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"You think you know me..."


This story is a sequel to The Gift of the Mash

Button Mash had been planning this out for years, ever since that one Heaths Warming Eve where Sweetie Belle kissed him. He was going to ask her out on a date. He's got the perfect idea, taking her out to the Canterlot Winter Ball after Hearths Warming Eve. Only problem is that he doesn't have tickets, but he knows somepony who does. Somepony he's going to regret working for.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle is getting prepared for her date with the one boy she's had a crush on for a long time. However, her entire world is rocked when she learns of a secret she was never meant to learn and questions everything in life.

Will this Hearths Warming Eve end up being a season of memories or a season of sorrows?

Edited by CommanderX5 , JumbledThought and Corpulent Brony.

Art work done by RoyalRainbow

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Absolutely love this story.

So... when's the next chapter come out, and how many chapters are there in total? :raritystarry:

Anyway, this is a nice introduction, especially with the Button and Sweetie starting it off with their favorite pastime: playing video games. I also like how most of this is following from Sweetie's perspective such as how she was reflecting to the times where she and Button got their respective Cutie Marks. I am also surprised that Button's parents went through a divorce, but then again, we never knew much about of Button's father and older brother in the first place. :applejackunsure: Of course, we may have come across them at some point if Hasbro wasn't being such a total jerk against the JanAnimations' fan-made episodes. :ajbemused:

Like I said, this is a nice start for the sequel, and I look forward to seeing what else is in stored for our two favorite Equestrian gamers (besides Princess Luna)! :raritywink:

Favorite quote in this chapter:

“Oh, I found something else that cured me of my thirst,” said Sweetie Belle, cryptically. The sweet taste of revenge.

Well said, Sweetie Belle. :raritywink:

By the way... you're welcome! :trixieshiftright:

Hopefully this week and five chapters. The fourth one being the Christmas one

5363202 :pinkiegasp: GASP! :raritystarry:

:yay: Yay!

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

ONLY ON THE HUB- Ah, wait, wait. Uh, h-hold on a minute...
*Clears throat.*

Yeah! That's what I meant to say!

Ooo, this promises to be good. (gets popcorn) I'm ready to see where this goes.

Prepare your anus for a reading.

Sweetie Belle shook her head. You’d think he’d learn by now that I always win.


Stupid Button. You can't make those promises. Great job with this sequel.

AHAHAHAHA, Loved the interaction between Sweetie and Button. It's nice to see how their characters have been fleshed out, as well as the other BG ponies. Oh well, Button, are you gonna sell games again?

A Wonderful start I look forward to more from you to get a fallow and a:moustache:




Will this Hearths Warming Eve end up being a season of memories or a season of sorrows?

It's going to be neither. It'll be a...


Mmm... don't totally sure on Mash's cutie mark, but for the rest perfect!

Love it, can't wait for more!

The Rated R superstar meets the rated ponystar

It's about time that story got a sequel!:pinkiehappy:

Oh Button... you should know by now she doesn't need anything fancy or over the top... just be with her

whelp clearly there is only one thing to do....

deadpool! i need you to unalive daimond tiara and silver spoon and leave the tickets they likely have on buttons pillow.

deadpool: you want me to kill a couple of cartoon ponies.... why?

i'll give you twelve dollars and a chimichanga

deadpool: can't talk gotta go unalive cartoon ponies.

5362551 What's that meant to be like again? "Same ___ time, same ___ channel"


Wait, this isn't a new written preview of the two part beginning episode of season 5? Uh....


5366840 I had the amazingly complicated idea of just using Google (:facehoof:) pretty much immediately after I asked, but thanks anyway. :twilightsheepish:

Goddammit, PUBERTY! Also i remember the first time i got MY vengeance against bullies. Sweet, sweet vengeance. Vengeance is fun for everyone!

I accidentally said DAY instead of DANCE.

I do a good button mash voice. :derpytongue2:

Thanks, I'll listen to it later. I'm surprised you didn't do a reading for Gift of the Mash first


Shhhhh, I'll do that eventually.

The next chapter I might add a bit of sound effect.

7:13 is the best part.

Oh my god. I still have Gauntlet for the Playstation 2. Love that game. I can relate to the chest part. I HATED when that happened to me.


You should totally put a link to the reading on the description. if...if you want to that is.

If it was a single one sure, but I don't know about multiple. I'll post a link to it on a blog post tomorrow. Cool?

The ButtonBelle has returned! The sweet, glorious ship in which I dedicate my time to! Merry Christmas, and f**k yeah for ButtonBelle!

Seeing as this story doesn't have the tragic tag, I'm going out on a limb and saying it ends well.


sustain enough Dorito dust to rebuild himself a new Shrek?

Fucking gold.:rainbowlaugh:
Other than that loving the story so far, I want more!

That “new light” became evident as “feelings” when all the symptoms Rarity told her about how mares acted with colts were what she had whenever she was with Button. It wasn’t like how the stories put it on the whole blushing and sweating all the time cliche. It was about feeling a warmth in your heart whenever you spent time with each other. How much you care about that pony, and the determination to be there for for them in their darkest hour, sharing their hardship.

That, plus the icky fluids coming out of unmentionable places, and the occasional strong urge to drag Button to her bedroom. But this is supposed to be a sentimental part, so don't mind me.

5372713 :rainbowlaugh: That would have been hilarious.

Ugh, they're still kids. Alright let's see where this...

Button Mash lowered his Joyboy before he turned to her, looking deeply into her eyes, and asked, “Will you go out with me?!”

...okay, it's a nonsense kind of story. I like that.

That end!!!!

How the hell am I going to get tickets?!

Git gud scrub.

For every day I don't see the next chapter, I kill fiddy men.

Who's the baby daddy? Do we find out or no?

5398748 Good. I've read one other story with that twist and the father just never got brought up. It irritated the hell out of me.

5398725 Dunt do eet! Yuh cahnt run away from yer destiny!

It's been a while since I've seen that.
I think I like where this is going.

I have seen that family relationship done well as a subplot in one fic. Unfortinately, it was the only thing that particular fic did well. I have high hopes that this story won't have the the same problem.

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