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This was just an alt account for a couple of dumb story ideas I had forever ago that really didn't fit in on my primary. Unless I happen to have another similar dumb idea that absolutely insists on being written, then it will probably stay dormant indefinitely.

(And no, not going to spoil which account is my primary. Not that it would matter much, but I'd rather just leave these two stories out to pasture.)

Has the Twi-Fi Network stopped broadcasting?

You are a cyber bully

Are you still writing "A Unique College Experience"?

Thanks for the watch!


The next chapter is in progress. No ETA yet, but it is being worked on. :rainbowdetermined2:

... Are you going to continue you story it is good


so I had to adapt

I see what you did there.

fttysftudjhhjnjbuvg :derpyderp2:

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