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When their foalsitter suddenly falls ill, Luna finds herself watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders. One thousand years in the moon? Watching three fillies for a night should be a breeze. Aside from incompetent guards, a missing crossbow, and an endeavor in ice sculpting, what could go wrong, other than, well, everything?

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The three fillies were very small, very energetic, and oh so very, very loud.

Luna thinks they're loud? She of the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE?


This Story was cute as it was good for a laugh.

I really enjoyed this it reminded me of something Like Three men and a baby etc.

Well Done.

4966350 Thank you very much. It means a lot, as this is my first attempt at writing deliberate humor. :scootangel:

Title is spelled wrong. It should be "Business".

devas #5 · Sep 7th, 2014 · · 10 ·


I downvoted the story because of this :-\

Cute. :twilightsmile:

And with "Frozen" references to boot.

Cute and sweet. I like the ending of them painting the walls. Very nice. Written well too!

4966782 Let it goooo... let it gooooo!~ "Let it go, Luna."
That one? Or perhaps the entire "Main Hall Being Frozen" scene? :rainbowlaugh:

(Or... BOTH?! :derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2: )

4966857 It's both. At first I was like, 'nah, it's just me', and then Scootaloo said that line and I was like, 'wait, frozen main hall?', and then I was like, 'well played, author', and now I need to watch Frozen one more time. :derpyderp2:

4966862 Agreed! Frozen is a really good movie and, despite being based on princes and princesses (like EVERY freakin' Disney movie), it actually throws in some brand new plot twists that they haven't done yet, making it an instant classic! :twilightsmile::heart:

That. Ending.

Seriously, a frozen reference? Don't get me wrong, i loved tge movie but why here?

We saw, we read, we smiled, we liked, and now, we favorite.

Added to read later list. Will provide my thoughts once I read it!

Thumbed up for the premise alone. :twilightsmile:
Faved for the actual story, since it put a good smile on my face. :pinkiehappy:
Thanks for writing! :scootangel:

I don't suppose any of you have seen this story?

Scootaloo blew her nose noisily. “Let it go, Princess Luna. The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Boo! Boo! Go sit in the corner!!!

Shipping, gore, and mature have absolutely nothing at all to do with the story I linked to...

What, you didn't notice when the ice arrow was flying at Applebloom? The only difference is that someone was there to stop the ice from hitting her.
Also the whole main hall being frozen over. That was a big clue too.
Did noone other than me catch that? :rainbowderp:
Edit: Nope. I was not the only one to catch that. Cool. *Rimshot*

Very cleverly done, Ink. But I see what you did there.
Still a cute little read. Well done.

Yes, I did notice that part of your comment, and I can appreciate that you tend to stay around funny/cherful stories. I understand that not everyone cares for fics with a sad tag. It's just that the rest of your comment made me wonder why you felt the need to explain the latter 3 things...

Ah, yes. Merely expaining just a little more than necessary... I've been there. :twilightsheepish:

Regarding the shield in my avatar, what do you want to talk about?
(Instead of replying in a comment here, either send me a PM, or post a comment on my userpage. I don't want to swamp this story with an off-topic conversation.)

4967655 No, I caught it. I just didn't like the ending. Problems? :trollestia:

Nope, there's snow problem at all.:moustache: I can always appreciate a well presented shout out.

4967432 Can't say I have, though it does look like a mighty fine read, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

i really liked it :pinkiehappy: i would really love:heart::heart::heart::raritystarry: to read what happened when twilight her friends and Celestia see the room and the room field with ice :twilightsmile:

Then Luna remembered she had magic so she used a filly-finding spell and found them. Then she put them in a magic cage. The end.

“Let it go, Princess Luna. The cold never bothered me anyway.”


4966401 Oh wow, I am brilliant! :facehoof: Fixed!

I will use this gif for the rest of my life.

That's fine. Everyone makes mistakes. You should just... Let it Go. :trollestia:
(And that title: was a bit of a fixer-upper)

4969031 Oh, heeeyyyy you. How ya doin'? Great jokes, BTW. :rainbowlaugh:

Great job adding "Let it Go" at the end. It makes me want to go listen to "Luna's Let it Go" now.

Oh hey! I remember you...
How's that story coming?

One of the crossbows, along with a quiver of arrows, was missing

Crossbows fire shorter versions of arrows called bolts. Also, somewhere in here you addressed the weapon as just a "bow", so that was confusing.

Scootaloo blew her nose noisily. “Let it go, Princess Luna. The cold never bothered me anyway.”

You are a horrible, horrible person. You should be ashamed.

You may have a thumbs up, for FIMFiction won't let me sic Luna on you.

Scootaloo blew her nose noisily. “Let it go, Princess Luna. The cold never bothered me anyway.”


4972529 I thought about using the term "bolts" for the crossbow, but figured it may confuse some readers. A bolt is a type of arrow, but you are technically correct.:raritywink:

4970491 I'm still waiting to see if people want it continued, BTW, do you think I should tell some of what happens WHEN they're inside the shelter? Just wonderin' :derpytongue2:

4972766 coming from a crossbow owner and avid marksmanship competitor, no. An arrow is an arrow, a bolt is a bolt. The fletching processes are different, and they're only related to each other in the sense that they're archery ammunition.

It would be nice if either Apple Bloom or Scootaloo gained a cutie mark in archery.

It's things like this that make me hope Luna helps out Apple Bloom in some way during Season 5 so she has an encounter with all three of the CMC. I love how Luna and the fillies painted a night sky in the guest room, pure genius! I can totally imagine all four having fun doing that, BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!

4975447 Aww, thank you so much. :twilightblush: I'm really glad you like it. I was afraid the ending may be a little too sweet for readers. And I also think a Luna and Apple Bloom episode would be fantastic. I do wish one of them would get their Cutie Mark this season.:rainbowkiss:

4975593 Given the events of Twilight Time, I think they're getting closer. But yeah, maybe after Luna has interacted with all of them there will be an episode featuring flashbacks to when she helped them realize important things about themselves and that will get them their Cutie Marks.

I cant believe you quoted elsa.:facehoof:

4974739 Scootaloo's blue earth pony clone has a bow and arrow as a cutie mark (Some call her Archer. I call her Scootablue.)

Meh, not enough shenanigans. Otherwise, it was okay.

Nice Frozen reference. :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

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