Are you not proficient with Paint. Do you not understand how to make banners or icons. We're here to help. The people here know how to make banners and icons. Just provide the Creators with the pictures or the ideas and they'll make the banner and icon. You can request via forums or PM.

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KaBar42 (Founder)
Pedro Hander

If you want to become a Creator, this thread explains how.

The Creators will have to send the banners and icons to an admin to upload to the group's PhotoBucket. Only admins will have the passcode to get in.

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Comment posted by Katnine deleted Nov 24th, 2014

i just commented just because i can comment:trollestia::moustache:

Well, whaddya know. Those 2 Semesters of Digital arts (Photoshop and illustrator) can finally be used to help people.

Totally serious, actually.

A depressing number of group admins seem to have no idea how to properly make an icon or banner. :facehoof:


Are you being serious or sarcastic right now?

I apologize in advance and blame Poe's Law.

This is sorely needed! :rainbowlaugh:

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