’m Tierra and these are my friends, Onyx and Dasria.” Tierra said as she also gestured to her two friends.

As the girls were chatting, Spike saw something move out of the corner of his eye, He turned around in his chair to see who it was, but saw no one in the area. Spike turned back around in his chair, shrugging he went back to his meal.

The doors to the dining hall slowly opened, making everyone at the table go silent, to see who came in. Nova slowly walked into the dining hall with his tail dragging on the ground and his arms hung limply at his sides.

Spike watched Nova sit down at the far corner of the table, away from everyone else. The girls watched the saddened drake for a moment before moving back into small talk and gossip with one another.

Spike looked down at his bowl of gems in front of him, then to Nova. Spike picked up his bowl of gems before getting up and walking over to Nova who seemed to be staring at a drawing he had with him.

Spike sat down across from Nova and gently slid the bowl towards Nova. The blue drake looked up from the drawing, to the bowl then glanced up at Spike.

“So, are you feeling alright?” Spike asked, trying to making conversation with the silent drake. Nova nodded his heads as ate a few gems. ‘Now we’re getting somewhere.’ Spike thought as he smiled.

“So do you have a name, or should I just call you mister silent from now on?” Spike asked with a smirk as Nova mimicked the expression with one of his own.

Nova thought for a moment before glancing around the table for something to write on. Nova’s eyes rested on a nearby napkin. He unfolded the napkin, then took his pointer claw and slowly began to cut out a word, not noticing all eyes were on the two drakes.

Onyx nudged Dasria. “So who’s the cutest drake now?” Dasria looked between the two drakes before smiling. “Still the purple one, his checks are just so pinchirific.” She said with a light giggle.

Tierra tilted her head at Nova, seeing all traces of sorrow and pain gone, replaced with energy and an upbeat attitude, she smiled softly at him, not noticing both Onyx and Dasria smirking at her.

Spike watched Nova finish cutting the name out and slowly taking off the pieces of napkin, revealing his name to Spike.

Spike looked at the name for a long moment before standing up and walking over to Nova. Spike stood in front of Nova with a wide smile. “Well…Nova…It’s nice to finally meet you.” Spike said with confidence as he held his hand out for a hand shake which Nova gladly accepted.

“You’re not thinking of replacing me with a new friend over there, are you Nova?” A tired and deep voice spoke from out of nowhere.

“The time has finally come MY BROTHERS!!! The gates have finally opened at last, now…RELEASE THE PHANTOMS!!!" A large figure spoke as it stood before legions upon legions of monstrous beings as shadowy figures flew overhead through a red vortex while the legions of monsters roared and chanted their approval.

Eight figures appeared behind the large being, all adorning black cloaks with their hoods over their heads. the large figure turned his head slightly to the side before speaking. "You know your mission....do not fail me."

"It will be done my lord." The cloaked figures said in sync with one another before turning and disappearing into the vortex.

Author's Note:

second chapter down, thank you too all the people who let me use their Oc's in the story.

Dasria- mineturtal247


Onyx-Nocturnis Comics

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